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Elite baby Shay carl sexts boy especially for bites

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But it is A LOT.

How old am I: 24
Sexual identity: Hetero
Tint of my iris: I’ve got large blue eyes
Hair: I have blond hair
What is my favourite drink: Rum
I like to listen: Heavy metal
What is my hobbies: Dancing

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File: If you don't know, Shay Carl is a vlogger on youtube and is popular for doing daily vlogs for years. He has five kids, and a wife Colette. His family is Mormom and he's known as being a family man. Recently a cam girl by the name of Aria Nina posted sexts he sent her, saying how he wants to eat her out, fuck her, etc etc posting texts after this. He then blocked her after she told him his kids are adorable, so she posted the caps on twitter and tagged him and his wife.

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After the caps got leaked, Shay made a response saying how is dealing with alcohol abuse and will be going to rehab. I never watched him and his bullshit family, but I feel so bad for his poor wife. She gave him 5 kids, hopeless devotion, and is still absolutely gorgeous.

And this is what she gets in return?

On bad terms?

He pulled a Mel Gibson with the whole "alcoholic bla blah" shit. I hope she takes full custody of the kids and gets as much alimony their state will pay. NEVER stay with a "man" like this. What a fucking loser. RIP their blogging career. Absolutely disgusting. This isn't normal, it's like reading the manifesto of a serial killer.

This dude is fucked in the head. His poor wife, what a piece of shit. Men aint shit.

Five kids later and she's still hot af she can do way better than that disgusting fatass!! He's fucking disgusting, I want her to divorce him, take the kids and all his money, but they're Mormons so idk if that will changed how they go about cheating in a marriage.

People attacking Aria and saying she's humiliated Colette and his kids, when he's the one that humiliated them, he also chose to put his whole life on display for the Internet, so it can't be surprising when he gets exposed on the Internet as well. He was unbiased as he could be, and he did warn that due to his personal friendship this would be harder to cover but geeze. Could have been a bit harsher. But seriously. Fuck this guy holy shit.

Permintaan anda tidak dapat diproses

I hope she divorces him and takes everything. If Shaycarl has respect for himself and his family, he should have just blocked her from the beginning and shouldn't have entertained her flirting at all. I think Aria should have contacted Colette in private. She's a cam girl.

Yeah, he sexted with this woman, but no physical cheating occurred he is still a scumbag. Aria might have thought she was was just doing her job entertaining a potential client through text. As you said half her clients are probably married, and if she can out this guy, she probably has those other clients on edge too. IMO she's shot herself in the foot for some internet drama.

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But I guess she also got her name out there on a large scale and will be able to attract new clients so. I used to be a huge ShayTards fan.

married floozy Landry

And the sickening bit is that he cheated with a woman who has the same name as his eldest daughter. From the patriarch of "Youtube's First Family" to alcoholic adulterous creep. LOL do you guys think the Mormon church will excommunicate him?

I wonder how much the kids know.

Tragic tot

Gavin is what 13 now and Avia's 10 or 11? This is gonna fuck them up so bad. She's clearly in it for the attention. She's a good little Mormon wife and no matter what daddy shay does she's going to stand by him. I bet she probably thinks it's her fault he strayed in the first place; Mormon wives are under a huge amount of pressure to "stay hot.

Adult performer aria nina’s instagram hacked and deleted after she exposed married youtube star shay carl butler sexting scandal

I'm not shocked Shay did this though. He's a hypersexual retard and he's probably done it before. What is he gonna say, that he was hacked? That one of the kids did it? This shit went on for months. I loved watching his vlogs for years, they were like the model of the best happy family. I thought shay was such a fun and wholesome father figure. It's deeply disappointing to find this out. I feel so bad for their kids. I guess I feel particularly connected because I watched them grow up. I was thinking about them a few days ago. Noticed how distant Shay was to the whole vlog thing.

I feel so bad for Colette. She's like the sweetest thing to ever Shay carl sexts the earth. Shay is scummy. Dude's never really been my cup of tea, always thought he was a little annoying, but wow this is pretty wild. I never thought I'd see this caliber of fuckery from him.

This level of brutality, I can't take it. Sage for samefagging. There is no way in hell she'll leave him, seriously. That is a one way ticket to being turned on by your entire church and family and if that's all she has, then fuck that. She's never going to leave. They won't side with her. They'll side with him.

Plus she is super close with Shay's family too, which I'm sure they would side with their son if she did leave. However her sister left the church recently and her and Colette and still really close. So even if she did leave Shay, she has support.

horney whore Addisyn

He's a drunk and a cheater but if his wife leaves she is rejected by the church? That's really depressing to think about, jeez. I feel bad for the. I can never understand cheaters. He's got a great house, a fat ass bank5 beautiful kids, and a gorgeous wife who may know the location of the fountain of youth. Is some insta thot really worth it? Alcoholism is not a valid excuse, from one to another. I wonder how many other affairs he's had and how far they've gotten.