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Erotica Wives secret confessions hunt for friend for pleasures

By Stephanie Linning For Mailonline. If communication is the key to a successful marriage then spare a thought for these wives whose husbands are keeping secrets from them. Men from around the world took to anonymous confession-sharing app Whisper to reveal the hidden desires and deeply personal thoughts their wives know nothing about.

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My wife and I are in our early 40s. Married for 15 years with kids and a "normal" middle class family. My wife is your average soccer mom type with a few extra pounds. I am a business executive who lives in suit and tie. In all outward appearances we are dull and boring. However I confess that every year for the past 5 years on my birthday, I watch my wife get pounded over and over by a massive BBC.

How old am I: I am 21
Who do I prefer: I like man
Color of my hair: Short hair
What I prefer to drink: Liqueur
Body tattoos: None

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I had a 3sum with my hubby to be's 2 best men the night before our wedding. My hubby's best man fucked me all night the night before the wedding. Then before going to the church he fucked me again. Said my vowels full of his cum.

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After the reception i told hubby i had to get some stuff for the honeymoon from my parents house and he should pick me up there. I got another fuck with best man at my parent's house. All you ladies are awesome! Your husbands are lucky men. I love reading your confessions as though you are my wife, man what a turn-on!

Extra marital blowjobs, sex, impregnation, black breeding, lesbianism Makes me wonder what my wife has done. Had a relationship during a breakup we had with a guy who was a sex machine.

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We didn't even talk much, it was pure lust and sex. He was twice as big and thick as my husband and, being angry at my husband for breaking up with me, I let him take me anyway he wanted and whenever he wanted for 3 solid months. Literally fucked most days for at least an hour because he lasted that long.

Definitely had more orgasms in those 3 months than I have had with my husband in last 5 years! My secret relates to yours.

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My husband is a fantastic lover with a nice cock. Over 7" and a little above average girth at least based on my experience. He is very comfortable with his length but not so much about his girth. We got into toys a few years back and I told him I was fine adding a dildo to our collection. He picked one out that was his length but 6" around.

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He was so excited to show it to me. When he did I almost shit because it looked like a replica of the guy I was dating before him. I feel bad because every time we use it I can't help thinking I have Danny stretching me out again. It's like I am in a threesome with my last 2 lovers. Naturally, I haven't told the husband this though.

Men reveal the biggest secrets they're keeping from their wives - from working as a 'cam boy' and having affairs with men to dressing up in women's underwear

That would just make him feel worse because he knows how much I get off on this dildo. Tame by comparison but a good friend of his started hitting on me. I tactfully declined. Then he sent me a dick pic asked if I was sure?

His dick was incredible. Still declined and immediately deleted thread, and then went and masturbated to thoughts of doing it with him. He never wakes up and never says a word or acts weird.

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Does it ever cross your mind to send him a pic or two? Me 38f and a couple of my girlfriends had a girls get-away up at Reno, a couple of years ago. Had plenty of gambling, drinks and clubbing during our fun. We made our way down to Carson, to continue our exploits and fun. We soon ended up at one of their famous business with me and one of my girlfriend ended up enjoying a massage from the girls there.

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Before the evening was over, those girl had given us "Happy Ending" massages and some long girl on girl pleasures. Even though my girlfriend says she was not Bi-curious one bit, she became a convert that night. When we got home, I just told my husband we gambled and visited the shows and nothing exciting while we were there. May have to go vacation there this year or visit some of the other around that state.

That I took our 14 year old daughter to a black lives matter protest.

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That both my daughter and I had sex with 2 black guys. I was exciting watching my daughter lose her virginity. She is eager to go to another protest. Was years ago but my step son came to me crying cos Wives secret confessions mocked him at school for being a nerd. The bullies found out he had never seen a woman naked, boobs or a pussy, had never had a BJ or HJ let alone touched a girl. Felt sorry for him so ended up showing him my boobs the first time and let him play with them.

Over the next few weeks it progressed to me letting him see me naked and playing with me while I gave him HJ's and BJ's but made him swear not to tell anyone. Married and I am a professional masseuse in a very upmarket salon, I have given clients handjobs and blowjobs for extra money, even had sex with a few of them but this is very seldom, most are happy to lay there and grope me while I finish them off.

My hubby thinks they just tip me really well. And yes the occasional upmarket snooty rich bitch asks Wives secret confessions to give her a happy ending as well but it is very seldom. My ex-husband does know that I have encouraged our daughter to have sex with both guys and girls to find out what she likes.

As it turns out like me she is into girls and has a girlfriend that she sleeps with. We still manage a girls night once every two weeks or so. Spend most of the night naked in a hotel room with her. Or at a lesbian bar making out with her and flash girls. Mom is divorced and one of her sorority sisters from college moved into her bedroom. Turns out mom was a lesbian the whole time and only married to please her parents. I come to find put they never really stopped fucking. Never told my husband that I gave his dad and two uncles blowjobs at his dad's 50th birthday.

After hubby passed out drunk, I was talking with them out in the backyard.

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As it was late and still warmI unbuttoned my blouse to give them a cheap thrill and cool down. Of course none of them complained. Well one thing led to another,I took dad behind the garage and gave him his birthday's blowjob. When we can back the uncles were joking where was theirs so I took each of them back there and gave them a sloppy blowjob.

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Could have been done then and there but I took dad back there again for something special. At this time I was so hot and wet, I pulled down my pants and let dad eat his daughter-in-law's pussy. He took his sweet time and made me cum twice. A shame the uncles did not get a chance, but after all it was dad's birthday. Hope she wash all of her hubby's cum out of her before she fucks the daughter. He works from home. I saw a lipstick stain on some laundry and got suspicious.

I set up a hidden camera, and he's been fucking our neighbors.

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I'm holding off while the detective investigates his assets. I'm going to destroy him. When my husband Wives secret confessions at work I occasionally hook up with the neighbours wife for some enjoyable lesbian sex. Mom's book club is for lesbian sex. She is single and the wives come over and strip naked and get in the hot tub and play around. Tells me when I am of age I could them. Similar here, hubby's 40th and he passed out drunk, was in the hot tub with 2 of his friends and they dared me to see my boob, well I had a fair amount of booze in me so stripped by bikini top off and I must admit for my age 39 I still had great boobs 34B and still perky.

Well one thing led to another and what was to supposed to be showing them ended with them taking turn playing with and sucking on my boobs, before I knew it I was sitting on the side of the hot tub with a dick in each hand jerking them off and getting fingered and my tits sucked. Next thing I am bent over with 1 in my mouth and the other fucking me. Both ended up fucking me and cumming in me before leaving.

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Dragged hubby into bed and he decided he wanted sex and to this day he has no idea he fucked me with 2 of his friends cum in me. I have met up with both of them a few times separately since then.

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I am having sex with the guy next door who is in his 70's when hubby goes to work. Is there room for one more member in that book club? How soon are you going to be invited into that club?