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I've struggled with bedwetting for pretty much all of my life, and although thankfully things are improving now, there have been many challenges and difficult times.

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Over the year's I've had many close-calls getting caught in a diaper or something similar, but the most memorable was when I bought my first pack. I had already bought the diapers and was in a hotel room with three other schoolmates. Each room was required to have 4 people.

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I would like to introduce Sadie as a new writer for the Continence Connection Blog. Sadie called me, excited about finding Continence Connection where she felt safe to talk about her experiences as a person living with incontinence. Sadie is eager to share with others, her stories about the trials and tribulations about living with incontinence. Check back frequently for Sadie's posts and please feel free to participate in our discussions.

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Welcome Sadie! Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sadie.

Discovering your trufit with goodnites – keke’s story

I was born in a rural part of Washington, I was late to get out of diapers but I spent most of my time as a toddler running naked through the forest, as my dad was a forest ranger. I wore cloth diapers until I was about 5. When I moved to California I started attending public school, and was happy, did well in school, and dry until I started wetting the bed when I was I went in for my annual check-up and told the doctor about my bedwetting, he passed it off as normal and recommended a bathroom schedule and limiting my water intake, steps we took after the second or third accident.

After two more months of more frequent wetting, my mom decided I needed to see a professional.

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I stopped using the baby diapers and usually wore either Goodnites or some of the cloth diapers I wore as a kid, modified to fit me look for tips on how to do this in my future posts. After that, diapers became an afterthought; I would wear them to sleepovers Wearing goodnites stories in case but became an expert at hiding them under my pajamas. The diapers even helped me with my first periods, which were very heavy.

I passed it off as a stage and moved on with the fear of Spina Bifida still in the back of my mind. In sophomore year of High School, I got in a car accident that almost closed all the windows of life. On my way to the homecoming dance, my mom, my date and I spun out of control on the freeway and smashed into a tree. I woke up the next afternoon in traction…and in diapers.

I broke my collar bone, my left wrist, and had severe damage to my hips.

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I had no control over my bladder and bowels, the catheterization and colostomy made lack of any control a new, scary part of my life. The worst part was the hospital staff changing my diapers. The Spina Bifida mixed with all the damage to my hips was enough to destroy any possibilities of continence. After being in casts and traction my body was left a weak, tired shell. I started getting Attends diapers from our medical provider, which were better than anything I had tried before. The bulkiness and institution style as well as the bed p I had to sleep on were not helpful in making me feel like the confident, flowering young woman I was before the accident.

The worst was my lack of any bowel control, It made me feel dirty all the time. I knew it was diapers for me from now on.

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I spent my sweet 16 in my room alone thinking there was no place in the world for someone who wet and messed the bed every night. I had to make it to the bathroom in a few minutes or I would use my diaper, which was always a demoralizing experience. I went back to school for my senior year. | your instant stop for information on live furry web shows, news, and businesses!

Nobody knew about my issues and I learned to cope with diapers in everyday life. I told the school counselor about my problem and was able to use the staff bathrooms and have a secret stash of diapers, wipes and powder there. I started wearing the pull-ups but would cut a line down the center and wear a Goodnites over that.

I still had to change often, but I felt safer than I ever had before. The diapers would chaff together, and I would have a big bulge if I wore anything less than a size 6 pair of jeans which is hard as a size 0.

March 17,

I kept up the same diaper routine, except with girls Goodnites under a pair of poise panties an awful product to use alone but works decent as a protective cover for the GoodnitesI hid my diapers from my roommate for months until she confronted me about my constant bathroom and nighttime secrecy. She became my best friend, and has been nothing but loving and supportive; she even got me a pair of footed pajamas for Christmas, her solution to me exposing my diapers accidentally in my sleep or around the house.

I feel like a real girl again, diapers are a part of me and still are to this day. Hello my name is Jim. I hope you don't get upset with me but would like to share my experience with the uroligist and with you and please if you would give me some advice I would love some, even though I know I am not alone it still feels that way at times. I went to the uroligist two days ago and when Wearing goodnites stories reached the counter first thing I noticed was that the receptionist was my friends wife I had no idea that was the office she worked in.

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I was scared to death she would say something to her husband about my condition. I then learned that the docter I was to see had been changed to another, which I don't deal with sudden change well.

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I looked about the room I was waiting in and noticed that I was the only person in there under the age of 55 and started to realy fit out of place that feeling of everyone is looking at you feeling. I was taken back to my room and they handed me a cup to fill. I, for some reason, can't feel my bladder like someone pulled out the phone line to my brain. I looked in disbaleife Wearing goodnites stories followed the nurse to the bath room I shut the door and asked god please let me fill this thing and god had just enough to do so.

I went to my room now feeling realy nervous about this prior to the doctor coming in. When he walked in he towerd at 6ft 3inches tall very intimidating and never even took a seat I had to look up at him the whole time.

Keke’s bedwetting story

He began asking me questions sometimes I found myself answering the same question more than twice. He would say something about a full work up and that there had to be something serious going on. At this moment, I have really got the fear factor going on and all I could get out was what is a full work up. He begins to say how he had to scan the bladder to see if it was empty and that he had to do something annaly and then the biggest thing I was terrified to hear was he says he has to look inside my bladder.

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At this point I have lost controll of the fear factor. I just sat there couldn't say a word just stared the nurse brought something in asked me to change still I could not move. I just stared at that table like an awfull pedastal ready to be sacrificing me to something but you get my point. As the nurse walked in again say Mr. P are you ready for your scan all I could say was "I need to leave.

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I was so embaressed not sure of what these test would do so many fears that ran through my mind along with alot of what ifs. I don't know what to do. I am in no pain just hard to get used to being wet seems like all the time. I have had to get a second job just to afford the insulin diapers and such for just living everyday. I hope to hear from you or Robin one day I feel lost. Thank you for your time and patience in reading this.

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God bless. Sincerely, Jim. Posted by: Jim P. April 21, at PM. Yes there are many of us out here who need to wear p and nappies for various reasons and I appreciate your taking the time to share your experiences. Posted by: Mint April 12, at AM. NEXT POST Incontinence Tips for the Holiday Season In the midst of the holiday season many are envisioning cheerful gatherings among family and friends, preparing for dinners and parties and the hustle and bustle of shopping and gift exchanges.

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For others, the holidays can be a source of Continence Connection your life, your happiness. By Sadie H. Mar 17, PM Meet Sadie. Comment 3 Reblog It 0 3 Comments. Dear Sadie, Hello my name is Jim. Dear Sadie, I don't believe it but we share the same issues and even the same name!!

Dear Sadie Yes there are many of us out here who need to wear p and nappies for various reasons and I appreciate your taking the time to share your experiences.