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I'd like look up Naruto and hinata lemon fanfic that loves exotic

Naruto's mission, Hanabi and Temari. Waking up with a naked Hinata in his arms and his son sleeping in the spare room, Naruto didn't think life got any better than that. Leaning back and relaxing as Hinata nuzzled her head on his chest in happiness, Naruto tightened his hold on her pulling her closer to him as he dropped a kiss on the top of her head.

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Background: This is set in chapterHinata is married with two kids to Naruto, the world is at peace Naruto is Hokage, but there is trouble brewing in the leaf. The cloud had secretly been building up there forces, while Naruto had started to disarm the leafs and the other villages. Tsunade sighed "fine this makes me sick. But the last thing I want is the peace ending, Sakura you and me will be tasked at achieving the impossible, somehow making Hinata cheat on her love of her life, and give that black bastard the Raikage a kid" she said storming out the room. Hinata had grown into somewhat of a MILF or at least that's what she heard in whispers of kids whenever she went shopping.

Standing at 5'4 the Hyuga princess was a sight to behold, her breasts had grown bigger from child birth to an impressive and back hurting DDD bra size, that still at 36 years old still defied gravity. She had let her hair grow out since she got married it now went to down to her ass, covering her shapely and plump behind nicely. Although no longer an active ninja Hinata still kept in shape through regular exercise and had taken up yoga, to improve her flexibility for her style. Today since it was so hot she had decided to put on a rather modest summer dress, but what it lacked for in showcasing her bust it made up for showing her pale smooth toned legs.

Tsunade sama and Sakura had just spoken with Naruto apparently, and had told her she would be the new ambassador for Kumo the clouda position she was very honoured with although It meant more time entertaining foreign dignitaries and Naruto and hinata lemon fanfic time with her husband and kids, but Sakura had assured her it was for the best and what was good for the village.

Her first asment after going to confirm the mission details with her husband Naruto, was she would be looking after the old Raikage, and keeping him busy for his 1 month trip to the leaf. Hinata started to make her way to main gate to greet the raikage, unaware of the vile plan unfolding around her. Tsunade had already met up with the Raikage, agreed to his demands but the only way he would be allowed Hinata is if he could fuck her willingly or trick her, they wouldn't simply hand her over, Naruto would never allow it, the Raikage reluctantly had agreed to this plan.

The Raikage smiled uneasily, trying not to notice how Hinata's massive breasts bounced as she walked. She was dressed modestly, most would say, but still, the tops of her boobs jiggled as she walked out to the gate to greet him. He took a handkerchief out of his inside pocket and dabbed at his sweaty forehead, pushing all details of the sinister plot to make Hinata his aside.

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Tricking a woman wasn't right, but it would have to be his tactic, since he was convinced that, when such a lovely woman had a warrior like Naruto to pleasure her in bed, she would never stoop to adultery with such a homely man- for that was how he saw himself. Hinata greeted him politely, with a touch of eagerness. He must have said something right, because she nodded and smiled again, starting to detail the village's history and what had happened within the walls of the community in the past decade or so.

Her husband, she said, was the infamous Naruto, and though the Raikage already knew this, he felt a stab of jealousy that any other man owned this magnificent creature. All at once he realized that she had stopped talking and was regarding him with amusement, head cocked to the side. Her deep eyes were somewhat bemused, and all at once they had something both soft and predatory about them, something that made him comfortable and aroused.

That didn't change the fact, though, that he had been standing here for a few minutes, some of them in silence, opening and closing his mouth like a fish while he stared at her deliciously plump lips whilst she talked. It wasn't that he was an incompetent man. Oh, no. If anyone ever said as much though of course they never did in front of him he would give them such a verbal beating that they would have to crawl home in defeat. No, he wasn't stupid or ignorant. But this woman really did seem to have him spellbound with every little twitch of her finger or shifting of her lips.

And even better, she seemed seriously ignorant to how alluring she was. Either that, or she was very good at acting. He had no idea what he had agreed to, only that she had seemed like she was waiting for an answer to a question. A tour of the village, perhaps? His suspicion was quickly confirmed when Hinata began pointing out different businesses and houses where noteworthy people lived. For what it was worth, the Raikage was trying to keep himself interested in the village, and though it was very pretty, he had admitted to himself already that Hinata was more beautiful than even the budding flowers Naruto and hinata lemon fanfic the trees.

Every time she turned towards him to make sure he had heard her, his eyes snapped up to her face and his hand shakily stroked his platinum facial hair, which was shockingly noticeable against his tanned skin. He knew he was decently attractive- even young women still fawned over him from time to time. He was a man with experience, and he assumed they knew that, as they seemed to get as horny as rabbits whenever they thought they were alone with him.

