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Keep reading. Until that-other-person appeared and ruined ALL.

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Dutch guy. This blog is heavily focused on an impregnation fetish, I have lots of other interests too, though. Most of this is fantasy, some of the stories are true or close to true. If you want to ask anything or chat feel free to leave me a ask! Please send a to tumbex.

My age: I am 25
Nationality: Polish
Body type: My body features is medium-build

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Alice cheered. Her favourite song had just come over the speakers and the several drinks she had had before that moment were finally taking effect. Her vision blurred slightly as the lights of the club shone over her, illuminating her golden blonde hair in her peripheral vision.

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Freshers week had been fun, she was finally getting the hang of University, and it felt like she could finally hold more of her drink than she had on the nights. Somewhere in the mess of bodies around her was her flat mates, each as drunk as her and dancing happily in their group.

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She took another swig of her drink, the ice cold liquid soothing her as sweat began to glisten on her forehead. The lights once more illuminated the crowd, and suddenly Alice could no longer see her friends. She looked around her, panic not yet setting in, as she tried to spot them through the crowd, but the swell of bodies blocked any chance of seeing through.

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Alice took another swig of alcohol, her mind telling her to just dance and find her friends later. Suddenly a set of hands brushed her waist, before pulling her towards them.

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The body behind beginning to grind against her skirt as she continued to dance. Her inhibitions began to slip away as she continued to drink her drink, the club once more blurring further around her. She felt the bulge of his cock pressing hard against her through his trousers, the size making her involuntarily wet as the exchange continued. His hands began to grab at her boobs, the thin white vest too adding little to no protection from his advances as she began to question what he was doing.

She felt his hands move back down, her perky tits springing back up as his hands left them, before the hands returned to her waist. Alice had had enough, she tried to move away and push through the crowd but hands pushed her back. The ones around her waist holding her tight as she struggled to get away.

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With a quick motion, she felt her skirt be pulled up, the hands making quick work of her tight pink panties as they were roughly pulled down. Alice tried to say something, to get the attention of anyone, but the music continued to pump loudly, drowning out any chance of her being heard.

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Alice froze. She felt something which she had never felt before. The cock had been pressed, almost tenderly, against the lips of her virgin pussy. She could feel the precum already mixing with her juices as the cock continued to hold right on the edge of her pussy.

A single bead of sweat rolled down her back, her pearly white skin rippling with goosebumps as slight twangs of pleasure radiated from the touching. Alice thought desperately of how to escape. The twitching cock blocked her escape one way, and the tight ring of guys encircling her blocked her escape every other way. She had to at least try.

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With a quick movement, Alice tried to lunge away through the crowd to the safety of her friends, but once again was pushed back, this time onto the waiting cock. The feeling of his cock in her virgin pussy was unlike anything Alice had felt before, she tried desperately to move away again, but felt the hands on her hips securing her firmly in place. Her pussy pulsed gently, attempting to accommodate him as she felt the pressure build inside Surprise impregnation tumblr. The hands round her waist gently began to pull, adding more and more force backwards until finally with a pop the skin broke and she felt his entire length quickly plunge inside of her.

The air was pushed out of her lungs as her mind reeled, the fullness she felt overwhelming her senses as every ridge and bump on his cock sent shivers running up her spine. She fell forwards, the feeling running throughout her body too much for her as she gasped for air, yet no sooner had she fallen, another cock met her as it was thrust into her face. The mixture of shock and breathlessness opened her jaw wider as the cock was shoved unceremoniously down her throat, sending her gagging as it pushed its was forcefully in.

Alice was completely trapped. The cock completely in her pussy held her fast one way whilst the cock down her throat held her from the other way. Alice desperately tried to struggle, the lack of air causing the feelings of pleasure coming from her pussy to multiply as the already darkened room darkened further for her.

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She felt both cocks begin to withdraw in union, taking the opportunity to suck precious oxygen into her starving lungs in the process, before they both slammed back into her as deep as they could go. Alice felt pre-cum draining into her at both ends as she was crushed between them, the air once again being pushed out of her lungs as the balls collided with her chin and clit respectively. Once again the cocks withdrew before pounding in again, the wave of pleasure becoming more and more pronounced with each crush and thrust.

