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Shade Tree Massage in Kewaskum, WI understands how stressful life can be and that's why they offer a large selection of stress-relieving spa treatments. Decrease your muscle pain and increase your mobility with a massage from this spa. Long before modern medical conveniences—such as computers and robot doctors—the primary form of therapy was massage.

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Come relax in the Shade There is nothing more relaxing than to sit out under a big shade tree on a warm summer day, when you lean back and shut your eyes relishing in the feeling of being warmed to the core-- EXCEPT maybe a massage to work out all the tension the right way! Long before technology and modern medicine, massage was one of the worlds oldest forms of healing. Massage heals not only the body but the mind and spirit as well.

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With Becca McGehee. Seattle, WA. A Note About Covid Stay safe while receiving body work at home and let me come to you.

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No one should have to sacrifice the wellness of their body as we adjust to living with a pandemic. I use CDC-approved cleaning products to clean all surfaces and wear a mask when appropriate. I have been vaccinated. I have worked in a wonderful clinic for 6 fantastic years as a massage therapist.

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This experience has provided me the opportunity to help clients achieve their goals. Whether that's getting back to doing a beloved activity or work, for that matter with more mobility and less pain, decreasing long-suffered or newly-presented pain, or to simply increase their awareness of body.

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Because of my background in medical and therapeutic massage, I'm able to target specific muscles in order to achieve the best. I enjoy applying my knowledge about muscles their attachments, their make-up, their specified movements to solve the puzzle of what might be causing any discomfort that my clients report having.

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My massages have been described as both relaxing and effective or "challenging, yet nurturing. If you are looking for a stress-reducing massage with effects that will last longer than a few hours, if you are seeking a massage to help decrease pain, or have in mind any goal that is body-related or -assisted please feel free to contact me and we will work to achieve that goal together.

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My style merges the modalities I've found to be most effective and healing over my years of practice. A few of these modalities include:. Deep Tissue Massage.

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Myofascial Technique. Neuromuscular Technique. Swedish Massage. Trigger Point Massage. Sports Massage.

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The combination of styles I use create an optimal state of relaxation for healing and are effective in decreasing aches and pains derived from tight muscles. Becca brings the perfect healing energy I need when I'm ready for a massage. I have really rough tension pains and migraines and she can tune into the problematic areas and make the tightness melt away. I'm impressed with how comfortable she can make me feel, I seriously feel like a new human after an hour with her. What keeps me coming back to Becca is her consistent, effective, loving and supportive treatments.

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Throughout the years as a client of hers, she continues to tailor sessions to meet me where I am that day and what my body needs. I am so happy she is offering mobile massages and I appreciate her timeliness in arrival and set up for our appointments.


Becca cares deeply about her patients and builds strong relationships that only benefit from repeat sessions. And as I do, I booked a massage with her to experience her individual technique and approach to massage therapy. I was immediately hooked after my first massage- Becca has a way of building your trust in her immediately- with her easy going personality and ability to listen effectively to cater her treatment to fit the needs of the client. I am one that has struggled with low back and hip issues since I was young- and Becca was able to immediately zero in on my pain points and provide effective relief.

She takes her time to understand what the muscles are needing and effectively adapts her approach as she receives that feedback.

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I highly recommend that you book your next massage appointment with Becca- she is one of a kind and I am so lucky to be able to call her my massage therapist and a lifelong friend. Thank you for submitting! I do my best to respond within 24 hours.

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Take care! Line separator. View Services and Pricing. Massage in the comfort of your own home A Note About Covid Stay safe while receiving body work at home and let me come to you.

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