He didn't mind the attention, not at all, but being who he was, the Raikage had very high Naruto and hinata lemon fanfic in women. Not many of the village girls had really interested him enough for him to maintain an actual relationship- but Hinata. She was so perfect, it was hard to believe she was real. Granted, she was married with two children, but you wouldn't know it by looking at her. Sure, she may have looked her age, but she still looked exceedingly youthful and was- the Raikage blushed as he searched for the right term- very….

He guessed- rightly so- that her sons' friends would probably fuck her with no qualms about her being married or the fact that she had, in fact, birthed their best friend. She was too hot to them, too undeniably worthy, that they would not hesitate to dive into bed with her- no matter how small they were, they would take the opportunity by the horns.

He would have bet money on it. He was staring directly at her ass, as she was now walking in front of him. As she swung her hips side to side rhythmically, he almost felt like he would drool. A bit of innocently pale pink lace peeked out naughtily where her kimono dipped low on her side- he could only see it when she swung her arms lightly as she walked.

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Just the thought of slipping off that silky kimono off of her skin- which might arguably be even silkier than said kimono- drove him crazy and gave him an erection. Or, rather, only added to his pleasure and made him stiffen further, as he was already painfully hard. It was hard to predict when Hinata would look up, but he managed to avoid being detected while his eyes lasciviously took in every single curve of hers.

And if he couldn't explicitly see it, his imagination took over. He had never kidded himself- he knew he wasn't too creative of a person, but Hinata-chan seemed to make him so aroused that he was driven to imagining the sounds she might make if he drove his huge cock into her wet. He almost blushed when he realized that his body had gotten so loose that he probably would have made a noise aloud if he had continued to imagine his body pressing hers into the bed. He shook his head sharply, and though Hinata shook her head in a puzzled gesture, he only smiled at her.

He would NOT look at those pale, smooth legs, he would not, he would not, he would. It was odd, thought the Raikage, that this demure little vixen wasn't bothered by his presence- after all, tension among everyone was being stretched dangerously thin, and it wasn't long until one of the bonds between allies snapped.

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Something would be irrevocably ruined, he predicted- but what? Hinata blinked patiently and slowly explained, "You seem as if you have an awful lot going on in there. The Raikage cleared his throat, pasting on a neutral smile for her benefit.

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He didn't want her to think she was doing anything wrong. There was just a bit of travel. It tired me. Hinata nodded thoughtfully, trying to be a graceful and good ambassador. She wanted to look fair and equal to the old Raikage. And so she spoke hesitantly, but still Hinata did speak her mind. He felt his muscles start to melt, and it took all he had as a man- both physically and emotionally- not to just confess everything he felt.

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Doing so would ruin the plan. He must trick her, he knew, or have her offer herself to him, which he was fairly sure she wouldn't do. And so he smiled again, wide and open, and at the same time very deceptively. It wasn't his nature, but since the council had wanted it this way- there was no other way this could be- he was willing to be a bit underhanded in getting what he wanted, even if it wasn't exactly aligned with his morals.

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And so, the Raikage lied with a smile on his face. Nothing at all. For a brief second, so quickly that Hinata later could not be sure if it had happened, his tongue slid over her sweet lips. He was intoxicated by her, but he had just enough strength to pull back and walk past her, thanking her again for the tour. He left Hinata blushing and internally reeling. Naruto was her truest love.

She was married! What would he think if he could see what had just occurred? The Raikage sighed, and for a moment he wished he had just broken the council's rules and pressed her up against the wall. He knew he could make her scream far louder than Naruto ever could- but would she admit that she loved it, or would she be so paralyzed by fear that her body shut down and she would not realize that the waves of pleasure were stronger than any that had ever gripped her before?

He headed towards the room that Hinata had pointed out to him and slid open the door, sliding it back Naruto and hinata lemon fanfic place quietly as he came in. He knew the rooms around him were probably empty, as they were eerily devoid of noise at the moment.

He supposed it made sense, as they didn't trust the Raikage fully they being the council, he thought and would make sure to have him isolated whenever possible. He turned from the door and nearly had a heart attack to find someone on his bed. The first room was a place to drink sake, to relax, to eat dinner, but through the open screen door he saw Sakura lounging on his bed. Somewhat awkwardly, he noted. He knew immediately what she was doing here and why she was doing it. Yet, he wasn't going to say no to a good fuck, he thought vulgarly with a smile. He walked closer, shutting the bedroom door slightly behind him.

I didn't ask for you, Sakura. His eyes ran up and down her body, which wasn't as desirable as Hinata's. Sakura gritted her teeth. She knew he was playing around with her on purpose, saying demeaning things just because he could.

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And though she took marriage seriously, anything to keep the Raikage happy was a plus- for the village, and therefore for the entire nation and nations beyond. One ripple could set off a hundred wars between friends. Sakura knew this well. And lately the tension was unbearably thick- she knew that they were on the verge of breaking out into battle.

So if she could keep the leader of another village happy, she would- ugh- have to fulfill his every wish.