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I Tease and denial fiction pick woman who loves champagne

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The stake: teasing and arousing the loser to the edge of orgasm, repeatedly, then cruelly denying sexual relief, for as many days as the score difference. They'd played teasing and denial games back and forth before.

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I was too close to coming for Marci to stroke me in a normal manner. To continue the tease and keep me on the excruciating edge of orgasm, she was using just the thumb and index and middle finger of her right hand. With them, she stroked just my cock head, from the tip of my glans to just above the coronal ridge separating the glans from my cock's shaft.

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Her fingers never quite reached that most sensitive area of my cock, the underside of my cock shaft right below the ridge. From long experience teasing me, Marci knows I can't come from this slow soft stroking of only my cock head—not even when I'm crazy and quivering all over from three hours of concentrated and continuous teasing after five weeks of denial and frustrated arousal.

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Both Marci and I knew I was so close to coming that her smallest touch on the sensitive underside of my shaft would blast me into an explosive orgasm. We did very different things with that knowledge. Every time Marci stroked her fingers on my cock head, the most primitive part of my hindbrain—I can't pretend my higher cognitive functions had any part in the decision—caused my hip and thigh and back muscles to convulse, pushing my cock toward Marci's hand in the desperate hope that her fingers would slip below my cock head, touch that most sensitive area, and rocket me into orgasm.

Marci avoided this easily by letting her hand ride up with my cock. Plus, two and a half hours into the teasing session, she'd tied an extra rope at my waist, pulling me down into the bed and making it harder for me to raise my hips.

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You may be wondering how Marci could be so calm and rational at this point. Hadn't three hours of teasing me also inflamed her own sexual desire? Of course it had.

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But before tying me and beginning the three hour teasing session, she'd had me tongue her to three powerful orgasms. Then, two hours into the teasing, she'd sat on my face so I could tongue her to three more. Marci's break from teasing my cock for her own orgasms hadn't given me much relief.

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Marci knows I become intensely aroused by hearing and seeing her have an orgasm—especially when she'd sitting on my face and it's all happening right above me—even when I haven't been teased and denied. Marci also knows—from having sucked me to exquisite orgasms while I was teasing her senseless after she'd endured seven days of frustrating denial—that it's agonizing, when you're highly aroused and desperate to come, to see and hear your partner spasm and gasp through an intense orgasm. About Publish In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. 3 of

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