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I didn't see any rule against it so I assume it is okay. Without further ado, the fight guidelines. House, Caesar, or General Oliver? Whether it be infiltrating, full-out assaulting, or nuking from orbit somehow.

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By 21quentinFebruary 7, in Documentation.

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Talon Co. Ranger is one of the most ruthless variants of the mercenary. Reasons for selection are any of the following: exceptional combat ability, acts of violence, skill in tracking, unique ability, or general amorality.

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After selection, a candidate will be taken for an interview with the Ranger Marshal to determine and finalize their recruitment. Rangers are to be equipped with whatever gun they personally find most effective. From snipers to shotguns, all Talon Rangers are expected to have at least some degree of competence will most forms of weapons.

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Widow Armor is a specialized set of Talon Co. Combat Armor with a long coat and hooded mask deed to maximize anonymity, as well as specialized three-lens night vision goggles. The natural physical abilities of most Talon Co. Rangers tend to be slightly superior to their infantry co-workers due to conditioning and training.

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Despite this, Talon Co. Rangers still usually fall short of proper NCR Veteran Rangers and their extreme precision and experience. Rangers utilize many underhanded methods to attempt to try and close the skill gap.

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Usage of a wrist-mounted aim assisting technology has been repeatedly confirmed and denied, leaving most in confusion. Rangers have also been known to take hostages to hurt enemy morale.

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Lastly, some Talon Co. Rangers have been sighted using modified Power Armor to improve their physical strength and protection. The original Talon Rangers were remnants of an old group of Rangers.

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Brought under the wing of Talon Company by the Grand Marshal, these Rangers showed how efficient real Rangers could be. Compared to old standard Talon Company tactics of forming a massive horde of shock infantry and Power Armor and charging these Rangers killed quickly and from hiding, impressing many of the other mercs.

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Eventually these original Rangers left Talon Co, but their tactics and skills were already trying to be copied by other ambitious mercs. If you encounter these heartless opportunists, be prepared for a fight to the death. The only true rangers are the Dino Rangers, the wipe for 3. You should all fear your impending doom. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Fallout 3 talon company armor | fo3 | combat armor

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Equipment: Talon Co. Skills: The natural physical abilities of most Talon Co. Origins: The original Talon Rangers were remnants of an old group of Rangers. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Alf Posted February 7, Posted February 7, I am the new NCR colonel.

Zelos Posted February 7, I'm still waiting for Alf Prime.

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Guest Posted February 7, Stern Posted February 8, Posted February 8, Legion rangers inbound. Posted February 10, Guild Rangers incoming.

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