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I would like date friend that like My girlfriend pegs me topless

By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Oct 20, by anonymous views 33 comments. My gf is way out of my league and she's into some pretty kinky stuff, which sounds great, but she's recently really gotten into pegging me with strap-ons way bigger than my own dick.

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Recently, I would always asking her to let me do anal to her. Kidding wise. And she wasnt quite comfortable at the moment and thats cool. She was my bestfriend for years before we started dating, so i respect that. I need opinions. Enjoying anal play doesn't mean you're gay.

Years old: 33
My orientation: Gentleman
What is my sex: Girl
What is my hair: I've scraggly black hair
My Zodiac sign: Pisces
I have piercing: None

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My gf pegs me and i hate it

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Other interests. Home […] Forums Life and style Relationships. Should I let my girlfriend peg me? Got a question about applying to uni? Ask the experts LIVE this week! Go to first unread. Skip to :. This discussion is closed. Anonymous 1.

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Report Thread starter 1 year ago 1. My girlfriend wants to peg me because she claims it will give me an amazing orgasm but because I would be anally penetrated I think that it would hurt and that I would feel a bit gay. Not what you're looking for?

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StriderHort Badges: Report 1 year ago 2. Well there's nothing more gay than a man and a woman in bed together. Report 1 year ago 3. GabiAbi84 Badges: Report 1 year ago 4. ROTL94 Badges: Report 1 year ago 5.

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If you're so unsure that you need to ask random strangers on the Internet if you should do it, that should serve as a big indicator that you shouldn't do it. Report 1 year ago 6. Original post by Anonymous My girlfriend wants to peg me because she claims it will give me an amazing orgasm but because I would be anally penetrated I think that it would hurt and that I would feel a bit gay.

Badges: Report 1 year ago 7. Report 1 year ago 8. Report Thread starter 1 year ago 9. Original post by black tea thought she had already done it and then had to hug you to sleep because you were sore? Report 1 year ago Original post by Anonymous No I've never done this before.

Report Thread starter 1 year ago Original post by black tea I suspect you haven't even had sex. Smeraldettoi Badges: Report 7 months ago Original post by Elize W There is nothing gay about getting pegged by your girlfriend. It is not a guy doing it to you and it is not like gay men are built diffrently to enjoy anal sex.

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Guys no matter their sexuality can be anally stimulated by caressing their prostate which is located somewhere behind your penis anal doesnt stimulate you any other way but hit the right spot while you are already turned on and it will be wonderful. Also anal only hurts if it is done wrong dont be to forceful at the start and try to find the prostate. That is why you should be careful while trying that out taking your time to find the right spot and use lube as butthole does not lubricate itself very well and not using it may cause slight injuries.

Having that said the most important in all this is discussing it first with your gf and talking about any stress or concerns you have. If you are afraid of getting hurt you may want to play with a dildo by yourself before letting your gf do it to you. Also keep in mind you can be stimulated form both sides at the same time and i recommend to start that way and reduce stimulating of your penis as you get closer to orgasm.