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I'd like Wife paddling husband for somebody that loves pleasures

Our marriage is long and happy--it is understood for too much drinking not drunk and 'carousing' with male friends, my more religious wife paddles my naked butt when I get home. No argument. It is just accepted.

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You husbands in the same way, live with your wives in an understanding way, as with someone weaker, since she is a woman; and show her honor as a fellow heir of the grace of life, so that your prayers will not be hindered. Husbands, love your wives and do not be harsh with them. Colossians In the same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. Ephesians

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The paddle has an already established reputation as a tool of punishment in schools, and brings to mind immediately crime and punishment, and the authority figure who will wield it.

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There are husbands who use the paddle as their common instrument of discipline. Others like myself, acquire one to use only for the severe punishmentsdue to its severe reputation, weight, and heaviness. Unlike some tools, such as the belt or the hairbrush, the paddle is specifically deed to deliver punishment to the bottom, and does so with tremendous success.

A hard paddling definitely deserves its reputation as the harsher end of punishment. The smaller paddles, such as the one I own, are used alternately well with a wife over the knee, or bent over. It is easy to control, and aim, but carries the hardness and heaviness that makes it a fearful tool of correction.

I can use it quite hard with the shorter swing of otk, or deliver a wide stroke which is well-controlled if my wife is receiving it bent over the bed. Larger paddles are more easily used of you are standing, and would be awkward if used otk. You also have to exercise more control with your swing, to avoid the possible dangers of hitting the tailbone, or Wife paddling husband else undesirable.

The traditional paddle is wooden, and can be made of a variety of different woods, including bamboo.

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Maybe I am attracted to the tradition behind it, or to the classy look of the wood grain. Most paddles you see used or sold for spanking purposes are still wooden. The paddle also comes with the option of being made with holes through it, which are to increase the airflow, and allow it to move more smoothly and quickly.

I think of some extra nasty marks of the one with holes in it. Whichever you choose, it is a solid piece of polished wood. In that way, it may help prepare a wife for her correction.

Husband who takes paddling: question

The sight of it lets her know formal discipline is coming, and she is under the correction process. In some schools, students are still paddled, often by the principal. Remembering this spirit of correction can help a woman receive what is coming, since like other things a husband does during discipline, it helps establish authority and submission. The paddle reminds her what the setting is.

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It helps her get in the mood. Along with a establishing a spirit of formal discipline, the paddle also carries a certain fear factor with it.

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He wields the paddle with her. A healthy sense of fear can be very good, as we do not speak of abject terror here.

The paddle

Only knowing that this instrument is powerful, and very undesirable to feel. It is harder and stronger than she is. She is going to have to answer for her wrongs now. There is no way to fight it. When my wife sees the paddle sitting out, or when I tell her to fetch it, she knows the matter is serious. She likely already knew that, but she knows much more deeply when she knows she will receive it. Like with other instruments, I will have her hold it for me as I lecture her. She can feel its thickness, weight, and strength as she prepares herself for her coming correction.

I do not use it oftenas I keep it for the most serious offenses, but it is one she actively wants to avoid. Its power helps her know the seriousness of her wrong, and helps her as a deterrent, to remember to listen to her husband. You might call it the antithesis. It is very different from her, and when she runs into it, she Wife paddling husband met her match.

Where a lady is soft, and curved, the paddle which corrects her is as hard as could be, and perfectly straight. Her backside gets flattened by it right away, from the first stroke onward. You might say it will straighten her out, or put her back on the straight path. It also contrasts with her character.

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Where a woman tries to get what she wants with making excuses, or being imaginative with words, the paddle is simple, plain, and blunt. A woman might try and get attention to herself by being flashy, but the paddle is without adornment or articles of attraction. It is the blunt Wife paddling husband.

I find the harsh contrast of the paddle and the lady a part of its success in changing her. Like with her husband, if she thinks to misbehave, she run up against her match. I remember one of the first times I used the paddle. She stripped and went naked over my knee.

In seeing the bottom you usually caress and squeeze upturned next to a hard block of oak or maple wood. There is a minor shock in knowing that her beautifully curved body that lies limp over you is going to taste a solid, square paddle. You strike to a loud thwack on her backside, and continue to apply the wood — thwack, thwack — as you lecture.

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It is an instrument that makes her gasp from the first stroke. It applies searing heat on her soft bottom — not only on the surface but well underneath — and sends shockwaves up and down her body with it. She comes quickly to tears. Some instruments swing, or are soft, or bend when you swing them.

This is far from the case with a wooden paddle.

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It does not bend to a woman. She will bend to it.

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One thing with children, a person would assume the paddle was for the kids I sure would. Also I gave up wooden paddles for those of Lexan.

For : wife paddles husband

My daughters after they were out of the house reaffirmed my belief that Lexan stings worse than a wood paddle. Like Like. Many would assume a paddle was for the children. Thanks for your comment. She has now outed herself as a liberal, a socialist, and a feminist. I publish this only so you can see where feminists misunderstand the subject, and grossly twist the words of God.

I will reply Wife paddling husband the main points below, although I cover secular objections and Christian objections to spanking in my essays already. I hope you can see how poor the liberal argumentation is. Parenthood however, is a temporary relationship based on having to develop into a fully capable adult. My husband and I are Christians but when we have daughters they will be allowed to grow up.

When we have sons they will be taught that you never raise a hand to a woman, and hopefully anyone, unless it is in self-defence. We are both therefore highly educated and any problems can be resolved through reasoned discussion between two equals. I only came across these crazy sites by reading an online article in the Daily Mail a right wing, British newspaper which is basically the only one you can read for free. Even that awful rag was appalled by such a thing happening in the 21st century.

Husband and wife paddling at the beach

This is what my husband and I as I as Christians and Socialists believe in and follow:. And when did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you? I am off this site permanently now as there is no way I am going to alter entrenched views.

You obviously have an aptitude for writing. Why not use it for something more positive? You are angry and rebellious at the man for being in charge. And I cannot stress more, that the typical feminist complain against male authority is really a complaint about what lies behind male authority — God and His law, which we are all bound to obey.

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That is ultimately what you are angry at. You boldly deny it, but God has indeed put your husband over you. He says so explicitly through His revealed Word. The man is the authority in marriage. But I want you to know that the head of every man is Christ, the head of woman is man, and the head of Christ is God. The hehip of man in marriage is paralleled here with that of Christ over the Church and God over Christ.