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Hi, I am Jan and now the president of the top sorority on campus, I have to monitor our pledges to make sure they are up to our standards. They have to be great looking and smart.

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How old am I: 33
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Passerby were charged a fee to kiss the young lady and this earned mone I wished I was at home. There were distinctive disadvantages in being a legacy.

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Though I would never really know the costs of student loans or working a part-time job, great expectations came with their own grating sacrifices. Made all the worse by Exposed to the hard spattering of raindrops, I had never been smaller than at my grandmother's graveside. I had to look down to confirm that it was, in fact, my girlfriend who had my cock in her mouth. As the embrace of her lips slowly moved up and down my shaft, her tongue waggled across the underside driving me toward the peak.

Sorority sexual hazing stories

She stripped naked. Becky turned the shower on and looked in the mirror at her nude curves before stepping in the shower.

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Tonight was the big game for her Cougars. Where she slept was decked out in school colors: red and white. She left the shower curt She had just watched her best friend Carly shake her ass all around the campus.

Her tight-fitting skirt was so shor Each girl was to sit on a paper towel naked and watch 10 minutes of lesbian porn. I strolled up University Street feeling twinges of anxiety. I had been invited to attend an interview as a potential pledge.

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My friend Mia had extended the invitation and was sponsoring my candidacy. Mia an I'll start by introducing myself.

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My name is Allison and I've been in college for several years now. I'm 5' 5", blonde, have 36 C breasts, and I'm into both girls and guys. I guess the best way to describe myself personality wise is that I'm a good girl w It was down to six of us - six young ladies vying for the four open spots in the single most exclusive sorority at the University of Alabama. She watched Colleen through the gauzy curtain surrounding the bed.

How can she s Brett handed over his ten bucks, even though he could think of a thousand things that would have been a better use for the money.

‘hazing’ stories

Jessica, or Jess as she preferred to be called, was a nineteen-year old college girl who had taken a gap year after high school before going to a large and well respected university in her state. From a working class family, Jess had a tough time affordin Nineteen year old Samantha pulled against the restraints tied to her hands as her roommate and Mistress; Paige abused her vagina with her strap on toy. In her passion, Paige was barking rude and abusive comments toward Sam, knowing that it was turning he for Free!

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Contracts of Skin: Enslaved to the Sorority's Demon A futanari succubus enslaves the mind of an anxious, aristocratic, sorority pledge. The House Mother I must pay the price so that my girlfriend and I can have a great college sex life. Thick: Becky's Ballad This is a story of a pretty girl who has insecurities. College Slut Carly has gone completely Hot and Heavy Hazing Sorority girls get called out for their lesbian tendencies.

Sorority hazing

The Newest Ladies of the Order of Delta Omicron Mu The new initiates of a secret society must receive a paddling to prove their worthiness. Filthy Soccer with my Sorority Sister My sorority sister has fun with me from the bleachers during one of my college soccer games.

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Switchback A sorority president takes more than one for her house Taste the Rainbow To earn some serious points in the scavenger hunt, he's going to have to use his silver tongue. A strange place called Florida: The price of the bid pt 1. Mistress in Training Sam helps her Mistress's Daughter learn the trade.