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We have a week's supplies at best, assuming we have any troops left to supply in that time. The inn would allow us to station reinforcements here, while the trading post would allow supply routes with the outcasts nearby.

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A major feature in the WoD expansion is the Garrison. In the expansion, you will get a Garrison Hub that you build in the level 90 zone which also serve as your faction hub in Draenor.

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Then you will also get Garrison Outposts for the other four zones. Garrison Outpost do not work like your Garrison Hub. Instead you get a special zone wide perk and different quest chains which also reward different followers. You will be given the option to select the type of Garrison Outpost after several zone introductory quests like the example below. Depending on your choice you will get a special zone wide ability. The ability will only work with each specific zone ie.

Kick's stoktron brewery or smuggler's den?

Gorgond Garrison ability will only work in Gorgond zone. Your choice is actually very important if you want it to help you with leveling and I though I would share my opinion on which option is best when you venture into Draenor for the first time.

The best part is that you also get Rocket Boost which will allow you to fly for short duration. Each volley deals to damage to all affected enemies and stuns them for 3 sec. Max 3 charges. Your Arcane Sanctum perk is Guardian Orb : Summons a Guardian Orb at your location that electrocutes enemies within 15 yards for to damage every 2 sec for 30 sec.

Winner: Both outposts provide similar type of abilities and both very powerful but I would pick Wrynn Artillery Tower because Artillery Strike comes with 3 charges. This good because this allow you to use 1 charge so you can use it more frequently or use all 3 charges at the same time for a ton of burst damage. Choosing the Inn-themed perk rewards you with a Brewery.

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Once every 10 minutes, a vendor can be summoned who has a chance to sell a variety of interesting wares Smuggling Run! You can also purchase an extra follower available only from Smuggling Run vendor and 28 slot Gronnskin Bag. You get the choice to build either Rangari Corral vs Telarri Tankworks outpost. This is mount allows you to use all your abilities while mounted. Winner: While the tank provide a ton of damage, Rangari Corral for the mounted combat is the better choice.

Spires of arak outpost followers? think this will work?

Mounted combat is a unique experience and extremely fun while at the same time I think you will level much faster with it as well since you never have to get off your mount except indoor areas. On a PVP server I think choosing the mount is mandatory or else you will get dominated by other players with the mount. The tank provide lots of damage but you will never be able to catch PVP players with the mount.

Well I hope you find this post helpful and help you make the right choice when you level for the first time in Draenor. Would you happen to know where to change outposts at? I am horde, I went to axefall and nothing. Am I looking in the wrong place? I highly recommend it over the shredder if you like a little bit of a challenge for an incredible reward. I hit this one without doing any googling.

With my next toon I piced the shredder. If you have a water strider mount, You can over lay that onto your wolf mount. Example: first mount wolf second mount strider. Also I am a hunter and my pet does not go into passive mode even with the strider over lay. Only thing is if you are running a distance on water like when I was in Zangar Shore your pet fslls behind. Thank you so much! So to you hunters Ragnari Corral works fine for me.

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You suggested the Ragnari Corral over the Telarri Tankworks based on the fact that you can do mounted combat. For hunters, however, this could be a drawback. Unless they fix this, that could make the Tankworks the better choice for hunters. This was concise, easy to navigate as opposed to the cluttered or verbose guides out there and super helpful. Thanks a ton. Jag saluterar er alla!!


Arya Trogen medlem. I also used Dugis guides from the very beginning. Yesterday I finished my last charakter to level Keep on your outstanding work! Great guide!!! Just wondering about group leveling. My husband and I level our toons on Grizzly Hills game server together. We never play them separately while leveling. So, in this situation, should one of us choose one Outpost and one the other Outpost to get the benefit of both for the group?

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Now, in Nagrand, we will most likely choose the Rangari Corral so both of us will be mounted on the faster mount. In Gorgond especially the quest lines are completely different for most of the zone depending on the outpost you choose. Yet again you guys come up with even more reasons to stick with your guides, I feel proud to have been with you for 5 years now, great work and a trustworthy company to deal with, well done and kind regards Mike.

Smuggler den loot before tavern - both followers w/o 10k

Thank you for your continued contributions, with both your products and participation in the community! I am a longtime user of your guides and this is another excellent example of why. You consistently stay on top of or ahead of the curve and i would be lost without your guides. This is a wonderful sample. Stephen Pribut December 1, Dugi Just another thanks for your guides.

Christopher November 23, Wilko Koning November 21, Thanks for this great guide. Xagnut November 20, Hellikitty December 19, Go back to telaari station the NPC is there. Pay him 10k gold and you can switch it. MtnDew November 20, Mynx November 17, Diamondgin November 17, Thanks for the input though….

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Hunters be mindful Reply. Tonym November 17, Thanks Dugithis article has really helped me on my way from level 90 to level Reply. Kitz November 16, Itsme November 16, Arya November 8, Arya Trogen medlem Reply. James September 30, Phyllis Wilkey September 29, Dugi September 29, Sorry about that, I fixed the typo.