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Well, my recent spell in hospital albeit only just over 96 hours was certainly very eventful. Much more so than I could ever have imagined. I cannot praise all of the consultants, doctors, nurses and nursing assistants who looked after me highly enough.

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Search forums. Install the app. Naked in front of nurse as teen. Thread starter texasboyy Start date Jan 24, Forums Flashing Experiences.

You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. up to be a member at Stripchat now! Feb 12, 3, The nurse guessing late 20s took me to the exam room, told me to undress completely and put on the cloth gown on the exam bed.

Then she left. I did what she asked and sat on the bed waiting Few minutes later she walks back in and started taking my vitals. Once finished, she told me to step on the scale in the corner to weigh me, so I did.

Then she looks at my gown and says I need to take it off so she can get a more accurate reading. She wrote my weight down and told me to step down. I started reaching for my gown and she said not yet. She told me to stand by the exam bed because the doc wanted her to do a quick body check to see if I had any skin irritations.

So I stood there as she slowly walked around me looking at my body. She kept touching parts of my body with her ungloved hands and even spread my butt cheeks slightly.

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Then she faces me, leans toward my penis and asked me to lift it up so she can look underneath and at my testicles. I did. She ran her finger along the underside of my shaft and I got an immediate erection. She just stared at it a moment and nodded. Finally, she wrote some notes down, told me to put on the gown and left saying the doc would see me soon.

The male doc came in not long after and did my physical.

He then had me stand up and take off my gown so he can check me for skin irritations. Reactions: jimmyfranztdtd72exhibduke and 33 others. Jan 22, You must have had sports physicals before that. Were any nearly as much fun?

Click to expand Out like a cock from a fly The only think she stopped short of was saying she needed to taste test your cum for proper Ph balance. Reactions: hammermanDesertDudebmtbmt and 2 others. Dec 10, I was that age and had a full physical with a young woman doctor maybe 30, or early 30s because my regular doctor was away that week. She did a hernia examination when I was laying on my back and then asked me to take my underwear off so she could examine my genitals.

She saw my penis and asked how my testicles were doing but no, she never touched either.

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Reactions: midwestplayer and UrbanLurker. MarriedBiGuy Flashing Nemo. Jul 31, Damn that's a hot fucking story. Nothing like that ever happened to me, Not a flash but, I wore braces as a teen and the Orthodontist had two big titted female assistants. They would come in and rub their tits all over me as they were doing prep work.

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I'm convinced now that they did it on purpose to see what young horny teen boys reaction would be. Last edited: Jan 26, Reactions: midwestplayerhammermanbmtbmt and 7 others. Mar 18, Reactions: texasboyy. Mar 27, MarriedBiGuy said:.

These two weren't gross, but they were old enough to be my mother. Fairly good figures and big tits that strained the buttons on their tops another way to make boys pop a boner?? One was a redhead, the other a brunette.

Reactions: daydeeo. Meuser Flash for fun and profit! Aug 7, A few years ago a was having pains in my balls. Ever since then every doctors visit the nurses will have me strip and ask me to put on gown.

I was told it was to follow up on any past issues but I'm sure some of the nurses took the chance to get a peek. Usually the nurse will ask me to do that after the prep questions and making sure the room is in order, but one did it first thing and kept glancing at my junk as she asked the standard questions because she conveniently hasn't put out the gown yet. Another time the nurse did the usual routine and asked me to undress and put on the gown as she left. The only thing was that there was no gown out. When the doctor waffles in she found me sitting leaning back balls out and immediately asked what I was doing.

I explained and she just apologized for the confusion and said that it last it gave us a head start at getting things looked at.

Naked in front of nurse

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Nude in front of nurse

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