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This definition of the word hucow is from the Wiktionarywhere you can also find the etimology, other senses, synonyms, antonyms and examples.

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In Maya group of researchers coaxed genetically modified cows into pumping out human antibodies that could counter the COVID virus.

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May 2. Posted by drmarkgriffiths.

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A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Mark Hay of Vice magazine who wanted my views about the behaviour so this provided a spur for me to write this article. There is obviously nothing in the academic literature concerning the phenomenon and to be honest, little anywhere else. A small article on the Kinkly website makes the following observations:.

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Milking techniques can vary…A dominant partner may use a variety of techniques to milk a hucow. They may milk her by hand, by suckling her breasts with their mouth, or by using a breast pump.

Hucow, the lactation fetish imagining women as human cows, as explained by a ‘dairy queen’

Some hucows and their partners stick to one preferred technique while others like to mix things up. Some people become hucows following childbirthwhen they are lactating naturally. The article goes on to say:. The breast stimulation that comes with lactating is also very sensual.

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Men with hucows enjoy the dominance and power that comes from their role in the forced lactation. When women lactate, their breasts increase in size, which is also a real perk for many men. Some men also have breastfeeding fetishes and lactation fetishes that their hucows can satisfy.

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As with many alternative lifestyles, there are communities for hucows and erotic fiction and videos focused on their activities. Several erotic writers and bloggers focus their works on hucows. Their writing might include fictional s and scenarios or non-fiction posts about their own experiences as a hucow. They wrote that:. Another facet of this fetish is the concept of breeding the hucows by the hucow milker. This is when the hucows partner the Bull mounts her and begins to [have sex with her].

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All the while this lovely faux bovine is attached to an industrial device that is collecting her milk from the opened faucets of her [breasts]. Again, how the writer knows the women involved like such activity is unknown.

At first she used a simple breast pump to wring her mammary glands dry, but once Katie was used to the sensation of the pump she graduated to a milking machine that would be at home on a dairy farm. Katie related the sensation she felt while being milked…At first it was uncomfortable but the feeling grew on our dear Katie and before long she loved being a hucow.

Whenever a milking session was occurring Katie was always restrained; whether handcuffed to a rack or wearing a slave collar…Once the Bull [has sex with] Katie they begin to treat each other like true animals.

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I was aware that there is a big niche market for this type of porn even on mainstream porn sites like Pornhub. He was interested to hear that I thought the fetish had evolved and asked me i when, how, or why that might have happened, and ii whether I thought the fetish was especially visible, accessible, or common, and what that might say about the audience for it and the scale of its appeal.

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I believe the internet itself has played a major role in the dispersal of material that individuals can fetishise and hucow appears to be one of them. Most fetishes appear to have sub-divisions and at the edges they sometimes cross over into completely different fetishes. Within five minutes of searching on the internet I located dedicated hucow porn including material at sites including PornhubHeavy-RXvideos as well as bespoke hucow fiction KoboLiteroticaand Amazon and fantasy art on Deviant Art.

According to Hay:. In addition to interviewing me for the article.

Hay also interviewed the ethicist Rebecca Kukla who has written about cultural perceptions of breastfeeding and made some interesting observations. She was quoted as saying:. Some women enjoy the breast stimulation of milking, so such fetishes are likely to be more about reciprocal pleasure than many others.

Consuming breast milk plays into a common kinky urge to be infantilized. Perhaps most importantly, sexualizing something culturally asexual is an appealing form of transgression and re-appropriation. They are the ultimate animals produced specifically for consumption, bred into highly artificial-looking consumer products.

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This concurs with what I have written myself about why dominant and submissive types may enjoy hucow fetishism. As noted in my blogs, animal play in general often toys with transforming a complex human into a wholly service-oriented beast. Hay then goes on to say:. And just like any other kind of BDSM or fetish play, this is carefully negotiated by all participants and done consensually.

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As I know from my own empirical studies on eproctophilia sexual arousal from flatulence and dacryphilia sexual arousal from cryingeven within very niche fetishes, many sub-types start to develop and cross-fertilise with other more established fetishes and paraphilias, and hucow fetishism appears to be another niche sexual behaviour that with the help of the internet is continuing to evolve.

Good Re Definition of a Hucow. Greenhill, R. International Journal of Sexual Health27, Sexual interest as performance, intellect and pathological dilemma: A critical discursive case study of dacryphilia.

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Psychology and Sexuality, 7, Griffiths, M. The use of online methodologies in studying paraphilias: A review. Journal of Behavioral Addictions, 1, Eproctophilia in a young adult male: A case study. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 42, Hay, M. Inside HuCow, the fetish that imagines women as cows.

Vice, April Kinkly Kinkly explains Hucow.

Definition of hucow

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