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I always thought my stepbrother was a little secretive, but I didn't realize he was hiding his sexuality from me 6 min. My brother fucks me bareback until I finish inside 2 min.

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I had come home from college for summer break, it was going to be good to see my family.

This was only my second year away and I still got homesick. I pulled up to the house and when I walked through the door only my Mom got up to greet me. Maggie and sis have been best friends since I was in high school, she is practically another member of the family.

Mom tells me that Steve is moody and has been quiet and withdrawn for about the past week and wanted me to talk Sucking my little brothers dick him. Ever since Dad left and I went away to school he has no male to talk to. I agree and notice that he is still transfixed in the same spot on the couch from when I came in several hours ago.

I ask Mom how she has doing, she sighs and starts talking about work. I disagree with her. She is 40with a nice body. What little weight she has put on over time has gone to her chest and her butt. She thanks me for the compliment and gets up to start to clean up the dishes from dinner. I ask Steve to see if I get a reaction. He mutters something unintelligible and I go over and sit next to him and tell him that I know it must be tough being here with no other guy to talk to, but if he wanted to talk I am here for him. He looks away from the TV and thanks me. I can see from his face that something has been bothering him and he appreciated that I was home.

We spend the rest of the night making small talking while watching the game. I get undressed and go to sleep, I am under the covers for about 30 minutes when I get a knock at the door. Steve pokes his head around the door.

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He starts talking about how he and his high school girlfriend had been going out for several months. You can tell from the tone in his voice that he really liked her. I am excited because prom is the night when everyone gets laid. We start fooling around and then proceed to undress. She is lying there naked and I start to take of my pants, and when I pull off my underwear she freaks out. Steve smiles and says that is not exactly the problem. It was soft but you could tell that it was impressive.

He has about an 8 inch dick that is rather thick. If his was 8 inches mine had to be 9, with the same full thickness. I try to pull the covers back on me but he throws them back. I keep trying to send him away until he finally reaches over and takes my dick in his hand.

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Up and down slowly his hand goes until it is a full on hard-on. A little bit of pre-cum starts to leak out as Steve smiles, looks me in the eye and drops his mouth to my cock. He licks the head and then up and down the shaft like it is a pop-cicle. He then starts slowly bobbing his head up and down taking more and more in his mouth each time. He reaches in and pulls out his own cock. His cock is fully engorged as he starts pumping himself in rythem with him sucking me.

He was sucking so hard and so good that I thought he was going to pull the cum straight out of my balls.

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I look down and am transfixed with him jacking himself. I can see the head glisten as pre-cum is leaking out. Steve slurping noises get louder as his saliva is running down my shaft to my balls. He pulls my dick out and licks my balls dry and slowly teases the head around his mouth. I am not one for teasing so I thrust my dick back in his mouth. He responds to it and starts sucking. Because that is what it looked like to me. Mom sits down on the bed next to Steve.

She is clearly upset and asks what has happened. Steve proceeds to tell her the same story he told me, and when he gets to the part about his girlfriend freaking out. Size is overrated.

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She was upset because of how big it is. It has softened some but you can still tell that it is big and thick. Mom looks shocked as Steve tells her how what she walked in on happened.

Brother's "little" problem

As he is telling the story he starts to get hard. I am your mother and that would be wrong. He places her hand on it as it springs to life. It feels so nice to have a woman stoke my cock.

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Now I know that women like my big dick. Do you think that women will suck it? Do they like to suck big dicks? I know I liked sucking my brothers big dick.

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As she continues her jacking, Steve slowly moves closer to her till his dick is just inches away from her mouth. Now put your dick back in your pants and go to mmpphh. He slowly moves it back and forth and she opens her mouth a little wider and takes more in. By this time my dick is rock hard. Seeing my mother suck on a big cock gives me a hard-on beyond belief. I slowly start pumping my own cock while staring at Mom and wanting to touch her like my brother is.

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As a reflex she closes them but opens them up to allow her son full access to her pussy. You can hear her moan as he slides a finger in. She is so wet that you can her his hand slap as it goes in and out. As she regains her breath, she takes his big cock back in her waiting mouth.

You know what else would make me feel better? He pulls his dick out of her mouth and pushes her down on the bed. This is incest. You are not supposed to suck your brother and fuck your mother. We have already gone too far. Steve slowly slides in and out and starts fucking his own mother. Her search stops when she wraps her hand around my cock.

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There is no reluctance as she start pumping up and down on one sons cock as the other son is fucking her. It has apparently been awhile as Mom is moaning and screaming louder and louder. Keep fucking your mother with that big cock. Her pleas against incest have been replaced with desire for it. Her eyes light up at the sight of another big cock before her.