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Your source for many wonderful fetishes such as unique french maid and sissy dresses, tight corsets, frilly lingerie, really high heel stilettos.

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Sissy Outfits: What do you need to become a Sissy Maid? Sissy Maids are submissive men who like to dress as women and serve someone else while dressed in a French Maid outfit. Anything from small tasks like house cleaning, to larger more involved tasks all with the intent of being a submissive maid.

Punishments are also part of this roleplay and humiliation.

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To dress the part, you would need the right sissy outfit. What clothing will I need to become a sissy maid? There are two ways you can go when purchasing your sissy maid outfit. One is to buy a full outfit in one.

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The other is to buy each piece separately and build your outfit to your liking. If you want to get your full outfit in one shot, the best way to go is the classic sissy french maid dress. All you need is a pair of stockings and some sexy heels and you are good to go.

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If you are looking to put your own sissy maid outfits together, the best place to start would be a petticoat. While you can purchase a petticoat to wear under your maid outfit to add a little extra to it, you can also use it as your skirt for the outfit. Change things up a bit and use a corset as your top.

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It will help give you a sexy femme shape and it will compliment your petticoat nicely. They will look hot with the petticoat and a pair of heels.

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Key behaviours to learn as a sissy maid The first thing you would want to learn once your sissy outfit is ready is how to behave. If you are with a Mistress, you will be instructed to do various tasks. First and foremost, you most likely will be doing some household chores such as dusting, doing dishes, and sweeping floors. Other tasks may involve cleaning your mistresses boots and clothes.

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Doing something directly like this for your Mistress is one of the most exciting parts of the sissy fantasy. Things can get even more exciting when your Mistress feels you need to be punished for being a naughty girl.

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One form of punishment would be a physical one. You may get a spanking, whipped a little or even bondage.

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The other type of punishment you may endure is some hard labor where you would not be in the presence of your Mistress for long periods of time. Maybe she will have you clean out her basement or move furniture around the house. Tasks that are considered manly, but all while you are dressed in your sissy outfit. No matter how things go with your Mistress, the main idea is for you to feel that you are being submissive to her.

She is in charge and you are her sissy girl maid. First you may need to overcome any reservations you may have. Some of you may not feel comfortable acting on these urges.

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Finding a Mistress in this day and age is quite easy. A simple Google search can get you a lot of information as well as Mistresses all around the world. If you are thinking of exploring being a sissy maid with your ificant other, it is a good idea to make sure they would be comfortable with it first.

Once you get the ok, you should further discuss what you would both like to get out of the experience. Once that is out of the way, enjoy this exciting new chapter in your relationship. From those we have spoken with, most do prefer having a Mistress as they will be able to give you the proper experience since it is what they do. Being a sissy maid is a fun and exciting fetish.

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If you have had fantasies of being in a sissy boy outfit and being a submissive french maid for a Mistress, hopefully after reading this, you will go for it and never look back. We would love to hear your experiences with being a sissy maid. us at glambmarketing gmail. Maybe we will include your story in a future update of this article.

For some sexy maid outfits as well as some other hot cosplay outfits, head over to Glamourboutique.

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