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Erotik lady Satin panty stories for male for escorts

Live sex. I was at Sam's apartment that Saturday afternoon helping him and his wife, Ginny, get ready for the party later that night. I had known Sam for nearly two years.

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Hello to all, My story begins in a holiday caravan park. Fixing things that are broken etc,Its usually boring but not this day things where looking up. While I was waiting for a list of things that need done a stunning dark haired woman came in to my office wearing skintight leggings that showed off her sexy curves and a tight t-shirt that hugged her firm breasts. I was trying to hide a semi she mentioned she needed her shower looked at.

Years old: 20
Where am I from: New Zealand
Color of my iris: I’ve got large hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
I prefer to drink: Gin
I like tattoo: None
Smoker: Yes

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The Silk Panties "He had a fetish for silk, especially his wife's silk panties. Score 4.

7 women share stories about trapping men in satin panties

Published 5 years ago. He had a thing for silk. He loved it when his wife wore a silk blouse. He liked the way the light shimmered off the fabric, and he liked the way the silk was tight and gave her the most incredible cleavage.

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If his wife wore a silk blouse that day, it meant that later on, they would have sex. They always did. It was like a tradition now. He loved taking the blouse off his wife and feeling the smooth, silkiness of the material underneath his fingertips.

Ginny’s black satin panties

He was home alone while she and the kids were out with her sister and mother. He had been watching porn, holding his favorite pair of panties that his wife owned. Curiosity had got the better of him, and he put them on. It felt odd at first.

The material was very tight and form fitting, digging into his skin, not like the loose boxers and briefs he was used too.

Sorting shower’s and satin panties

Wearing the silk panties whilst watching porn, made for a very intense orgasm for him. After that occasion, whenever he had the opportunity, he wore silk panties and masturbated.

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One day his wife Karen caught him. It was shocking for both at first, Vern was embarrassed at being caught and Karen was surprised to see her husband wearing her underwear, but once they talked it through, Karen came around to the idea and even kind of liked her husband wearing her underwear.

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It was naughty and kind of kinky, which worked for the both of them. It did wonders for their sex life, which had been lagging slightly.

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They both got caught up in work and children and school commitments and other family things that sex took a back seat. Now, with Vernon being more open about his fetish and his love of silk, they found ways to add it to their sex life.

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Vern loved the way the silk ropes felt around his wrists. The material was soft and oddly comforting, but the grip of the plaited silk was tight and almost unforgiving. Afterwards, when Karen untied him, he could see marks on his wrists and hands from where the material had dug in slightly. The pattern of the plaited silk would be imprinted in his wrists and hands for an hour or so afterwards, slowly fading away, changing from a red mark to pale pink and then white.

‘satin panties’ stories

Sex was always exciting when his wife tied him up with the silk ropes. She seemed to get better at sex when he was restrained. It was like she was a new woman when he was at her mercy. Her oral skills seemed to improve when he was tied to the bed frame.

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She was an expert at licking, sucking, nipping and rubbing. She had always liked being on top and being in control, and when Vern was tied up, she had full control. She was an expert also at riding him, bouncing up and down, grinding and gyrating her hips, bucking and moving her hips in circles, and then also clenching her muscles around him. Sex was always a lot better when he was tied up.

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She liked to tease him with silk also. Using a piece of material and rubbing it over his cock, sometimes tying it gently around the base. Vern loved that his wife was okay with his silk fetish, and Karen loved that they had re-invented their sex life. They would have wild, incredible sex. Sometimes he would be tied up, but Karen would untie him towards the end, usually whilst riding him. Karen would lay on her back and Vernon would be leaning over.

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She would rub him, giving him a hand job and bringing his orgasm on with her hands. He liked seeing the white, pearly droplets interrupt the pristine silkiness of the material.

2. pair of frilly panties to make sure he keeps his pants on

And knowing that he had done that, if he had the capacity, he was certain it would have made him hard again. Yes, he really did like silk, and he loved that his wife wanted him to dress up in her silk panties, or tie him up using lengths of silk. Fetish fetish silk panties light bondage crossdressing oral sex handjob straight sex silk ropes.