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When I was a young child I used to wet the bed every night, I was on tablets but when they didn't work we tried a bladder exercise, nothing to drink after 6 pm, and must go to the toilet before bed - But nothing ever seemed to work. I started to. I'm 15 yrs old and i still wet the bed nearly every night.

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Public domain - Pixabay. Maddie Mae threw her flannel nightgown on over her long johns at lightning speed.

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Gregory, a young boy of 7 spent his summer holiday at my house last years. I and Gregory always had to share the same bed every night.

Bedwetter stories

Everything was fine until he started peeing on the bed in the night. Like imagine cleaning and sun drying your mattress everyday.

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One night I had a terrible dream. I was walking on the road with my dad, and I needed to pee so bad. My dad was saying I should hold my pee until I get home.

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But my bladder was about to burst. I left my d hands and went to the corner of the road to pee.

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He even forgot to say good morning. Gregory pulled-off his pants and threw them to me. When the pant got to my hands, I was expected to feel a pant soaked in wetness.

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The pant was dry. I searched again for a wet spot, but did not find any. I was searching the answer to my questions from every place except from myself.

My kid wets the bed: four parents' stories

As I was about to pee in the bathroom, I touched my pant, only to feel its drench. While sitting down in the bathroom, feeling bad about wrongly accusing Gregory, for the first time, I remembered that I stopped bed-wetting at the age of 8. For the first time, I saw Gregory and I saw myself. For the first time, I wanted to help Gregory stop bed-wetting not because it cost me my bed, but because I should love him as I love myself.

Wet beds on a freezing night: a short story

But I still needed to find a way to make Gregory happy. I knew that was not enough.

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He was still silent. He did not have the capacity forgive me so fast for false accusation. I knew the only way to clear all this. Uncle, see those bed-wet maps.

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My heart was glad Gregory no longer felt guilty. I carried my bed and denied myself.

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Bed-wetting at 24 (short story)

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Teenage stories bedwetting sam 16 i have always wet the - eric

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