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Author Topic: Wail of the Banshee broken?

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Register Help. Stay Logged On. Thread: So Wail of the Banshee that affect the entire party Thread Tools Show Printable Version. So Wail of the Banshee that affect the entire party We lost 2 PCs 9th level party because the trap dinged 11 Con which kind of hurt their Fort save against this one. Those who survived got xp. Seems a bit harsh. I checked the DMG and sure enough Reply With Quote. Re: So Wail of the Banshee that affect the entire party Originally Posted by Rerednaw.

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Protip: DnD is an incredibly social game played by some of the most socially inept people on the planet - Lev I read this somewhere and I stick to it: "I would rather play a bad system with my friends than a great system with nobody". That said, trolling is entirely counterproductive yes, even when it's hilarious. Permanent detect magic or arcane sight ruins all magical traps forever, so If any idiot ever tells you that life would be meaningless without death, Hyperion recommends killing them!

What's your party makeup? Have you had enough of unreasonably high LA's and unplayable monsters in 3. Then check out the LA-asment thread!

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Don't hesitate to give feedback! Extended ature! Originally Posted by Remuko. Bolded the issue here. The CR of the wail trap doesn't factor that bolded bit in, which made the trap far deadlier than intended.

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Originally Posted by Inevitability. Last edited by nyjastul69; at AM. Last edited by Elysiume; at AM. Originally Posted by Elysiume. I somehow glanced over that when I read the OP. Unless I'm misunderstanding how CON damage works, every character would effectively have lost 45 or 54 health. Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. Originally Posted by nyjastul Unless of course the loss brings it 0.

That equals death. Realized that this doesn't have the Pathfinder tag, so maybe it's different in 3.

Extended sig of lists and indexes. Immunity to death effects, energy drain and all negative energy is pretty damn sweet. Damn cheap and easy to craft, and well worth the craft magic arms and armor feat. Wands of lesser restoration taken from the paladin spell list cost a measly gp so they should also be something you carry around to wave about when necessary, in addition to wands of lesser vigor, to ensure people are always at full hp and no ability damage after each fight.

Last edited by Crake; at AM. The new Quick Vestige List. Originally Posted by Kazyan.

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Playing a wizard the way GitP says wizards should be played requires the equivalent time and effort investment of a university minor. Do you really want to go down this rabbit hole, or are you comfortable with just throwing a souped-up Orb of Fire at the thing? Originally Posted by atemu Originally Posted by Crake.

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Originally Posted by Zombimode. While this is true, loss of Con can still kill a creature without dropping con to 0.

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When you loose Con, your max HP drops - but the damage you've received stays of course. Say, you have 50 HP, 8 HD. You took 30 Points of damage, which leaves you with 20 HP. Now, if you loose 6 or more Points of Con, you HP will drop by 24 or more, which will then leave you with 26 max HP and 30 damage - you are now at -4 hp. Originally Posted by Zanos.

Originally Posted by noce. I totally agree on the wands part, but not on the buckler. I never consider it an option to waste a feat on crafting, money are readily available while feats are not. You can buy all sort of useful things with gp, it's a lot of money to spend it all on a subset of what you will face, and if you die for something else you will feel dumb.

Note that, in your case, you can craft those items, if you so prefer.

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Obviously, I assume the party buys the wands you mentioned. With less investment than the buckler, you will likely pass the save and your equipment will be useful also when you don't face death effects.

Originally Posted by sleepyphoenixx. The only reason not to put it on magic traps is that there's no one around to do it.

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I mean you don't have to, but it's kind of a kick to the face for everyone who invested in trapfinding otherwise. Originally Posted by Thurbane.

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Last edited by Zanos; at AM. There's also the whole issue that magic aura technically doesn't conceal itself. Last edited by sleepyphoenixx; at AM. Why would a character concentrate on an item that shows up as nonmagical?

Even Greater Arcane Sight can't identify magic items. Arcane Sight can only determine the school, and that isn't enough to pierce Magic Aura. As for the aura concealing itself, it kinda has to. It explicitly makes the item detect as non-magical, which it wouldn't if it radiates an aura of Illusion magic from Magic Aura.

Originally Posted by Beheld.

Wail of the banshee

Non magical items can still have spells cast on them, and those spells auras will still radiate and be detectable. So there is a legitimate argument that making the item detect as non magical doesn't erase the aura from spells such as Sequester, or Magic Aura cast on the nonmagical object.

Originally Posted by Magic Aura.

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You alter an item's aura so that it registers to detect spells and spells with similar capabilities as though it were nonmagical, or a magic item of a kind you specify, or the subject of a spell you specify. It just shows location and power. So, for Magic Aura to work as written in the spell description make the item register as nonmagicalit has to not radiate a magic aura, no matter where it may be from.

Your answer

This becomes even clearer if you read the spell text: The bolded part makes it clear that spells cast on an object are part of that objects aura as far as the spell is concerned. So they're concealed by Magic Aura. And that naturally includes Magic Aura itself, since it's a spell that's cast on the object in question. It hides the Magic Weapon spell the same way it hides an inherent enhancement. And it hides any other spells affecting the longsword - including itself.

Presumably you are getting this from somewhere in the Epic handbook, but he's referring to the rules in the Magic Item Compendium.

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