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Bumblebee had a crush on Mikaela, he always have had it ever since he first laid his eyes on the gorgeous human female. It was the reason he faked a mechanical problem when she first got a ride from Sam. It was also the reason why he changed his alternate mode from a beaten old Camaro to a brand new top of the line one the moment she complained

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A Transformers Story. The police motorcycle wheeled into Mikaela Banes' motorcycle detailing shop, and waited. Mikaela came into work the next morning and noticed that one of the garage doors was open to her shop. She looked around to see if anything was stolen, and noticed the police motorcycle sitting there. As she went looking for the cop she thought was investigating the break-in, the motorcycle transformed into a Decepticon.

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This is my first story. My name is gaurav 14 year old boy i am in 9th standard in a school in kolkata. I am 5 my waist size is 28 and have a fair complextion my weight is 48 kg. I used to feel bit embbarased because i was bit more cute and boys used to tell me that i look like a fair girl whom every man wanted to have. This incident took place around 3 months back after my final exams in which science segment my papers ware worse and i knew i would surely fain in each papers, my best friend said only way is to meet and convince our class teacher who is also our science teacher mrs shetal srinivyas.

She was in her late 40ts and she was bit plump and she has a reputation of very angry teacher.

My best friend also told me who all took tutions from her gets the best nos in class and as she will be checking our papers she can only help me spme way or other. So i went to mrs shetal in the teachers room where there were other teachers also i went close to her and said i need to talk to her regarding my papers as they were gone wrong very badly she smiled and said to meet her after the school gets over.

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I waited and after school was over i met her in front of her car in our school car parking. She asked me what i want from her and i said politely that i want to get pass otherwise my parents will kill me she smiled and said you should have studied well and its better i get a good beating from my parents as i deserved it.

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I got panicked and said please if there is any other way i will study very hard next time and will do anything just anything. She looked at me and said ok you have almost a month for your result to declare and during this time i have to study in her house everyday and then she will take fresh test and if i pass on those test then only she will promote me and my old papers will be a secret which will be never revealed.

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I thanked her and asked from when do i have to come to her house. She said to come tomorrow morning sharp at 10 o clock. Next day i went to her house and reached around 11 o clock almost an hour late. I ranged the door bell she opened the door with a smile she asked me to come in. She took me to her drawing room and asked why i was an hour late i told her i wake up bit late today thats why i could not reach in time i thought speaking truth is the better option.

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She smiled and said its good that you said the truth but at a same time you have not hounered the time thats not right and next time not to do it once more i smiled and said ok instantly she slapped so hardly on my face that i needed almost 1 minute to return to my senses she shouted at me you did a wrong thing and you are smiling you rascal. She then asked me to sit in the drawing room and wait for her.

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After few minutes she came with a glass of cold drink and offered me to drink i took the glass from her. I finished the paper and was waiting for my teacher. A man came out from upstairs and looked at me i said i was waiting for teacher she has gone upstairs if he could call her. He looked at me and asked your name is gaurav right i said yes he said wait i am calling her and meantime my teacher came down and asked me if i have finished the paper i said yes.

She took the paper and said wait let me check and looked at the other person and introduced him to me. He was her husband around 48 yrs old bit bulky. My teacher went upstairs and her husband sat beside me. I was thinking what will happen i was so terrorized that anybody can by my looks understand what kind of condition i was going through. Her hubby asked me what happened you look so feared i told him everything, he smiled and said dont worry everything will be ok just Transformers sex stories to her very politely.

I said pls if do anything if you can and i will be grateful to you throughout my life. Her hubby said ok dont worry let me see what i can do he smiled and pulled my cheek Transformers sex stories said you look very cute it seems god was trying to make you girl and made you a boy. No thats wrong i am very strong like other males i said. I saw what happened when you got the slap he said and laughed loudly. I looked up and saw my teacher coming down from the stairs she looked very angry she came to me and said you have got only 15 marks and you are laughing here. Her husband said what to do he said he is strong like other males look at him does not he look like a girl and started laughing and now my teacher also started laughing.

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She looked at me and said you are right he almost look like a girl. I was very embarrassed and said to her that please promote me this time and i will study very well and get good marks next time and please give me tuition. She looked at me and said are you trying to bribe me by taking tuition from me how dare you and she started walking towards me. I thought she would slap me again so got terrorized she came near me but did not slapped me.

She said you wait here i will be back soon and she left upstairs.

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I sat down on the sofa and almost started crying. Her husband came near me and said come with me i went with him in the next room it was a study room.

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I felt dizzy and thought i might pass out. Then i heard door open. I turned around to see my teachers hubby coming into the room. He came near me and said look i can convenience your teacher to promote you but in return you have to do something for us.

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My heart was pounding in my chest. He was now just inches away from me. His hand rubbed my shoulder through my shirt. I moved backward. He came more closer and said dont you want to be promoted if so then just keep quiet and enjoy, he reached out and shoved my chest, and i fell backward onto the sofa.

He reached down, grabbed a handful of my pants and yanked them down. I grabbed onto my waistband to hold them up. He laughed and started moving over me.

I felt his face against my crotch, and he began moving his cheek against the lump in my pants bottoms. His hands moved to my waist and then slid under my shirt. His hands shot up lifting my t-shirt and exposing my torso. Before i could react his lips were on my nipples sucking on them.

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I moved my hands to push him away, but he grabbed my wrists and pinned them down by my head. His hard cock rubbed against my groin as he kissed my neck, and then his mouth was on mine. I tried moving my face, but he just followed me.


Transformers sex stories i opened my mouth to tell him to get off me, his tongue shot inside. He tongue kissed me as his hands slid down my bare sides. I put my hands on his shoulders to push him away, but he was too strong for me. I felt his hands pushing down my bottoms as i wiggled beneath him trying to get free.

And just then i got the sound of door opening and then i heard my teacher voice and she was laughing her hubby and i both stopped from doing what we were doing and looked at her. She laughed and said so honey you are transforming him to a girl i see. He laughed and said yes dear and if he cooperate you will promote him wont you. She said yes honey i will and looked at me and said do whatever my hubby ask you to do and you will get promoted and then she came closer and kissed me on my fore hear and said you will love it trust me.

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My teachers hubby took me up on his lap and carried me towards the bedroom and as entered in the bedroom he throwded me on the king size bed and saw my teacher sat on the sofa near the bed her hubby jumped on the bed. Then he grabbed my jocky and shoved them down as well. His fingers rubbed my cock as he kissed me. To my horror it began to respond immediately. With my dick tingling some of the fight went out of me. He must have sensed it because i felt him kissing down my body. Was he going to suck my dick? I wondered as he continued moving down my torso. I shivered.

His tongue flicked against the tip of my cock, and i sucked in my breath. Then i felt his tongue licking my sac right before he began sucking on my balls. I spread my legs as wide as i could with my bottoms and briefs still on my legs, and then he went down on me. He sucked on me briefly before standing up. I watched him as he grabbed the clothing binding my legs.

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He eagerly tugged at them, and i lifted my legs so he could remove them more easily.