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The Irresistible Beauty of Vinyl. Fashion icon of the s, inspired by space travels and possessing a strong futuristic appeal, vinyl clothing has returned with force in the last decade. It seems that fashion deers finally have noticed something that I already had noticed there in my adolescence: Vinyl clothing has a certain magic, a wonderful look that highlights as no other kind of clothing the perfection of the feminine beauty.

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Subscribe to my newsletter for exclusive content and all of the behind the scenes details. This was probably my most photographed look of NYFW, which I think goes to prove that vinyl will go a long way.

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Vinyl pants for work in winter here! Wait, can you even wear vinyl pants for work? Especially in winter when you can style these chic, fashionable pants, with pieces that make you look like a lady, on the spot. Or later on in the early spring as a part of a transitional outfit. And no, vinyl pants are not just for the boss ladies and fashion editors. These pants are the pants all business gals, and ladies can wear no matter where they work and what they do!

Even though we are already shopping for the new seasonwinter is still here. And many of you asked me to publish what to wear for work in late winter and in between the seasons.

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So, to answer to all of your questions, I decided to publish this chic business outfit that applies to all of you my boss gals and boss ladies, no matter where you work and what you do. Yes, there is this outfit that, is not only one of the most fashionable outfits this winter, but you can wear it regardless of your age and work position.

The vinyl pants. I mean it. You can wear your vinyl pants to work. To the office.

But … surely you knew there will be a but, I mean these are the vinyl pants we are talking about after all. Style them right and wear them anywhere. Yes, even to the classroom, Wall Street, or start-up office or whatever place you gals work from. Clearly, there is another but that I am obliged to mention, but more about it later.

These high shine pants will let you shine and look not only like a legit fashionista but also as a six-digit boss lady who can conquer anything and screams of the success, only when you style them right. I mean if you can pull them off and keep them casual remember I taught you how to do that over hereyou can definitely upgrade your style and wear the vinyl pants for work too.

Furthermore, you can pull these high-shine pants off and keep them up to business dress code.

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Remember I mentioned the other but? Well, here it is. As said, you can wear your vinyl pants for work anytime not just on Fridaysbut times when there is a strict business professional code. Or when you are actually still looking for a job and meeting the HR for the first time. Anyway, if check what to wear for a job interview later.

Current fashion trends – vinyl pants, shoes, skirts, oh my

Yes, there are outfits you should wear for the job interview on the Wall Street, Vogue, Silicon Valley, and law office. So, how to style vinyl pants for work then?

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The answer is actually simpler than I implied earlier. Style your vinyl pants with anything that looks ladylike. Read the double-breasted wool coat or classic wrap coat and trench coat, silk blouse and a tuxedo or double-breasted blazer, black pumps sneakers only for the Silicon Valley or startup office on a casual day and tote bag. Or like I did this time, with a camel cable knit sweater. You know anything in camel makes you look like a lady no matter what you match that camel item with.

Whatsoever, you have a few options that will make your vinyl pants work ready. Depending on where you work of course.

Yet always in the classic colours: black, white, camel, beige or blue. Yes, this collage is hyperlinked — which means you can shop my vinyl pants and clothes I wear with vinyl pants for work simply by clicking on the items in the collage. Click inside the highlighted pink brackets or browse through the widget below the collage. You have actually seen me wearing these vinyl pants several times before.

How to remove vinyl from a t-shirt

Last time among Friday Outfits and also when I showed you how to look casual in high-shine pants. And yet, I still love to wear them. My vinyl pants come from Acne Studios shop here. I did, however, find more several similar vinyl pants for you — browse through the widget below.

After my last post about the vinyl pants, I got questions about how it actually feels when wearing these pants.

How to wear vinyl pants for work in winter

So how does it feel then? Obviously, wearing vinyl pants doesn't feel like wearing jeans, vinyl is plastic after all. But it's far from being uncomfortable.

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In fact, these pants are as comfortable as any tapered jeans. No, vinyl pants, at least mine, don't feel cold on the skin in winter. Nor hot in the summer. These feel just right. I must say I was quite surprised about that.

Vinyl trousers: the statement fashion trend that just keeps on giving

Walk like you were walking down the line - one foot in front of another. And style vinyl pants with wool clothes. Wool makes vinyl pants stop squeaking. It was easy for me. But I feel these pants should be a size or two smaller for me.

I guess I forgot to mention skinny vinyl pants are not business appropriate. So make a note. I already mentioned before you can wear your vinyl pants in between seasons too. As a matter of fact, these photos were taken before my business meeting with some fashion people last autumn. You will know what I mean once you try it on by yourself.

How to wear vinyl like a street style star

But the shoes. Check the shoes to wear with vinyl pants this spring and shoes to wear with vinyl pants in late winter. This is another way to wear a sweater for work. Just to make sure, you finally get this sweater. Believe me, this sweater is an investment.

Even when you buy it on a budget. Although truth to be told, you should splurge on the wool sweater. I got mine from Max Mara. Seems like other gals and boss ladies recognised the quality of this camel sweater too as this sweater sold out quite soon after I got it for myself.

But I did find a few other sweaters that are perfect for work. Do I even need to answer this? The double-breasted wool coat of course. Especially when she is wearing vinyl pants under the coat.

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I got mine from Weekend Maxmara a few years ago. And I tend to wear it for the next 20 years. You know, a good coat should last you for 20 years. Get a similar double-breasted coat here. I already told you, you must finish this outfit with a tote bag and good pair of pumps to make vinyl pants work for the office.