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Filipina lady pick boy Roy mustang x male reader lemon relationship

Originally posted by josei. Roy definitely loves to tease, he just loves making you quiver and beg.

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Fma x reader oneshots

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Encouraged By : aba Published : September 8, Winry, distraught over something Ed's said and done, bumps into the one person who's been really nice to her: Mr Kimblee. Unfortunately for her, Kimblee's got something else on his mind.

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Two years after the Promised Day, Maes Hughes learns some memories are worth dredging up and some journeys worth risking, especially when saving a life from his past so she can have the same second chance she once gave him. The added bonus for him is that she's a dead ringer for Edward Elric. Both understanding the complex definitions of human beings and the horrible pain of losing a loved one, Wrath and Winry share an unforgettable night together.

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Ed's been having nightmares involving Col. Rowan Mustang. Mustang decides that sometimes ambition might involve going down the chain of command rather than going up. Roy, manga-verse. Ed tries to sort out all the confusion in his head from the last time he saw Winry at the train station.

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His mind plays back memories that have him realizing that she's always been right there next to him. What happens now that he knows tha W. Edward elric meets Crystal in central archives who is looking for strange item that doesn't belong to the military.

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A student of Freya Milton the known Soul trade Alchemist will she find what she seeking or will edward stop her? First Snow By : helliongoddess Published : December 4, Izumi has a holiday surprise for her hubby. Set late in Chapterspoiler-heavy.

Fluff and sentimentality galore. What can I say? How to handle a Homunculus By : whatthehellamireading Published : January 13, Envy claims that Winry is too young and inexperienced to handle him but when she stubbornly accepts his challenge can she turn the tables? Al makes his way to Xing, but he never imagined what would happen the night he arrived Pairings that were missed and came from Brotherhood.

Language, M. Winry, wishing to grow stronger and enhance her talent, decides to turn her determination and skill upon a paralyzed soldier.

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Jean Havoc could not be happier to regain the use of his legs, and looks on the younger woman as his savior. Branded By : ibshafer Published : January 15, Fullmetal Alchemist; Taking advantage of his rank. Some Spoiler Alerts!! Set somwhere in the 2nd season.

Basically Ed shows interest in the females and gets his fill of the ladies. Golden By : ibshafer Published : March 22, You are looking for a book on Tarot when an evil little alchemist finds you with your back turned.

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Reader insert.