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We get it. When you love an iconic character, it's easy to become fiercely loyal to a specific incarnation of said character — usually the one to which you first introduced or the most popular and recognizable version. But as fan fiction and fan art have revealed, people reimagine characters lots of different ways, none of which are inherently wrong or bad.

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Diana volunteered to leave behind her home of Themyscira and champion the Amazons' message of peace, fighting for justice and equality in Man's World. She is a founding member of the Justice League. Starting with The New 52 relaunch, the origins and initial adventures of Wonder Woman in the world of men were changed. After DC Rebirthit was revealed that Diana's origins and life in Themysciraand also some of her experiences in the world of men, were false Wonder woman weight gain story implanted by Deimos and Phobos.

With the Superman: The Final Days of Superman storyline and then the events of Wonder Woman: RebirthDiana was able to discover this and started to gather her true memories back, including the truth about her origin. She also found out she left Themyscira later than she thought, exploring the world of men in the modern era.

After the events of Doomsday Clockit was revealed that Doctor Manhattan manipulated the timeline of the whole DC Multiverse, and one of the consequences of this manipulation was that Diana came to the world of men in a different era. In the end, Manhattan re-established the correct timeline, making Wonder Woman part of the history of men's world since the verge of World War II.

When the two deities Deimos and Phobossons of Aresstarted planning how to free their father from the prison of ThemysciraDiana was victim of a manipulation perpetrated by them that changed all the memories Wonder Woman had about her past, from her birth to travelling out of Themyscira to live in the world of men, she was also manipulated into believing she lived certain adventures after she left her home. Until later, Diana was convinced that this memories were true.

In her false memories, the Amazons traditionally procreated by raping and then murdering sailors who happened too close to their island. Hippolyta was barren, and legend told that Diana was born of her mother's strong desire fora lump of clay brought to life in the form of a girl; the perfect Amazon, as she was born of no man. Main article: Wonder Woman: Blood. While in London, Wonder Woman was summoned to help a young lady called Zola from the minions of the goddess Hera and after Diana defeated the enemies, she was informed by Hermes that Zola was pregnant with Zeus's child, which caused Hera's wrath.

Wonder Woman used the Lasso of Truth to stop Strife from hurting the Amazons, but it caused her to reveal the fact that Diana and her were sisters. Unfortunately, not long after Diana left, Hera came for her vengeance, and though she could not bring herself to kill Hippolyta, she could not forgive her either.

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Feeling regret at giving up the only real family she had, Wonder Woman returned to Themyscira to find the Amazons absent, and her mother turned to stone. After learning that Zeus has gone missing, they confronted the Gods of Olympus, Poseidon and Hadesin order to prevent them from taking over Zeus' throne. Hera angrily interceded, which was what Diana had planned, and using Hermes' staff she transported herself to Mount Olympus to face Hera alone.

She warned that she would make Hera regret what she had done to her mother before returning to Earth.

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Unfortunately, by the time she had returned, Hades had kidnapped Zola with the warning that Diana would need to make good on her bargain or Zola and her child would die. Main article: Wonder Woman: Guts. She hoped that he could lead them to Hephaestuswho might have been able to arm them appropriately for battle with the ruler of Hell. He lead them to Mount Etnawhere the blacksmith agreed to arm them. As retribution for his aid, though, Hades sent a monster to kill them all, which had to be dispatched by Diana. Upon arriving, Diana and Hermes found themselves under attack by Hades' minions.

Though they fought them off, they were surprised to find that time for Zola had passed much more quickly than for them. Her pregnancy was nearly at the end of its term. When they attempted to leave with her, Hades appeared, warning that one of them must stay behind - and if Diana was unprepared to make Hera his wife as promised - she would do. However, upon Eros' pistols, he instead agreed to let them all go in exchange for them.

When Diana's back was turned, he fired them at her, and she fell under love's spell to him. Despite their displeasure at Diana's capture, Hephaestus was able to bring Lennox and Eros to Hades with him as guests to the wedding, without the aid of Hermes' staff.

As the wedding drew nearer, Hades grew annoyed that few of his relatives had agreed to come. Diana's friends were the only attendees, aside from Strife, who merely wanted to cause her namesake emotion. Before the wedding ceremony took place, Hades insisted that Diana should prove her love by wearing his ring. The ring was a noose fashioned with the Lasso of Truth, and if Diana did not truly love him, he would kill her.

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Though Diana was able to admit honestly that she did love Hades, she escaped her bonds anyway, explaining that she could still love him and refuse his proposal. Angrily, Hades sent all of the forces of Hell to kill her, but she and her friends were rescued by Strife.

The changing mirror

Wonder Woman has the capacity to love everyone - a concept that could never be understood by one incapable of love, such as he. The realization that he was loved unconditionally disgusted Hades so much that he sent them all away. Before leaving, Hephaestus gifted Hades with a mirror, and shot him with Eros' pistols, allowing, at least, for Hades to love himself. With Zola's pregnancy reaching full term, she insisted on seeing her own doctor in Michigan.

