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Story Story Writer Forum Community. In a world overrun by monstrous Grimm, Huntsmen risk their lives to defend the last vestiges of humanity, so its only right that the people give back.

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Summary: Yang is up to her usual crazy antics and challenges Jaune to a preposterous bet: Make Blake squirt before he orgasms herself.

To the surprise of both Yang and Blake, Jaune agrees, but only on one condition: Yang has to watch. Disclaimer: All characters in this story are 18 and older. This story takes place during season two of the show, so any future events are going to be ignored in this story.

Please enjoy! Jaune Arc stared down at his plate full of food, but was not feeling really hungry.

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He and all his friends at Beacon just had lunch in the mess hall. It was getting kinda late and most of the gang had already departed, leaving only him, Yang and Blake behind. The girls were busy chatting with each other, making no effort to include him in their conversation. Not that he would have wanted to participate anyway.

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He was lost in his own Rwby sex stories and was feeling kinda down. It was yet another day full of failure for him, as he was not able to score a single hit on his opponent in combat training earlier. It really nagged on him that he was the only "normal" person surrounded by incredibly talented and gifted young fighters. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't keep up with the rest of the team.

When Pyrrha unlocked his aura and started training with him in secret, it seemed that things were starting to look up a bit, but the fact that he still hadn't found his semblance frustrated to him to no end. He felt like he was of no use to his friends in his current state Suddenly, he was ripped out of his state of self pity when Yang turned her head and started to speak to him in her usual, cheerful voice.

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He almost spilled his drink after he heard Yang's sudden exclamation and looked at her with irritation, "Erm, excuse me? Isn't that somewhat of a personal question? Blake and I always talk about this kind of stuff and I am just curious. Jaune didn't really feel in the mood for Yang's usual antics, but decided to play along, "Well, to be perfectly honest Why do you ask, Yang? Does that mean you had some girlfriends in the past? Heh, I kinda took you for a virgin, Jaune. Don't be mean to him," Blake tried to intervene with the conversation.

She knew how reckless Yang could be and she didn't want Jaune's feelings to get hurt by her probing. It seemed like her concerns were unfounded though, as she could see that Jaune's mood immediately changed after hearing Yang's words, a stern expression now slowly replacing his usual timid nature.

Jaune responded, "If you really want to know, Yang: No, I am not a virgin. I actually have always been quite popular with girls before I came to Beacon. Rwby sex stories this place is different.

Everybody here is so Especially Weiss He thought that Yang's nonchalant attitude might have started to rub off on him. Jaune could see see doubt in Yang's lavender colored eyes. Raising one eyebrow, she replied, "Oh, is that so? Sorry, but it's hard to believe that you would be able to satisfy a woman this easily.

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Hey Blake, what do you think? Would Jaune be a good lover to you? Give me an answer. Do you believe Jaune? Heh, I bet he wouldn't even last two minutes in the bedroom with a real woman. After hearing Yang's latest remark, Jaune's expression suddenly became somewhat grim, as if his very essence just had been insulted by Yang. It may not look like it, but I can satisfy ANY woman with my skills as a lover!

A nasty thought hit her mind, making her lips form an impish grin, "So, you really mean it? You can satisfy any woman?

Tropes in the fic include:

Alright, time to put your money where your mouth is, Jaune. I offer you a challenge: You will sleep with Blake and try to satisfy her. Here is the deal: If you can give Blake an orgasm that satisfies her so good that she has so squirt, before you orgasm yourself, I concede that you are indeed an amazing lover. If what you say is true, you shouldn't have any problems pleasing her like that, wouldn't you agree?

Blake's head was turning beet red as she heard Yang speak so freely about all this.

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She grabbed her arm and pulled her to the side to speak to her in private, "Yang, how about you ask ME first before you suggest something like this?! Leave me out of your silly games! It will be easy, a piece of cake. This is Jaune we are talking about.

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Don't get me wrong, he is a good friend, but he doesn't really exuberate womanizer to me, wouldn't you agree? I guess you are right. And you are really alright with me sleeping with him? It will be fun! There is nothing to worry about. The whisper of the two girls suddenly got broken up when they both heard Jaune issue a single word, "Deal!

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Both women suddenly looked at Jaune with big eyes and Yang was the first one to ask if he really said what they thought he said, "W-Wait, so you agree?! Let me think about that for a moment Ok, what about this: The loser will have to take care of the other's homework for a whole month. How does that sound to you, Jaune? That's not fair!

Ok, how about this: I will also put in a good word for you with Weiss.

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Meet us at 10 P. Ruby and Weiss said that they will be occupied somewhere else, so we have the whole place for us. Have to make her squirt before I come myself? Alright, but I have one condition myself.

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When I do it with Blake, you have to watch, Yang! Yang and Jaune shook hands, sealing the deal.

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Blake stood by, totally baffled, still not fully realising what her friends just agreed to. After they finished up with their meal, Yang and Blake made their exit, leaving Jaune alone at the table, lost in his own thoughts once again. He couldn't believe that Yang once again got him tangled up in one of her crazy challenges, but this challenge far exceeded her usual exploits. She would always act so cheerful and careless and try to be everybody's buddy, while at the same time coming up with the craziest pranks and silly bets and Blake wasn't much better.

She always played the cool and distant girl that was simply unattainable, but everybody knew that she had the biggest knack for her cheesy ninja romance novels. And besides, everybody knew that they were a secret couple and this was just Rwby sex stories way for them to spice up their love life a bit.

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Jaune was sure that Blake just pretended to be outraged by Yang's idea and that she secretly was excited for this challenge. But then again, he couldn't blame her, as he also felt excited for the evening and would have been a fool to decline Yang's offer.

He would show them both what it meant to make fun of and challenge Jaune Arc! I think we are Rwby sex stories set! If by some miracle he does show up, just make him shoot his load after two minutes, and we will have the entire evening for ourselves," the busty blonde now winked at her secret lover, and the dark haired cat girl smiled back. Just as Blake wanted to respond, the clock aled that it was now 10 P. He is here, what do we do now? Yang went and opened up and Jaune Arc stood right in front of her, greeting them, "Good evening, girls.

Thanks again for 'inviting' me. I hope we will have a fun evening together. Yang still couldn't believe it. There he was, Jaune, just as they agreed upon. Didn't think you had the balls to show up.

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Come on in.