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I'd like looking up guy Panty training tumblr like chill

Hiya everyone! So i am just looking for ideas on ways that I can be more feminine but i wanna be able to do it very subtle. All help will be much appreciated.

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Miss B took me shopping again and along with a new dress to wear out of the store decided I should also be wearing a nighty to sleep in. After all I am her sissy and promise to obey and serve her!

Years old: 28
Tint of my iris: Big gray
My gender: Woman

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We often work in pairs. As a result, they get really swollen balls, full and heavy.

Just before they cum, they tremble and moan. Hello dear Men … do you want to cuddle with me first? Because your pants are already open … or do you want my hole right now? Your teenaged nephew has come to stay with You for the holidays. When he arrives, You sit him down for a cup of tea.

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You are wearing a nice satin blouse, skirt and high heels. You ask him why he has been sent to You, and he tries to evade Your questions, but You make it clear that You know about his deviant ways. You take a pair of silky panties f r o m Your purse and give them to him.

You get him to touch them and tell You how much he likes the look and feel of them. You get him to take o f f his pants and underpants and put on the panties while You watch, and ask him how he feels.

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You tell him that he has to be honest with You, and that You only want to help him get in touch with his true self. Next You pull up the side of Your skirt, and show him the satin panties You are wearing. You get him to tell You how nice and beautiful they are, and then allow him to touch them. After he tells you how wonderfully soft and feminine Your panties are, You get him to kneel down and kiss them, which he does passionately. You stand up and get him to kiss Your panties all over.

While he does this, You tell him what a good panty worshipper he is, and get him to admit how much he enjoys Your panties.

Sissy positivity!

You tell him he can keep enjoying Your panties so long as he agrees to do everything You say, and of course he agrees. You tell him to look down at the floor while You take Y our panties offthen You drape them over his face, telling him to inhale Your scent deeply. While You finish Your tea, you get him to take off the rest of his clothes, so he is only wearing panties. You remind him that he has promised to do anything You tell him to.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You tell him that there are only three rules he has to obey in Your house:. When he asks you what this means, You smile and say he will find out soon enough.

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You take him to a bedroom, promising him lots of nice surprises. You ask if he likes lingerie, and offer to let him try some - of course he agrees. While You look through Your drawers and wardrobes for some nice lingerie, You get him to tell You about his experiences with girls. You tell him that all that will change if he listens and learns from You. You put a bra on him, then a camisole and stockings and high heels, all the time getting him to tell You how wonderful they feel.

Next You lace him into a corset, and when he complains about the tightness, You remind him about Your third rule. You stand him in front of a mirror and allow him to run his hands all over his gorgeous lingerie, while you tell him how pretty he looks in lingerie.

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Fortunately You have counseled a of boys who found out that they were sissies and You know just how to treat him. You tell him that he needs a new sissy name — how about charlotte? You then put her into a petticoat and a blue satin dress and white satin gloves. You give her a wig and earrings, and tell her that tomorrow You will take her to Your favourite beauty salon to get her ears pierced and her hair styled properly into a lovely boy cut.

For now she can have a pretty bow in her hair. You put some pink lipstick on her and talk about how much fun You and she will have with make-up.

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You caress her nipples and tell her that You will help her grow some lovely sissy titties. Also she will need to go shopping with You for her own panties and lingerie and also dresses — You take a few measurements to work out her sizes. She groans, and You notice that sissy charlotte has her hands up her dress and is stroking her sissy clit! You slap her and tell her to stop! Obviously You will have to teach charlotte about sissy sex.

Make him wear panties tumblr

Unlike boys, who roughly stroke themselves whenever they can, sissies have to keep their little clitties under control, and their hands off unless Auntie gives permission. Also, sissies need to have something filling their sissy pussy before they can cum. Fortunately You have just what she needs to help her learn. Then You get out a chastity device and a buttplug.

You pull down her panties and insert the buttplug in her sissy pussytelling her this is Your smallest size, and she will have to get used to bigger ones. To get the sissy clit to go soft, You put clamps on her nipples and balls.

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You force the chastity device over the sissy clit and balls, telling her it is necessary for her to learn some restraint, and to come only when You say. You sit on the bed and get her over Your knees, then spank her with Your hand and Your paddle until she cries and begs for mercy. You make her promise not to touch her sissy clit without permission and to thank You for her punishment. Then You get her to kneel on the floor and worship Your high heels Panty training tumblr her lips and tongue. You tell her how much she will love high heels while getting her to suck on Your stilettos.

Next You order her to worship Your nylons and panties. While she is doing this, You call her mother and tell her how her son has confessed his sissy desires to You, and that You think he should stay with You for now while You get him professional counseling about his sexuality. After the phone call, You get charlotte to worship Your satin blouse and breasts. You tell her how nice it is going to be having her to stay and learn all about being a sissy.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It turns out that a few of Your friends have their own sissies, so there will be some friends for charlotte to get to know, and they will love to help with her training and to pla y nice sissy games with her. AlsoYou know the head-mistress of a private girls school, and You know that charlotte will be able to attend and continue her education. You are sure the girls there will love having a sissy at school. You get her to lie on the bed, and then You smother her, making her adore Your bottom while You play with her nipples and tease her so her clit tries to get hard inside the chastity.

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You tell her that she will have to help out around the house for You like a good sissy. You have a lovely apron she can wear over her dress so she can be a pretty sissy maid for You. You get up and tie the apron on her, and then train her to curtsey properly. You tell her she will have to wait upon Your guests and help You to entertain them. You expect that she will stop whatever she is doing and stand to attention whenever a lady enters the room; she should then keep her eyes down and speak only when spoken to.

You will also have to train her to walk properly in high heels. You tell charlotte that now Panty training tumblr time has come for You to make her a proper sissy by taking her sissy virginity and teaching her to cum properly as a sissy. You remove the buttplug and promise to be gentle. You insert a prostate massager into her pussy and tell her that it will start feeling nice in a few minutes. I n the me antime You put on a strap-on cock. The sissy asks what Your cock is for, and You tell her it is for filling her sissy mouth and sissy pussy. You force the reluctant charlotte to her knees and push Your cock into her mouth — she tries to resist, but You twist her ears and pull her hair until she opens up.

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You tell her that all sissies must learn to love sucking cocks, and she will get plenty of practice — she may protest, but her hard little clit tells another story. After lots of deep throat and cock adoration, You announce that the time has come for charlotte to lose her virginity Panty training tumblr learn to come like a sissy. You make her kneel next to the bed, and push her face down into the bedcovers.

You make her lie on a pillow, and tell her that she cannot touch her sissy clit but must rub herself on the pillow while You take her sissy virginity. You start moving the prostate massager around and smile as she moans with pleasure and starts grinding her hips into the pillow. You give her a few minutes of this pleasure, but before she can cum You remove the massager. You replace it with Your cock, taking things gently and softly, but making sure she is still rubbing her sissy clit hard against the pillow. Gradually You st art to thrust longer and harder; w hen she complains, You force a cock gag into her mouth and fasten it tight, so she can get used to being taken at both ends.

You fuck her until she comes. You make her lie on the bed and remove the condom. Then you force her to lick her cum from Your fingers and the condom. You get her to kiss Your cock and thank You for taking her sissy virginity. Crossdressing feels so good, and seeing others who crossdress is so exciting. Its always nice being around others who crossdress whether in person or online. Its nice having friends who can relate to dressing. Reblog this if your looking to meet other crossdressers. Most def!