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Archives RSS. Maybe in a just world, Ms. Anthony would be found guilty of being a horrid parent, though nothing more than that was even close to proven at her murder trial.

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So, I guess the headline might give you a small glimpse into my personal feelings regarding Nancy Grace. Two weeks after telling police that her son had been snatched from his crib, Melinda Duckett found herself reeling in an interview with TV's famously prosecutorial Nancy Grace. Before it was over, Grace was pounding her desk and loudly demanding to know: "Where were you?

Nancy grace arrested for murder

Why aren't you telling us where you were that day? A day after the taping, Duckett, 21, shot herself to death, deepening the mystery of what happened to the boy. I get that she believes herself to be a victim's advocate. But, I've seen her scream at parents who have lost their children, only later to be cleared, and wanted to beat her about the face and neck. Nancy, of course, has taken no responsibility for the mother of this child killing herself. I have a tendency to agree-as much as I hate it.

Suicide is usually preceded by a lot more than an aggresive interview. But, I still wish someone would sew her mouth shut as I find her brand of sensational news to be disgusting. I also think she should do something about that helmet hairdo.

But, that's just the Southern Woman in me. I knew about the suicide, but I did not about the interview beforehand. According to the article, she was already dealing with a nasty divorce and umemployment.

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Then her son goes goes missing. On top of that, she gets the third degree by a journalist whose show appears nationwide. That's just a lot for one person to handle, and not everyone can just "get over it". I hate to think that the Nancy Grace interview was her breaking point, but I have seen a few of her interviews, and I get stressed just listening to her talk.

That's why I hardly watched it. Ali, I love this post. Surprisingly, I am a fan of Nancy Grace mostly because I do believe her intentions are good and that she is genuinely passionate about the stories that she covers. Sure, it is not always easy for her to admit she is wrong, but I look to her to get to the bottom of some stories that others just scrape the surface of.

When it comes to how this woman was treated: there I have mixed feelings. Had she not watched a Nancy Grace interview before? She had an attorney, did they not warn her what she could be in for? I saw the episode in question and I think that Nancy was just being Nancy. Of course, in cases like this, maybe that is the problem smile. Criminal defense lawyers hate Nancy Grace, too. I'm hearing shooting ranges are getting so many request for the Nancy Grace shooting dummy that some of them have abandoned the old black with white writing dummies for the new Nancy Grace model.

I hate nancy grace

Peculiarly, though, many shooters are asking whether the dummies can be turned around backward so they can shoot her in the ass? Defense lawyers are nice, aren't they? I was a little disappointed when Headline News decided to add talk shows to its evening line up. I haven't watched more than a couple of minutes of Nancy Grace, but my Momma can't stand her. I don't really blame her for the lady's death because she had no way to know what was going on in that young lady's head, but the grilling she gave her probably didn't help her fragile psyche.

Nancy Grace is my least favorite television personality, ever. I find her more grating than anybody on FOX News--and that should tell you something. In her mind, everyone is convicted without a trial if she thinks they are guilty. She was hurt once and she is the avenging angel. I watched one of her shows, had molestor on there. He was pretty contrite, admitted he was sick, had a problem and then went into how he was molested as a kid in order to show how someone can become one.

He'd even written a book on it. All she was interested in was beating him up on Nancy grace is a bitch air. He gave out some good info and was talking about what to look for in kids that are being abused and admitted he didn't need to be around. However, in her mind, there was nothing constructive about having him on as a guest besides giving her a reason to rip someone to pieces on the air.

I don't get how she gets ratings. I just dont get it. You know, she's been mentioned as a successor to Larry King as host of what is now "Larry King Live". In fact, she has guest-hosted for Larry many times. The guy that mentioned her as a successor to Larry King needs a sledgehammer to the head-as he's obviously mentally retarded and on drugs.

I think if I had to listen to her for more than ten minutes at a stretch, I'd actually start twitching. Cheers, TH. Ok maybe not I totally love your little gay self for that. Just for the record, women like that are why I am NOT gay.

I had hoped Johnnie Cochran would just loose it one day and slap the crap out of her when they did that show together. Johnnie could do all that good lawyering to get Orenthal James Simpson, Todd Bridges, and Michael Jackson off, but he couldn't at least put some tacks in Nancy Grace's chair. I don't understand it.

Jim norton and sam roberts asked nancy grace about taking advantage of tragedies and she reallyyyy did not handle it well

He didn't have his priority straight, but he's still one of my heroes. Ray-I'm with you. Too bad Ole Johnny passed before he could tack out Ms. Nance's chair. That would have been a way to go Nancy Grace is a corrosive bitch who uses the guise of being a victims advocate to gain air time. Look at how she treated Elizabeth Short.

She is simply a self obcessed, small minded embarassment to journalism who likes the sound of her own annoying backwoods voice.

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Who ever decided it was a good idea to give this woman a show should be shot. In short, Nancy Grace is a moron. Her two shows on the Foley Scandal were excellent. I wrote something about that on my blog. But this article is about an interview she did with Karen Riojas. It was beautiful.

Best, Barbara In an elegiac, lyrical voice of mourning, Karen Riojas recounted her experience of being told by police that a hunter had found the remains of her daughter, Michelle Bullard. Nancy just let her talk. No music. No questions. Just silence, as we all had the privilege of listening to the mother of a murdered child wish for her daughter's proper burial.

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Riojas didn't know why anyone gets chosen, but this had definitely been a horrific, torturing year for her. Michelle had her own life.

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I would have cherished some more of my free time with her, and not having been so busy, caught up in my own life. But, Nancy, I do appreciate you not letting go. You told me you were not going to let this go.

This is what Nancy's show is really about, and why so many love her.

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It was a beautiful interview, which taught us all about the dignity of mothers who bear the ultimate loss. The news business has changed dramatically in the past year, and we need your help more than ever to keep bringing you important stories about Jackson and the Metro.

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Thanks for anything you can do to empower our journalism! User agreement and privacy statement. Congress St. Jackson Free Press Jump to content. I Hate Nancy Grace This article should underscore that By Lori Gregory Thursday, September 14, p. CDT Upvote 0.

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This story bothers me and I just needed everyone to know that. And now my favorite line: Thoughts?

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Loud gutteral noises?