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You can get this mission only after you've completed depending on a class Attack of the Flesh Raiders or The Path of a Jedi mission and you'll receive it from Vederiat Ayon. The Twi'lek representative is standing in [1].

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The Ossus Daily Missions, released with patch 5. In this article you will find all the information you need about how to unlock the and pick up the dailies and how to complete their objectives, what rewards they provide, the locations and contents of the new reputation and gear vendors and more! The dailies become available after you have completed the storyline on Ossus.

To start the storyline you need a level 70 character. Pick up the starter mission at the terminal on board of your personal ship. Nearby the boards you will also find three more NPCs. Each one will grant you a mission as well. I have described each one of the missions in more details in the next section of the guide. There are videos showing you how Swtor flesh and steel complete them all too. The dailies are different for both factions. Your choice during the main storyline which faction you want to support, does not have a role when it comes to dailies.

Empire characters do Empire missoins, Republic ones — republic. Our scouting reports have revealed two ificant threats in the Ossus wilds. We think he may be one of the leaders of the Mutated Geonosians. He has a horde of Geonosians under his command and is a dangerous foe himself.

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The Jedi no longer have control over it after Imperial Saboteurs destroyed the control center. It is one of the most advanced droids in the Republic arsenal, equipped with state-of-the-art weapons.

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Eliminate these major threats before they can take the fight to us. This mission grants you an off-hand of your choosing with IR mods in it bound to slot. Your main task is to kill them as soon as possible. When you are marked with a red circle, make sure you leave it on an empty area.

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Ask your tank s to keep the boss facing away. His frontal attack can be very deadly, especially with the FPS issues massive fights Swtor flesh and steel a lot of players usually cause. Here you will find all daily and weekly missions for the Empire. Each one of them has its own description and objectives listed plus a quick video walkthrough to show you where to go and what to do. Sabotage the Jedi farms to disrupt their operation on Ossus. Set firebombs on 3 buildings or irrigators on the Jedi farms. Pick it up from Ossus Imperial Mission Board.

To complete this mission, go to the Farms area on Ossus and either click on Irrigators of the houses. The Jedi have turrets set up around their farm for defense that are impeding our attacks. Destroy turrets so we can increase the scope of our incursions. Pick it up from the Ossus Imperial Mission Board. This one is in the Farms area. You can quickly go and destroy the turrets while avoiding other nearby spawns.

After you defeat the three Captains silversenter the instance to finish the follow-up objective. You will have to kill a few more mobs inside before you are done with this mission. Two Scrambled Colony Defense Tank Droids that may pose a large threat to our forces if they decide to attack.

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Launch a preemptive attack on them. These may prove valuable to those who possess them. This one is inside the Jedi Library Ruins. You have to dig up flashing piles of rubble, then click on the item that appears form underneath them to recover an artifact. An enemy NPC may spawn under it some times. You can click on the same rubble five times. Respawn timers are not very long. Our scouts report that there are two particularly fearsome mutated Geonosian warriors wandering the canyons. We are unable to send our survey teams there until these threats are dealt with.

Both of the named NPCs are near the river in the southern section of the map — the Canyons.

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Respawn fast too. The Jedi believe that recovering their ancient texts from the Great Jedi Library will make them stronger. Infiltrate the library and destroy these texts before they can be recovered by the Jedi. Located inside the Library, this mission can be quickly done by just burning the texts glowing pedestals with books on them and avoiding any fights with the Jedi and their padawans. Place four al jammers around their communication towers to disrupt them.

Pick it up from A7-X2 droid, located on the speeder platform in the Ossus Canyons.

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The places, where you can place the jammers are marked with yellow beams. The mission area is in the middle of the Ancient Ruins. The Jedi no longer have control over many of their droids due to the imperial al jammers.

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One type of droid, the excavator droids could be particularly useful to the imperial operation on Ossus. Reprogram these droids so that the Empire can utilize them. Pick it up from E9-L4 droid, located at the speeder platform in the Ossus Canyons.

Not every droid you click on using the special button next to the quest title will turn, you may have to kill a few of them. The Empire has lost contact with several forward patrols. Their observation data could be highly valuable — retrieve as much of it as possible. Pick it up from Y-G3 droid, located at the speeder platform in the Ossus Canyons.

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This is a quick and easy mission. Just go to the marked locations, find the datap and click to pick them up.

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The Jedi must possess advanced eco-modification and agricultural technologies to be able to settle Ossus at this scale. These technologies could be of great use to the Empire. Pick it up from an Imperial Scout Report datapad, located near the speeder transport in the Farms. The Crops and Storage Tanks are in the Farms. Power Generator is in the Ossus Canyons. The Sensor Array is in the Ancient Ruins. The Empire is pressing on with operations against the Jedi colony.

How to unlock the ossus daily missions

Assist Imperial forces in their fight against the Jedi by completing missions on Ossus. Pick it up from Strike Base XR This is an additional daily that rewards you for completing 5 dailies, nothing special in it, no special rewards from it either. A group of Sith Lords were attempting to recover a valuable Grand Holocron from the Great Jedi Library when they were intercepted by a Jedi strike team. The holocron contains knowledge and secrets of the Jedi Order that the Sith can utilize.

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Locate and eliminate these Jedi, and retrieve the holocron for the Empire. This 2-men Heroic can be soloed even if you have lower gear and low rank companion. Assault the enemy communications control bunker to gather intel on their troop movements. This one involves killing a bunch of thrash mobs until you reach the lower level of the bunker in the Ancient Ruins and defeat the boss droid.

Raid the Jedi farmstead and take anything of value. This H4 mission can be easily completed by two players with their companions. It involves killing of waves of adds spawning around you for a few minutes. There are three Heroics on Ossus and one Weekly to complete all three.

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They are picked up from different NPCs, not from the Board. This mission can be of PvE or PvP nature and changes each week. It provides one Masterwork Data Crystal upon completion. Can be picked up from the Courier Droid. Its location is shown on the map above. Here you will find all daily and weekly missions for the Republic.