While there, they were all attacked by Artemis and Apollo.

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Unprepared, Diana and her companions were defeated, and Zola was taken to Mount Olympus to be delivered to Hera in exchange for the throne. Apparently, Hera was willing to give up her throne for the sake of revenge. When Apollo sat on the throne, he was crowned ruler, and when he learned of Hera's deceit, he exiled her from Olympus. With Wonder Woman arriving in pursuit, Strife warned of the prophecy Apollo and Artemis feared: of Zeus would kill a god to take the throne. That child could be either Diana or Zola's. Sending Zola back with Hermes to have her baby in peace, Diana warned that if they were not left alone, she would fulfil the prophecy herself.

Unfortunately, upon her return to Michigan, Diana found that Hermes had betrayed them, and once Zola gave birth to her son, he whisked the child away, and gave it to Demeter. Diana swore to get the boy back and bring Hermes to justice.

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Main article: Wonder Woman: Iron. After recruiting a newly mortal, but still very bitter Hera into her group of companions, Wonder Woman retreated to London. Lennox revealed that there had been seven bastard children of Zeus. He and Diana were two, two others had been killed, and three remained.

He suggested that for information on where the baby had been taken, Diana should contact their sister Siracca in Libya.

Wonder woman (diana prince)

Meanwhile, the New God Orion had learned that a great danger was to be found on Earth in the form of the child of a god. He sought out his old friend Milan for help. Nearby, Diana and Lennox decided to seek Milan by themselves, leaving Zola and Hera to bicker with one another in the meantime. They found him in the old subway system with Orion. Though their encounter began violently, Lennox managed to explain that they had ed for six of the seven children of Zeus.

Lennox and Diana concluded that he was referring to Zola's kidnapped son, and so they convinced Milan to search through the ether until he located the boy in the arms of Demeter.

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Hermes attacked Wonder Woman there, refusing to simply give up the child, but during their battle, War ripped the baby from Demeter's womb and disappeared. Unable to let a grave wound such as that go unattended, Diana saw to Demeter first, and the goddess warned that War could not be trusted. At last, the baby and his mother were reunited - and Orion would not have to look any further for the child he needed to kill.

Main article: Wonder Woman: War. With the boy safe, Zola decided to name him Zeke. Diana shared a drink with War, who congratulated her in uniting a dysfunctional family and converting it into a strong band of allies. Orion began hitting on her, but left after being violently rejected by Wonder Woman.

Suddenly, Zola and the others were attacked by Artemis, who was sent by Apollo to kill Zeke, Zola's son. Diana defeated Artemis and went to protect Zola and the others, while Ares took the defeated Artemis back to Apollo.

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Wonder Woman, Lennox and Orion worked together to fight the First Born, but he proved to be stronger than they had anticipated. The First Born attempted to pry the Boom Tube open, but Lennox sacrificed himself so that the others could escape safely. Wonder Woman and her allies arrived at the other side of the Boom Tube and were greeted by Highfatherwho explained that they were on New Genesis. As her injuries healed, Wonder Woman and her friends spent some time on New Genesis.

She spoke to Highfather, who agreed to let her return to Earth. As soon as Diana and her friends returned to Earth, Orion decided to go with them.

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Arriving to London, they realized the First Born had wrecked the entire city and killed Lennox. The First Born summoned an army of hyena men to kill the intruders but Ares arrived to help Wonder Woman in the fight. Main article: Wonder Woman: Flesh. Wonder Woman engaged the First Born, but he quickly gained the advantage and attempted to kill Zeke. As he died, Ares congratulated Wonder Woman for being a great warrior.

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As Wonder Woman returned to her apartment, Hermes brought her to Olympus, where the gods declared her the new Goddess of War. Diana asked Apollo to restore Hera's godhood, but Apollo refused. Diana returned to London, and Apollo told her that she would not be able to ignore her responsibilities as Goddess of War for long. Diana was still angry at Hermes for his betrayal and asked him to leave, with Hermes stating that, just like she forgave Hera, perhaps in the future, she would forgive him. Later, Diana, Zola and Hera had lunch while they were watched by Hermes.

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Orion, believing Hermes had bad intentions, attacked him before being stopped by Wonder Woman, and at the same time Strife appeared. Back at the apartment, Strife gave War's helmet to Diana, even though Diana still felt uncomfortable at becoming the new Goddess of War. In that moment, Siracca entered the apartment and told Diana that Milan had been captured by Cassandra.

Wonder Woman asked Hermes to take her to Chernobyl, and he accepted to help. To contain the explosion, Orion took Milan through a boom tube. Returning home, Wonder Woman discovered Zola and Zeke had left, as Zola felt guilty that people were risking their lives to protect them.