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I Wearing diapers again stories look up woman that like church

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Hi my name is Tim. My brother John is seventeen years old and is a senior in High School. We grew up in an upper- middle class section of town. My parents pretty much gave us anything we wanted or at least within reason. One morning I woke up in a wet bed. I was a little concerned over having wetting my bed.

How old am I: 26
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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter littlejunioruk Start date Mar 19, Rileyy Est. Messages 45 Role Other. I got into wearing diapers by sneaking off to my grandparents camper while my grandfather was asleep He owned a business, he needed to setup for morning, usually went home for the afternoon and napped, and then went back to work at night.

Then, out of complete curiosity, I think I was 11 or 12, slipped on some pull ups.

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It was comforting. I liked it. I remember vaguely I stood in the middle of the camper, trying so hard to pee, I look over and saw my grandfather looking for me from the front door, I could've sworn he saw me, although the campers had black windows. I did this until they sold their camper.

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Oh and, when we went to the lake, I covered myself in sand like the other kids but I peed in it. I guess whatever substituted diapers.

Diapergirl stories

Deleted member Guest. Long story. PCS Est. Messages 2, Role Private. I have a partner, a responsible job and a fair of friends. No one other than my partner knows.

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The following is my story and Messages 1, Role Adult Baby Incontinent. Had no choice actually.

Diapers stories

Was never out of diapers nerve damage since birth. SofiaInPampers Est. Messages Role Diaper Lover. I think five or six. My sister is 3 years younger than me and I remember being jealous of her getting to wear them. Sgdlboy Est. Messages Role Diaper Lover Little. Former bedwetter till late teens so i've been wearing them till about 17 years old nightlybeing diapered at night and the feeling of padded down there cause me lots of excitement as a teen going though puberty back theneventually it got kinda sexual and the possibility of me getting so used to diapers that i became a DL after.

Sgdlboy said:.

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Click to expand TeddyBearCowboy A real-life, genuine teddy bear cowboy I have wanted to be in diapers since just barely after being out of them. Eventually I actually dared pee in them, but being that young, I had no idea what to do with them, so I hid them. My mom found them and confronted me about it. I lied and said I had just gotten them confused with my underwear and had an accident. Logic of a 3 or 4 year old, right. She told me if I ever had an accident again just to tell her as they would get sour and moldy.

Well, that was the first I remember of being into diapers without needing them.

Back into diapers

From there the stories are many. Thank you for sharing your experiences and hope get plenty more I was apparently a very happy baby and I didn't cry very much. I had a loving mother and father and an older brother It's pretty long, and I've tried to edit it a little bit but it's more a "stream of consciousness" than anything else. Hope some of you enjoy reading it. Feel free to Thanks for taking the time to read this! Last edited: Mar 20, Peesalot I love wearing lingerie Est. I developed a pee fetish somewhere around age 9 or I gave myself golden showers regularly.

Fast forward to and age 62 when I had prostate cancer and elected to have surgery. For several months post surgery I had some slight incontinence as well as stress ic. I wore guards during that time. After 4 months or so I no longer had issues.

Share your true stories how you got into wearing nappies/diapers ?

Why had I not faked being ic after surgery as I realized wearing diapers would allow me to enjoy my pee daily and for longer periods of time. About 4 years ago I had a bed wetting experience on brand new bedding. Fortunately no damage to anything. I told my wife I would not sleep another night on the new bedding without being diapered. She agreed that would be a good move on my part. About 2 weeks later I purposely peed in my pants a little bit and told her maybe I'm going to start with stress ic again and maybe I should wear all the time.

No problem. She was fine with it. However, last June I introduced myself to lace panties. I wear panties to bed generally just 1 night a week and diapers the other 6 nights. Lyric Est. Messages 1, Role Diaper Lover. I was slow to potty train and wore diapers and rubber pants during the day until the first grade and continued to wet my bed and mom diapered me until I stopped at Around 10 or so I began to become aroused when she diapered me and by 12 or so began to touch myself under my diapers.

From then on, I started to want to be diapered at night in part because it had become such a strong sexual attraction even though I was still wetting my diapers during the night. I often found myself playing with my pee-pee in the mornings after waking up in my wet diapers.

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The connection between wetting my diapers and sexual desire became stronger and has persisted my entire adulthood. Last edited: Mar 21, Ukiwa Est. Messages 54 Role Diaper Lover Little.

Posted in another thread, but I don't mind sharing multiple times! I was a bedwetter until I was around eight or maybe just turned nine. My parents were both abusive, and decided the best way to deal with it was physical violence, terror, and humiliation. I remember them making me wear plastic panties to bed beneath my pajamas - that's it, just plastic panties, no diaper or underpants or anything in the least bit absorbant.

They were hot, they got sweaty and slimy and uncomfortable, and I absolutely hated it.

Back into diapers

Then one day the bedwetting just The plastic panties were gone in about a week. Fast forward to some warm, spring Saturday near the end of fourth grade and my sister and our cousins and myself were playing hide and seek.

I decided to hide in the old camper we had behind the garage. While I was in there, I totally forgot about hiding and started going through all the cabinets and drawers. Most everything had been emptied out, but in one of the drawers was a pair of my old plastic panties all folded up and compressed flat from having had other clothes stacked on top of them. I had no clue what was going on at the time, but my crotch started getting all tingly and feeling good just from looking at them. I grabbed them and shook them out and I could smell the mixed scents of warm vinyl and old, dried pee backed into the plastic and it was like fireworks just went off in my head and my groin.