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Before she can take him in her mouth he stops her. He stands, and retrieves the shard, placing it in his mouth.

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Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update. Rin's Wish. Well you asked for a Lemon and now you shall get a lemon.

Chapter 14 - lemon

My muse was on the loose and here's the Rin shivered as she stood in Sesshomaru's chamber. Three of the servants had been called as soon as the pair had returned.

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Rin was now dressed in a shimmering silk kimono. Her hair had been swept up into a bun of combs of gorgeous ivory. A light dusting of power had been applied to her Sesshomaru lemon story while her lips had been painted a soft cherry red. She was ready to be greeted by her future mate. The door opened slowly as Sesshomaru stepped across the threshold his golden eyes locking on Rin. He too was dressed differently. He wore silky black pants and a open black vest showing off his firm muscular chest. Pale skin rippling with each step he took. Rin felt soft chills run down her spine as she gazed at her lord not sure what he was expecting of her now.

She had been listening to the servants whispers and she heard 'mate' mentioned a of times. Stopping in front of Rin he reached out fingers slipping under her chin lifting her head so he could gaze into her eyes. Nodding she reached out with shaking fingers slowly moving to grasp the vest slipping it down over his shoulders letting it drop to the marble floor.

She kept the shock from her eyes when she got a really good look at her lords muscular chest and shoulders.

One hand reached out as she slowly caressed his bare soft skin. He made a soft purring growl sound when he felt her touch across his body. Extending one hand he opened her kimono slipping it off letting it pool at her feet. Stepping back his molten pools of gold caressed up and down her pale curved figure.

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Approval glittering in them. Rin crossed her arms in front of her body trying to hold some form of modesty even though her mind and body quivered with need and want for Sesshomaru. He smiled motioning with a clawed hand towards the waiting bed.

She saw the clear desire and want in his eyes and she felt her body growing warmer as her rosebud colored nipples hardened to little peaks. The warm crevice between her legs dampened with satiny juices that soon beaded on smooth petals of untouched virgin lips. A groan poured from Sesshomaru as he moved leaping up onto the bed his nose inch's from rin's slit. Flicking his tongue out he slowly ran it up and then down the girls warmth tasting her excitement and desire. He could taste something else but he wasn't sure.

Licking again the scent struck him hard and fast.

A sesshomaru lemon

She was in heat! Rin gasped sharply and bucked her hips up when she felt her lords tongue teasing her in such manners. Her black eyes shifting to watch him. As soon as his mouth found it rin was jerking and thrashing moaning and howling her eyes rolling wildly.

Crying out rin jerked and kicked her feet into the bed. Her claws on her toes ripping the covres to shreds. An intense feeling like a million butterflies had errupted in her lower stomach and it only grew stronger when Sesshomaru slipped two fingers inside her tight slippery cunny. Sesshomaru was satisfied that she was ready he pulled back licking his fingers slowly savoring the sweet sensual flavor.

Sitting up he slipped his pants off kicking them to the floor. A hard shaft of at least nine inch's long perhaps three inch's thick was revealed.

Sesshomaru x reader lemon forced

Swaying under that two rounded orbs that bounced in there home of flesh. Ouch so sorry. That's where my muse ran back into her cage. I gave some lemon not fully lemon to my extent but thee ise is in hiding. The Lemon will definately be continued hardcore in Chapter 4! Keep reviewing if you'd like for some more! You need to be logged in to leave a review for this story. Report Story.