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Writing erotica for money baby searching men to pleasures

And every year since I started, someone has asked me this question.

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Last Updated on March 21, by Justin Su. Do you know you can make money writing Erotica articles? Yes, you can. Not very famous but this industry has huge money to earn. If you want to make money online and have the skills to write an article then this is for you.

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Can you make money writing erotica in ?

Make extra money online by starting a side hustle, or full time job, writing erotica and publishing it on Amazon Kindle. I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you when you use these services. Once I discovered it was a legitimate money making opportunity, I knew that I had to research it and learn what was happening in this seemingly random, but incredibly volatile online market.

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For me, learning about writing erotica for money came after learning about selling feet pictures for money. While researching how to make money writing erotica online, I also learned that tons of people are making boat lo of money every single day through this opportunity. Like six-figure per year boat lo, which is infinitely more money than I ever expected was possible.

How it is possible to make money writing erotica articles online

My favourite part about this side hustle idea is that it takes absolutely zero experience. I love money making ventures that are inclusive, and writing erotica online definitely is!

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I was pretty much sold on giving this side hustle a try immediately after learning that other people were making six figures every year by publishing short stories online. If you need a little more motivation to give this avenue a shot, here are some of the best reasons that you should sell erotica online:.

Once you get the ball rolling and start publishing multiple stories, all of your past published books will continue to sell and will actually pick up steam as you publish more and more.

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Once your work is published, it will always be listed for sale as long as you decide it is. If you want a side hustle, release a few books now and then. If you want a full time income, be consistent and release stories regularly! There is pretty much no barrier to entry with writing erotica online and publishing it on Amazon.

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I can promise you this, because I had absolutely zero experience reading or writing erotica, and I successfully wrote and published my first erotic short on Amazon — and have already made money from it! I literally wrote my first erotic story before I had ever even read one. If I can write a story, publish it, and make money in my first week — so can you!

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The Amazon Kindle Store is one of the biggest supplier of eBooks online, with around one million eBooks being published to the Kindle Store every year. I started my erotica writing journey after researching almost everything that I could, and had my first short erotic story written not too long after. One of my biggest tips is to not overthink everything and spend too much time on any decision.

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You can adjust and adapt later on, and just jumping in head first will serve you better than spending an entire week thinking and planning. Now is the time to be a do-er. The absolute biggest, most important step you can take right now is to learn everything from a professional six-figure author which I definitely am not and start your erotic writing journey on the right foot.

I wrote my first story before discovering this golden resource, and I can definitely say that my life would have been a million times easier if I knew about it first.

How to make money writing erotica: a complete guide

Scott is the one resource that will teach you absolutely every single thing that you need to know about getting started on your writing journey, publishing your first book, and scaling your business so that you can reach the point that she has reached — becoming a six figure author! Jade K. Scott has enrolled this book in Kindle Unlimited, which means that if you already have a Kindle Unlimited membership than you can just click on the link and read the book for free. You can get your day free trial for Kindle Unlimited here. There are a lot of trade secrets, tips and tricks, and information on what NOT to do when it comes to selling on Amazon.

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One of the most important deciding factors on whether or not your book will make it big is the topic that you decide to write about. There are countless niches, in a huge range of topics.

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Picking a niche to write in will be a balance of which ones are popular, and which ones you know a little something about. My advice would be to check out the erotica section of the Kindle Storebrowse around, and take notice of the niches that you know about and could see yourself writing in. A good pen name will be catchy and easy for your readers to remember, so sticking to simple and mostly common names is a must.

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Most readers will reach for books written by women, so even the majority of male erotic writers choose a female pen name. The trick here is to not overthink anything.

How to make money online: writing erotica and romance

Sit down in front of your computer, think about your chosen niche for a few minutes, and start typing. Some people find it helpful to have a plot outline already in their mind when they start. Others find it easier to just sit down and go with the flow, seeing what magic will tumble out. I had a very basic idea of what I was going to write about when I sat down, but that was all of the planning that I did.

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I ended up writing an entire short story of words in one sitting, which took me about 1. When it comes to creating your book cover with your images from ShutterstockI recommend using Canva to add your title and author name onto your images and do any other editing you want to do.

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You can use the free version of Canva, or you can try their day free trial to Canva Pro to use a wider variety of fonts or your own and editing tools. Your next step is to turn your story into an eBook, which can be done easily and completely free using Kindle Create from Amazon.

This was my first time converting a Word document into an eBook, and I found the process to be incredibly painless as long as you follow the steps in the guide from Amazon. The only step left to take now is to start! Error: No connected. Please go to the Instagram Feed settings to connect an.

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