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I would like search boy who loves My wife likes to watch me fuck other women

Wife makes video for husband 12 min. Wife has husband fuck female friend anal to show her 6 min.

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Three years into their mostly monogamous relationship, Hina, a bisexual year-old woman from Canada, suggested a threesome with her boyfriend.

Years: 35
Eye tint: Dark hazel green eyes
What is my body type: My body type is quite slim
I like to drink: White wine
What is my favourite music: Latin
In my spare time I love: Dancing

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My wife wants to watch me having sex with another woman. She told me it's optional for her to participate. I am not here to have your opinions whether it's a good thing or not. I would like to hear from like minded people. Hi there! I'm like your wife, in that I'm really into watching my SO with someone else. My boyfriend and I recently opened up our relationship. He'll probably do it with her in private, at least at first, and hopefully come back with some videos. I'll want to hear every detail about how it went.

My wife wants to watch me having sex with another woman. she told me it's o

Eventually, I want to find a girl who will be okay with me watching them have sex. It's such a turn on for me because my boyfriend is so hot and it's so fun to watch him pleasure another girl, knowing that he'll come home to me, his queen. Personally, I used to allpw my ex bf f other women. It was such a turn on for me. When he would tell me about his sexual experience, it would just make me want to pleaae the f out of him.

I get off on watching my boyfriend in bed with other women

Ive watched my wife with another man and it really is awesome. I think it would be great to watch my wife with anotger woman's husband while she wants to watch too. Medical treatment???

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Wow thanks for that important info Doctor vanityexcellence,prefect, holier than thou Iccouple, We are a happily married swinging couple. My wife likes watching me having sex with other women as well. In which region do you reside? May be we can exchange contact details. And see if everybody is comfortable with that. Giving that sort of advice must mean you are highly educated, i dont think anyone could rhink as clearly. Maybe you should try the bingo club.

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Im sure they are dying to get such detailed advice. Well a lot of men. Will try to do something to place there wife's. But it's asking a lot from your Husband's. I know this because my wife asked me repetitively to have sex with a man. So she could watch the act of two men together. I told her she needed to get a movie and watch it.

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She kept saying that she wanted to see me with a man having sex. Well I finally gave in to her wishes. Our marriage lasted for about 10 more years.

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Ask me if it was worth it. At first glance I was younger than. And I wanted to make her happy. But in the end did nothing to keep us together for life.

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I would never do it again. I have experience the wonderful act and we all love the experience. My wife wanted it and fantasies about it a very long time.

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Finally, it happen. Being a great lover, most wives of such fantasies about it. She drove herself wild in excitement. A tremendous turn on for both parties both ways. I get turned on like crazy when she's been with another guy and she does when I've been with another woman. We tell each other the details and then please each other again and again. In a society that cries for diversity, there will be those who fight against the other sides desires. In some cultures, your lifestyle would warrant death.

One lapse in judgement could result in the community turning against you. Beware, starting over can be devastating if the community rejects your lifestyle. Hopefully, your pleasures will out weight your regrets. Life is to short to not enjoy it at it's fullest.

If you and your wife agree that is all that matters, go have fun and enjoy each other. I have wasted my life living by the so-called rules laid down by others If you want to watch your wife having sex with another man you are not alone.

Wife wants to watch me have sex with other women?

There is nothing wrong with it as long as you both are honest and open about what you want and like. After she has sex with another man be sure to comforter her and insure her that you still love her and want and need her. Tell her how beautiful she was while she was having sex with the other man will go a long ways in achieving this. Good luck and have fun. That also means resenting the influence from the other person. In short it can cause sadness, anger and hate towards ourselves or towards others who Talked us into it. A lot of woman are like dogs these days. Why get married?

Wife likes watch her husband fuck another woman porn videos

Any decent looking woman can find a stud every day of week to crunch her bones. It's not a psychological problem. It's a sexual preference and as long as it involves consenting adults what's the problem? It's sad that there's still a lot of bigotry against anyone who doesn't fall in line with the social norms but we're no longer living in the 18th century anymore. I really enjoy having my soon to be husband to myself and the idea of a marriage just being myself and my husband.

We are pretty adventurous in our own sex life and if we get urges we deal with them within the marriage. That is what turns me on. Knowing I am coming home to him and he is coming home to me.

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R elationship T alk. She told me it's o By Guest, 5 years ago on Dating. A medical treatment is required because it seems that you have some serious mental problems. No problem. Take my advice into consideration. Ali and Zara Dont know how to send private details here? It is true. I am highly educated.

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Go see a doctor for you and your wife. Health is important.