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I smell a poopy diaper! Jill lay down so I can change your diaper. I had to bring you new clothes to school three times this year because you pooped your pants!

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But when I was a teenager, I asked my mom about him and she told me that he lived alone on the outskirts of town. I told her that I was interested in connecting with him.

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My mom became very worried and said that she knew this day would come. She said that my dad was a very handsome, very sexy self assured man. Your father can be very…persuasive.

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He has this irresistible sexuality about him. Besides, he was my father. So one Friday night I drove out to the outskirts of town to the old rundown house that mom described to me. As I pulled into the dirt driveway, I could see my father sitting on the front porch drinking a beer. When he saw me get out of my car, he stepped off the porch where I could see him clearly in the moonlight.

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My father was a rugged, yet distinguished older man. And yes, he was sexy as hell. I guess mom was right about him being a womanizer too. I glanced down at what I was wearing. A skin tight white sundress that showed off all my curves. It was low cut, showing off a lot of cleavage and it clung to the youthful yet bountiful swell of my tits.

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My nipples were hard in the cool night air and were clearly visible through the thin fabric of the dress. As I felt the cool breeze on my nether region, I was reminded of how dangerously short the dress was. And that I was not wearing panties. I could see the goosebumps forming on my tan upper thighs which glistened in the dim light of the moon.

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I looked back up at my father who was still staring me down like a predator looks at its prey. He reached down and adjusted himself in the leg of his shorts. Yet he did nothing to hide the engorged lump that was forming there. I was already facing him.

So that just meant that my dad wanted to get a look at my ass. Part of me was put off by his banter. But I was also amused by his brazen confidence. You look good enough to eat from the front. That comment actually brought a smile to my face and I could feel myself blushing. I put my hands on my hips and slowly turned my back to him. But I was wrong.

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He brushed the hair away from the back of my neck. An angel? I nodded as I could feel his body pressing into me from behind. And then I felt the bow at the back of my neck being pulled. The spaghetti strings that held the top of my dress in place came undone and I reached up to grasp it before it fell. I heard him take a final swig from his beer before letting the bottle drop to the ground.

I knew my dress had ridden up as I felt my bare ass press against the cold steel of my car. My dad had me pinned back against it. He leaned toward me and placed his hands on the hood of the car on either side of me. I could feel his bulging cock pressing into my belly.

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This was my own father, pressing his body firmly against mine…trying to seduce his own daughter…succeeding. I knew I needed to stop this.

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To tell him that he was my dad. I lied again. Are you? He smirked and bent forward. My head was spinning. My dad was kissing my neck. My hands quickly darted down and grasped his hands pulling my dress back down. But in doing so, I released the top of my dress which he had untied. The material fell away from my chest, baring my now naked breasts to my father.

Daddy daughter incest

I gasped as he stared at them. I moaned lewdly as my hands shot up to grab him by the hair. I pushed his face into my tit, relishing the feeling of his mouth sucking its nipple, his tongue swirling around it. I pulled his hair and directed his hungry mouth to my other nipple.

I felt the cool night breeze on my pussy. This is wrong. And even though I was telling him this, I was opening my legs to give my dad easier access. I shuddered as I felt him give my nipple a gentle yet firm bite as he stood up straight and took a step back. He unbuttoned his shorts and let them fall to his ankles. My eyes travelled down to his groin where his cock stood straight out in front of him.

It was absolutely enormous. My father had the most beautiful penis I had even seen.

It was thick and long and the bulbous crown. I licked my lips as I watched him reach down and stroke it a few times. My pussy tingled as pre-cum oozed from the tip and dripped onto my bare toes. He stepped toward me.

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My dad kissed me hard on the lips and I opened my mouth instinctively, allowing his tongue to slip into my mouth. His hard fat dick slid down my tummy, leaving a wet trail as it went.

Dad daughter incest tumblr

I spread my legs further apart, inviting my father between them. But my dad had other plans. He suddenly spun me around and pushed me down on the hood of the car. I felt the cold metal on my tits as my father yanked the hem of my dress up over my ass. I could feel him increasing the pressure as he gently pushed forward. I looked over my shoulder to see my father letting a large portion of spit drizzle from his mouth. I felt it dripping on to my opening, further lubricating my entrance. I gasped at hearing the word.

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Half out of surprise that he knew. Half out of the dirtiness I felt given that I was letting him have his way with me. I knew who you were the moment you stepped out of your car. He held completely still with his hands continuing to hold my ass cheeks apart. His cockhead still just inside the shallow depths of my sex.

I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck. I could feel his cock throbbing at my entrance, yet not moving an inch.