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Me on the floor and him in his bed. Really sweet.

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Laura is 37 yrs old. Blonde hair, blue eyes, petite body, really beautiful for a women her age. Her son Max is 21 yrs old. She gave birth to him at 16 yrs old his father Tom was 18 at the time. They married young and have been married ever since. They live your typical middle class suburban life.

Years old: 33
Languages: Italian
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Virgo
My hobbies: Shopping

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But, while anyone can cop to wanting to be spanked, tied up, or called names… very few people can admit to an incest fantasy, at least, not openly. It started randomly enough. All 3 guys, Mitch, Isaac, and Danny, were new-ish friends.

I had just met them in my first year of college, and we all grew up near to one another, so we all knew about the local whorehouses. We got to talking one night, joking turned into dares, dares turned into real conversations, and three months later, here we were.

That was when, somehow, Danny decided it was a great time for him to make a round-about confession. Danny should have been shot down right away. But as I looked to my left at Mitch, who was arguably my new best friend, he shrugged, blushing, and trying to play it off same as Danny. We can always save up and do it again, and do something crazy next time too. That would be cool… if it was like, a thing we did every once and a while or whatever.

Danny, A. Then Isaac after a second, nodded. But then they all looked at me. I mean, a blowjob is a blowjob right? The amount of nervousness in that room was insane. But it was done, and a moment later it was Mitch who answered the door. And then, four beautiful, if slightly older women entered… They looked like our mothers except, they were dressed like the whores that they were. It was an especially naughty element that, judging from the dropped jaws, none of us had considered.

The girls walked in, and while everyone was too distracted to notice, I immediately backpedaled to a wall and sat down in the nearest chair. We all just stood or sat there, and after a while the girls were still just standing there, smiling, and waiting.

Until finally it dawned on one of my buddies that they had to say who was who. No tongue, but obviously so much more than motherly as well. The last girl just smiled at me and crooked her finger for me to follow her. She stepped out onto the balcony and as I ed her, she closed the sliding glass door behind us.

I have to admit, she looked every inch my mom. Except for the clothes of course. And this woman was decked out like a high class whore. Fishnets and fuck-me boots rounded out the outfit wickedly, and when she caught my wondering gaze, she just smiled even bigger and gave me a sexy wink to tell me that she caught me staring. Of course, the reason that she looked so much like a whore who was also my mother, was because she was…. She was both the whore one of my buddies had picked out of a catalogue, and my REAL mother.

Would I accuse her, and try to flip the blame, or beg forgiveness for blowing college money on, well, getting blown for college money.

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You and your little friends hired some very talented whores to play your mothers for you. Even for her. My head was reeling. She was right of course.

Their own mom incest caption porn

As I realized how impossible it would be for me to explain, you know, not… doing it with her, mom echoed my thoughts aloud; albeit a bit more boldly. A question, but a leading question. The inside of my head felt like it was on fire. I was more turned on than I ever had been before. The things she was saying, and the words that she was picking to say them… But she just kept looking at me, and I realized I needed to reply. And she turned around, and did a little dance for me.

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She ran her hands through her hair, and then down her body. She dropped her ass down to the pavement and then wiggled it, teasingly, before bringing it back up slowly and sensually. I was lost in it. And again, she crooked her finger at me with a smile, beckoning me closer.

Then she reached back and pulled aside her panties exposing her glistening wet mound to me, and I think I may have audibly gulped. And the best part? She moaned for it. She crooned, and she whimpered, and then she asked for more. I bent mom over, she grabbed onto the railing, and I took her from behind hard. We switched positions once or twice because balancing was a bit awkward, but nothing could have made it any less hot. And just when I was about to cum, mom must have sensed it, because she urged me to stop for a second.

I laid claim to my mother

My disappointment was short-lived however, because the moment I stepped back from her, she turned towards me, looked me in the eyes, and slowly dropped to her knees. She must have spent at least another 10 minutes giving me the slowest, most loving blowjob I have ever received. And, as promised, I saw what her very pretty face looked like when the head of a swollen cock forced her cheek to bulge outward, obscenely.

She moaned and screamed and lost herself to orgasm, and while she was doing that I was shooting rope after rope of cum on her. The effect was one Their own mom tumblr my cum on her appeared to be making her cum. After awhile, when we had both recovered and she had cleaned off her face and tits; we actually sat down, and it seemed like we were about to have an oddly normal conversation. And, god help me, every single depraved prediction she made came true. When we went in, my friends wanted me to watch them fuck their moms. So mom and I sat on the couch, and enjoyed a very arousing show.

Then they wanted to share their moms, and with several beautiful women to choose from, and a nod from mom telling me it was ok, I was all too happy to comply. But, then they wanted to share my mom…. Then she was up moving towards my bag, beside the bed.

She dug in my school bag for a moment, and when her hands came out of it, she was holding the video camera that she got me for Christmas that year. The laughing and joking mood was quickly replaced by the reality of a beautiful, talented, and willing woman in a room full of Horny young men. Soon the joke was forgotten, and some of the most memorable and depraved things I have ever seen were recorded by my mom as almost a half dozen guys fucked her in every conceivable position. Not even when I came for the fifth time that day.

But after I watched them gangbang my mommy, and we got it all on tape. My favorite parent turned towards me alone again. She had cum leaking out of her ass, and out of her pussy, and running down her chin, and her thighs, and her tits as she came up to me.

Their own moms tumblr

She looked exhausted and sweaty, but she still had that sexy sway to her walk, and the look on her face was one of contentment, satiation, and sexual satisfaction. When she got to me she leaned forward and handed me the camera with a look that said clearly that she knew full well what I would be doing with that footage later on.

But before she turned to get cleaned up, she whispered into my ear. Still, even after all of that, my mind was still reeling. What about when I went home for the Holidays? What about in 2 or 3 months when we saved up for this again? What about the next family vacation, when mom and I were in the backseat so dad could have the cooler within reach… Something told me that nothing about my life was ever going to be the same again.

And it was kinda hot. I dont post toon porn, but lets be honest. They are what got us into cartoons in the first place .

Their own moms tumblr 0

So I did. Yes it is okay, I love surprises. Send away. Females only please. Suprise me. Yes please.

Their own moms

Of course. I wish grandma Lilly has much for me to offer: in best case her pussy to lick. Top Photos. Recently Liked.