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My boyfriend fucks me so hard doggie style and it makes my vagina throb and my moans get so hot and heated, I just wish he could last so much longer when he fucked me like that, also wish he'd fill me up with his hot warm cum. Fuck I'm horny.

black wife Addisyn

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Sometimes, I think about all the hilarious, positive-thinking, and gorgeous women in my life that I get along with, and then i think about my negative, anxious, constantly stressed girlfriend who has no self-esteem, and I wonder…. She is 8 years older than me.

Age: I am 36
My orientation: Gentleman
Hair color: Short straight blond hair
My figure features: My figure features is athletic
I prefer to drink: Rum
What I like to listen: Folk

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Dirty confessions

During night wife got aroused and started to fondle me. Then we did foreplay with her sis next to us but sleeping with bed sheet over her head pretending for sure.

Since the bed was shaking lot, we got down and did sex on the floor. Not sure if sis-in-law saw it fully.

The arousing fact was, early in morning sis-in-law went to restroom, after her return I went in few minutes later, and saw her panty hanging in the restroom hook hanger and it was awesome wet at crotch area. Last week I had some amazing sex. I think you should have your girl tease him a few more times, maybe in person wearing a dress with no panties. She can keep flashing her sweet pussy to him and he might go for it.

True sex confessions with pics

Thanks for the submission! Been getting off on the idea of whoring out my wife and watching her get used by someone who is going to be extremely rough on her with no limits. I want to watch her get gangbanged. Hi there. I like being locked in chastity but my girlfriend has no idea.

When I was an early teenager, my mom had this wide opening shampoo bottle. The opening was just barely big enough to get my cock in, but with shampoo as lube, it was just tight enough. I used it as a flashlight for a couple weeks fucking it for a while, pulling out and finishing normally. One day it just took me over and I came inside the bottle.

I was so freaked out that she would find out, but I never heard anything. So I did it again. I got to where I was cumming in the bottle a few times a week and she kept buying the same shampoo!

It turned me on so much more knowing my cum was always running through my moms hair. For almost a year she used the same shampoo until they stopped selling it. Posts Submit a post Archive. I masturbate to her regularly.

Her full pussy was in view. Damn, just once Sis-in-law - Anonymous submission Recently married male here.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Anonymous asked: I really want my step father to pin me to my door and fuck my throat then pull me up, and fuck me from behind. M23 and girlfriend is F Last Christmas when I went back home by myself girlfriend visited her family I had the idea to show her off to my dad.

I told him I wanted to get drunk with him and watch movies one night while no one else was home. After a while of talking and drinking I bring up my girl and say how hot and sexy she is and start to show him naked pics of her. He loves it and I text my girlfriend and ask her to get naked for me so that I could FaceTime her so she could give my dad and I a naughty show.

She loved the idea and happily obliged. My dad was speechless when he saw her pierced nipples and already dripping pussy.

I guess cuz he felt a little awkward but I know he was enjoying it. I really want my girl to fuck him or at least give my dad a blowjob behind my moms back. My girl would love to please him too.

Missed opportunity

Is this bad? How do I proceed? Confession Hi there.