Alice gagged on the cock in her throat, prompting yet another thrust from both, her pussy tensing with each cough. Again, the cocks pounded into her, and again the slap of the balls against her clit sent pleasure spiralling up her body in more and more goose bumps.

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Alice weakly moaned, her voice being instantly lost into the cock down her throat. Tears formed in her eyes as she gagged once more, the lack of oxygen causing her to writhe as hands on the back of her head held the cock firmly down her throat. She spluttered onto the cock, the blackness around the edges of her vision closing inwards until only the coloured lights of the club remained. She felt the cock deep in her throat tense as the one in her pussy began to thrust in and out, the cum pouring straight down into her stomach as the pushing from behind forced her deeper and deeper onto the cumming cock.

With a final pull, the cock was pulled from her dripping mouth, her saliva mixing with the cum still dripping from his cock as he used her tongue to clean himself off.

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All Alice could do was pant, the air feeling cold and refreshing after so long with only small gulps. More hands began to grope at her, grabbing her neck and tits as she continued to get fucked. As her senses Surprise impregnation tumblr returned, she could feel every pinch, every slap, every ridge on the cock, and the resulting waves of pleasure sent her knees weak.

Her pussy was absolutely soaked with juices, lathering his cock with plenty of lubricant as it continued to fuck her roughly. She felt the firm grip round her waist loosen as they moved to her shoulders, pulling her into him with each hard thrust. It all became too much, as suddenly her vision exploded with colour as she began to cum, her body tensing as she moaned hard.

Her knees collapsed from under her as she fell to the floor, the cock following her down and continuing to thrust as the girl convulsed with pleasure. Her fingers and toes began to curl as the orgasm grew and changed, the repeated thrusts serving only to accentuate the bursts of pleasure rushing throughout her body.

The tensing of her pussy proved too much for the cock, as she felt it push deep into her before beginning to cum.

Welcome to my blog ㋛ — pregnant s/o headcanons includes: kuroo tetsurou,

A warmth spread deep inside of her as she felt him cum directly onto her cervix, nature already beginning to take its course. He climbed off her, the ring remaining until he was fully ready and her clothes had been adjusted back to normal before they dissipated back into the crowd. She was found by her housemates and was carried home and put to bed, her mind reeling. It was 2 months before she suddenly dropped out of university, the baby growing inside of her belly. She never did find out who the father was….

Erin was surprised when she got invited on the guys camping trip. She was 19 now, and had developed into a stunning young woman, the envy of many of her class.

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The weather was hot, so she had decided to wear a miniskirt and a vest top. As soon as she sat down, she realised the skirt was a bad choice, as she felt a long hard cock press up against her panties through his shorts. Every bump the car went over caused his cock to rub against her clit, causing her to quietly begin to moan. Before she knew it, they had reached the service station, and they all went in.

Erin was the last back to the car, so she sat back down on Robins knee again, but to her surprise, something had changed. Now she could feel his cock bare against her already moistening pussy. She realised he must have taken his cock out as she climbed in, so now his bare cock was sat just outside her fertile pussy. Before she could complain, he reached one hand slowly down her front, and down her skirt.

She gasped as again they went over a bump, resulting in his cock pressing more into her clit through Surprise impregnation tumblr panties. Without further ado, he slid her panties to the side, and lifted her up before lowering her onto his cock. His long cock kept going deeper and deeper into her, causing her to gasp before he dropped her, and she slid down to the hilt. He reached a hand up her white vest, to find she had not worn a bra today, resulting in him gripping her boobs hard. Every bump, the cock moved inside her tight wet pussy, resulting in a shot of pleasure through her entire body.

It took everything she had to stop from crying out. The final straw came as they drove down the dirt road to Surprise impregnation tumblr campsite. The constant vibration and the pulsing of her pussy round his cock was too much, and she felt his cock tense and his hands pull her further onto him as he began to fill her with his potent seed.

Her fertile pussy became full of his semen, with his cock acting as a cork, stopping it leaking out. The feeling of being full caused Erin to cum hard, causing her to force her hands over her mouth to stop herself groaning, her entire body tensing as the pleasure washed over her.

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They fucked many more times over the course of the trip, sneaking back to the car every night to fill her up again and again. Ohio ….