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Swiss lady found Taking charge in the bedroom to nsa

This week, WomenTeachSex takes us into the innermost thoughts of a woman who absolutely loves it when her man takes complete charge of things in the bedroom. We asked her what this really entails, and she gladly gave us the complete low-down. That should be when I was around 17 or thereabouts.

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Instruct us. One of the best ways a woman can take charge during sex is simply to tell her partner what she likes. Show us what you like.

What is my age: I am 31
Nationality: I'm kazakh
My orientation: I prefer male
Eyes: Bright brown eyes
My sex: Fem
Color of my hair: Reddish
Body type: My body features is chubby
Favourite music: Jazz
I like piercing: None

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When it does come time to taking charge in the bedroomyou need the positions to go with it.

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Want to take over as captain of the ship tonight? Here are nine sex positions that will put you in charge.

A beginner’s guide to taking charge in bed

How to do it: First, have the partner who has a penis or strap-on sit in a chair. Next, the person with the vagina straddles them and tells them they're about to take them for the ride of their life.

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You get to tease, seduce, taunt, give them a lap dance, or just get down to business. How to do it: For this one, the person with the vulva should lay on their back, then have their partner with a penis or strap-on get on their knees.


From here, they're going to lift the hips of the partner laying down just high enough to penetrate them. The partner being lifted can put their ankles on either side of their partner's neck and head. How to do it: Have the partner with the penis or strap-on lie down, with one leg bent.

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Then the person with the vulva is to straddle that one leg facing away while lowering themselves onto them. This particular position does wonders for clitoral stimulation as the person with the vulva can rub against the bent leg while enjoying the penetrative aspect, too.

This position also works without penetration, if that's your jam.

Women teach sex: ‘what we mean when we say we like men that take charge’

If you want to orgasm before your partner, then that power is in the palm of your hand. How to do it: As the name suggests, whoever is doing the "charging" gets on top and goes for it.

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How to do it: The person in charge sits down in a chair, spreading their legs wide enough so their partner can get in between their thighs and give them some proper oral. This allows for super deep penetration.

The combination of being on top and being able to tease, because you know the position is irresistible, is intoxicating. You may never want to play the submissive role again.

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How to do it: Have the partner with the penis or strap-on sit cross-legged, then the person with the vagina straddles them, lowering themselves down onto the shaft. From here, the person on top wraps their legs and arms around their partner. How to do it: Pick a place where both partners will be comfy, then each one pretty much just starts going to town on their own genitals.

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Add in as much eye contact or skin contact as you like. Secondly, when you and your partner engage in mutual masturbationyou can take the role of telling your partner what you want to see them do — and vice versa, of course.

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How to do it: Have the partner with the penis or strap-on lay flat on their back with their legs straight out. Next, the person with the vulva lowers themselves onto them. While keeping their legs slightly bent, the person with the vulva begins to bounce or grind on their partner.

9 positions for when you just want to take charge

This post was originally published on September 12, It was updated on August 21, By Amanda Chatel. In A Chair. See All Health Relationships Self.