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Hostess lady found Sister ballbusting stories to pleasures

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Forum Ballbusting World story helpful sister with sequel If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. BTJ is original author of pt. If you don't like that then you won't get anything out of reading this.

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The air was humid that day, as Jared sat in class, overwhelmed with boredom. His young teacher Mrs. Calloway was teaching about fractions and Jared's mind was starting to wander.

Calloway dropped her chalk on the ground. She bent over to pick it up. Jared happened to be sitting in just the right place, and he was able to see straight down Mrs. Calloway's pastel striped blouse. Her breasts looked supple, and white.

Jared was entranced with them. They jiggled slightly as she grabbed the pencil. She stood back up and noticed Jared staring, but pretended not to notice. Jared had a strange feeling in his pants. He reached in through his pocket and realized his penis was erect. This was his first experience with this, and it felt good. He felt twinges of sexual energy. It was his first erection, so it was a little bewildering, but he knew it felt good, and he knew he wanted to see Mrs.

Calloway's boobs again.

Post a Comment. August 9, Sister ruptures annoying brother.

Sister ruptures annoying brother, by Unknown The air was humid that day, as Jared sat in class, overwhelmed with boredom. Jared knew about sex, from school, but he had never had an erection before.

He tried to rub his penis later that night, to make it hard again, but nothing happened. He went to sleep and dreamed about Mrs. He had a crush on her, and he felt like he was in love. The next day at school, Mrs. Calloway wore a cute orange skirt, with a white blouse.

Jared spent the whole day examining her body through her clothes. He paid no attention in class. He got hard a few times throughout the day. Later that night, Jared went home and started touching himself again. He got hard fantasizing about Mrs. He kept playing with himself for a few hours, and eventually he ejaculated. It was the most amazing sensation he had ever experienced. He was surprised by how great it was, and by the mess. He cleaned himself up and slept very soundly. Over the next few weeks, Jared became more and more skilled at masturbation.

He would fantasize about Mrs. Calloway, or girls that he saw in his sister's magazines. He was masturbating a few times a week, and growing very fond of it.

‘ballbusting’ stories

Jared's sister, April, was a cute fifteen year old girl. Three years older than Jared. She had blonde hair and a pretty face. She was a typical teenage girl.

She loved teen magazines, and boys. She was into singing and music. April noticed one day that some of her "Seventeen" magazines were missing. She looked all throughout her room but couldn't find them.

Jared was at a friend's house, so she decided to look in his room. She found the missing magazines in there. She was pretty sure that she knew why he took them, but she wanted to be sure. She left the magazines in his room. April was pretty sure that Jared was using her magazines to jack off.

She thought it was gross, but if he was doing it, she wanted to get him in trouble for it. She started spying on him, by listening through his door at night.

After a few nights passed, she heard him ruffling through a magazine. She waited and listened.

She heard the squishing sound of his hand jacking his cock. She barged into his room.

You stole my magazines so you could jack off to them. He was humiliated. He just hung his head down. The next morning April told their mom everything. Their mother, Angela, was a little disturbed, and angry about the situation.

The coffee shop collection

She talked to Jared about it and grounded him for a month. She also made Jared do work to pay for new magazines for April. One day Jared was busy mopping the bathroom floor. He didn't notice April watching him from behind. April wanted to kick him in the nuts for stealing her magazines. His legs were far enough apart that she knew she could get him. She eyed her targets, and moved forward.

She swiftly drove her foot up between Jared's legs making full contact with his balls. Jared moved away quickly after being kicked. He didn't feel much pain at first. Then the pain came on very rapidly.

Ballbusting sister stories

He dropped to his knees. April laughed. His face lay in the bleach water. The pain was still getting worse with every second that passed. After about thirty seconds, the pain reached its peak.

He was rocking back and forth, gasping for breath. April was almost in tears from laughter. Jared was really worried that he might have permanent damage from this kick. He couldn't bear the pain. His eyes were watering, but he wasn't audibly crying. He felt like he was going to pass out or puke or something, but he didn't. April just kept laughing.