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My daughter touched my dick chica pick guy especially for dating

By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Aug 19, by ConstructionMike views 46 comments. My daughter and I share a small one bedroom apartment.

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This isn't a true story but I sort of wish it was — know what I mean.

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This is my story and I still can't believe this happened. I feel something between guilt and exhilaration. I was married very young to a slightly order women who met the world to me. My wonderful wife brought with her to the marriage her daughter Chelsea. When we married Chelsea was 7 years old and generally a happy .

My daughter touched my dick

Unfortunately for both of us, Melissa, my wife was taken from us by a drunk driver 5 years after we were married. This sudden loss in both of our lives was devastating to say the least and we both felt abandoned. Chelsea and myself found each other and through love we carried on with our lives. Very soon after the accident, it became very clear Chelsea's biological father didn't want anything to do with her as well and fell off the earth never to be seen again.

We were on our own but that was okay. About a year after Melissa was gone I realized I had became very lonely and decided to date again. Being a man, I told myself I had specific physical needs and wanted to fill them. I brought home a very nice woman named Angela who I knew from work to meet Chelsea after we had been dating for a while.

As soon as my daughter saw her she freaked out and became very upset.

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It was a very bad moment for us and after Angela left the very next day my daughter and myself began counseling so she could deal with her loss. Speaking with the doctor I found because of my wife's sudden death, and the fact her "real" father was a piece of shit she had severe abandonment issues.

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Based on this I decided to keep Chelsea in counseling and not see anyone for a while — I needed to devote my free time to my sad. As time went on days turned into month and then into years as I fell out of the dating scene.

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When my wife was alive and even before she met me she instilled into Chelsea, her body wasn't a dirty thing and was something beautiful for it wasn't something to be ashamed of. My wife and Chelsea would swim and walk around the house half naked or nude most of the time and never thought a minute about it. When I came into the picture I express my concern about a young girl being naked most of the time but my objections fell on deaf ears. This was how my wife wanted to raise her daughter so who was I to interfere?

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I learned early on in this marriage to pick your battles. So even when Melissa was gone I allowed Chelsea to continue this and when I saw her I just quietly excused myself from the room or pool.

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Chelsea never asked me to undress for her and I never offered. We had a trust and this was something I wouldn't break. Well, reality set in and while she was young there wasn't a problem. It was when Chelsea turned 18 I began sneaking peeks at her.

Chelsea was what you call a late bloomer and she didn't start developing into a woman until then.

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She had grown from a short fat kid to a tall, thin beautiful woman. Chelsea has long blonde hair and the most smoking hot body — perky breasts and one of the best asses I have ever seen. Chelsea would most girls in Playboy to shame. I now had a problem.

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Chelsea walked around the house mostly naked and again once in awhile completely nude which was slowly driving me crazy. I missed the wild sex my wife and me had for my hand was getting very old. I didn't want to hire an escort or get a hooker so I just jacked off a lot thinking about my wife and yes, sometimes even Chelsea. I don't know how it happened.

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One night I was laying in my bed tickling my balls and rubbing the precum over the head of my dick, dreaming it was Melissa licking me when suddenly Chelsea came into my mind. My cock, which was slowly getting hard quickly, became harder then it had become in a very long time.

Letting my mind take me to where it wanted to go I dreamed of my beautiful daughter touching me, rubbing my cock — feeling the length between her fingers, I stoked my dick harder, my passion burning off me. As I dreamed, Chelsea's took her perfect breasts and rubbed them over my face telling she wanted me to cum, I swear I could almost feel her hard nipple slip between my hungry teeth.

Taking her breast from my mouth, she slowly reach licked down my chest, her tongue leaving a trail of salvia down to my waiting cock and touched the head of my member — I could feel her hot breath as she breathed in my musk.

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Suddenly, my throbbing cock brushing against her lips and felt the hot warmth of her mouth I unexpectedly and without warning shot my load over my chest. Calming down and rubbing my cum into my skin, I smiled as I drifted off to sleep. Waking suddenly that same night I looked over to see what time it was am. Getting up to close the door I saw the dim flash of the TV coming from upstairs.

Putting my robe on I went up to turn the TV off as I made sure the front door was locked.

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Clearing the landing I saw on the sofa was Chelsea sleeping naked. Smiling to myself I went over to her to cover her with a blanket but hesitated. Chelsea was a heavy sleeper and nothing would wake her. I knew this from years trying to get her to school on time. Gazing at Chelsea's beauty — she was lying on her back showing me everything god gave her. My cock became awake and without thinking it poked itself out of my robe and exposed itself for the first time myself to my daughter. Even though she was sleeping, I was aroused beyond believe. Chelsea's small tits rising and falling with her breathing I licked my lips as I touched my burning member.

My eyes going down the length of her unspoiled body stared at the soft folds of her pussy. Chelsea shaved herself bald and as her legs were slightly spread I began stroking my cock to this women who was my daughter. Needing to touch her as I stroked, I threw caution to the wind and bent slightly down and gently touched the tip of my organ to her soft but strangely hardening nipple or her left breast.

The hard pink rose bud rubbing against the head of my prick sent new waves of satification I never knew existed threw my body. I shuttered in pleasure as I determined to take this dangerous game just a little farther. Twisting myself a little more I lowered my cock lower to Chelsea's cheek. Aiming with great care as I stroked myself I ever so gently brushed the tip of the head of my cock against her slightly parted lips. I was so close but I wanted more.

Did I dare? Lust was running through my mind and not reason. Using a little more pressure on the shaft of my cock I slowly worked my daughters mouth open and my dick into her mouth. I was insane; I knew it but didn't care.

I needed her - I needed to cum! My cock now inside her mouth I felt an ever slight sucking. I knew when Chelsea was young her mother told me it was hell to break her sucking her thumb but now I was grateful. Pushing my cock gently in and out of her mouth was something I still can't describe — heaven is the only thing that come to mind. Pumping my cock as she slowly suck My daughter touched my dick like it was lollypop I couldn't hold back any longer for I wanted to enjoy this as long as possible. I was there and cum suddenly erupted from my organ as I shot my loan into my daughter's mouth!

Pumping my cock swiftly I pulled out of her mouth and shot the last of my spunk on the carpet next to the couch. Falling to my knee's I knew then that was the best cum of my life.

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Feeling exhausted I lovely covered my perfect daughter up with a blanket, cleaned her face and turned off the TV and went to bed. More to cum.

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