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Related e. Adult video arcades are X-rated movie previewing areas.

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They are almost always attached to a sex shop or an adult book store ABSwhere magazines, movies, and sexual aids are sold. An arcade consists of typically a dozen or more private or sometimes semi-private viewing booths, containing a video monitor, a panel of controls, and a seat.

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Sometimes these booths are arranged in a maze-like fashion. Often the lighting will be dim, perhaps only red or green lights near each booth, indicating their availability.

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Movie time is purchased either by coin or cash activation within the booth, or by purchasing tokens or a block of time in advance. Generally a selection of 15 to 50 movies is available for browsing. These movies are straight, gay, bisexual, and sometimes transsexual.

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Some more modern systems display more than one screen at a time for easier selection. In most ABS, the arcades will have "buddy booths. Some of them have windows so "buddies" may watch each other masturbate. Between other booths there may be glory holes for oral sex.

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If a glory hole is to be found between two booths in a video booth at an adult bookstore, the person who wishes to perform oral sex will normally be seated in his booth. Although not a hard and fast rule, that seated and sometimes kneeling position commonly als to others that they are there in order to perform oral sex - which allows those who wish to receive oral sex to take the ading booth. That second person, who wishes to have oral sex performed on them will take the ading booth and normally remain standing. A of ABS require and enforce that movies be operating at all times while arcade booths are occupied.

Most customers are men, and a disproportionately large are homosexual men.

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