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I remember at this age, I was at the peak of my preadolescent age of exploration and pleasure. Everyday I would play with myself and explore ways to do it that excited me and made me hornier. One of these would be stuffing my underwear with clothes or blankets and shaking it on my penis until I orgasmed. Sometimes I would take my underwear off instead, and again stuff the pair with blankets or clothes and hump it, rubbing my penis on the crotch. I loved the bulging crotch of a pair of underwear.

Years old: 24
Who do I prefer: Hetero
What is my hair: Silvery
I understand: English, Polish
My figure features: My body type is quite slender

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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Oct 13, by hornyson26 views 79 comments. Hi everyone Mothers dirty panties 26, and my mom is I love to sniff and lick my moms dirty cum and piss stained panties! For as long as I can remember I would come home from school and everyday the first thing I would do when I got home if I was home alone would be to go to my moms room and get in her dirty clothes hamper and start digging in there for her undies!

To this day I still do that when I get home from work and I'm home alone. I can't help it its like a drug to me sniffing and licking my moms juices off her panties drives me wild!! I choose a pair to wear, and the others to sniff and feel.

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Changing pairs while masturbating and feeling like a slut in heat. Also tried to use her vibrator in my ass or lick it hoping there is some dried juice on there. Panties smell great, but a bra that was worn for a day or two, with that nice sweet breast sweat smell Oh yeah!! I'm hard and jerking off reading this. I'm 47 and mum is I first sniffed and licked my mum's dirty panties when I was 7 and have been doing it ever since. These days her panties are more pissy than cum covered. But that just adds to the flavor. I'm in love with my mother, sexually. She has been the dream and sexual thoughts my whole life.

My mum's pussy is the ultimate pussy. We kiss on the lips everytime we are together and I run my hands up and down her body and sometimes stopping at her bum for a cheeky squeeze xx. I love sniffing dirty panties. I don't discriminate. I will sniff anyones and everyones. No matter how old or young xx. I would find and wear my moms dirty pantiesi loved to them fresh after she had taken them off. I would wear them and i felt so feminine because i smelled like woman. Go to Mothers dirty panties source and eat that pussy before you fuck it.

I used to steal my moms sexy worn panties from her hamper and stroked off omfg felt so good! Guys ive had strangers off craigslist litterally come and blast my moms panties before it was amazing. I had 3 strangers to be exact lol my mom never had a clue.

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I am a sissy and I love wearing my mom's dirty panties all day everyday. I always lick and sniff her used panties. