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She is a perfect girl-next-door figure, slim, petite, brown hair, blue eyes, gorgeous smile.

Stranger creampie porn

I have no idea how I was so lucky. Cuckolding for me started as what I could only describe as a weird coping mechanism for my jealousy. I was afraid of confrontation, so when I would see guys checking out and flirting with my girlfriend I would get extremely angry and jealous which, given how feminine and beautiful she is, was all the time. Over time, I began to civilize my anger by instead fantasizing about it and getting off on the idea of her being with someone else.

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I immediately got hard and said yes. It was on. On our anniversary, she decided she was going to let one of her classmates fuck her bareback. This was particularly perverse to me, as I had only ever had sex with her with condoms. I could only imagine how delicious her wet unprotected pussy must feel, and now she was going to make me watch her copulate with another man bareback, a privilege that she has denied me.

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I felt a nervous, angry lump in my throat, and at the same time I felt myself getting erect like a furious bull that wanted to charge. That evening, she brought her friend up to the bedroom while I was seated in a chair in the corner and she proceeded to lick and suck his cock lovingly in front of me. Every now and then she would turn at look at me with her big innocent eyes as she gently kissed and sucked the swollen throbbing head.

Stranger creampies girlfriend

He got up onto our bed and she climbed up on top of him and I watched her tiny hand guide his cock into her body. I felt a sting of jealousy as I watched him slide into her unprotected fertile pink pussy, and she let out a soft moan and began to ride him.

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I realised there was no going back now, at this moment he owned my girlfriend. She was being defiled in front of my very eyes.

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I was beginning to leak from excitement despite my mixed emotions. For about twenty minutes I watched him fuck my girlfriend bareback on my bed while I waited patiently for my turn in unspeakable jealousy, listening to the sound of her sweet pink lips slurping on his shaft. Eventually she slid off and came over to me and stroked my dick while her classmate jerked off and watched. At this point I was ready to burst. What proceeded was the most agonising denial of my life.

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My dick sprung upwards as she let go of my shaft at the very brink of orgasm and climbed back onto the bed, laying on her back with opened legs for him to enter. My cock erupted from my girlfriends abandoned stimulation, twitching involuntarily as I desperately clenched and emptied my cum into thin air while watching another man grunt with intense satisfaction as he ejaculated into my girlfriends juicy cunt.

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She gasped as the squelching cum started to overflow out onto the bed as he shafted her. Her mouth opened with shock and pleasure but no sound came out.

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She locked eyes with him with blushed cheeks, the pink soles of her little feet up in the air moving gently as her petite body was utterly dominated by him. It was the most humiliating and exciting moment of my life.

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He fucked her for the duration of his orgasm as I painfully watched him pump my girlfriends pussy with cum. I felt like an animal. My climax had been a ruined explosion of frustration and agonising sexual denial as I involuntarily humped the air for relief in sexual desperation to reclaim what was rightfully mine. Eventually she slipped off his cock and she sat upright on the bed facing me, with her legs spread apart with her pussy absolutely caked in cum. She was smiling, legs shivering, and I could see her pussy pulsating with pleasure as it leaked copious amounts of thick semen onto the bedsheets.

Her classmates huge erection still twitching with pure ecstasy beside her.

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She proceeded to rub some of the cum into her pussy lips with her hand, occasionally smelling the cum on her fingers and licking them clean. Then the slow realisation hit me: my girl had just been taken from me and inseminated by another man.

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Yet here he was, on my bed, undeservedly rewarded with the perfect body of my girlfriend, filling her with a hot, thick creampie. It was both torturous and yet incredibly arousing.

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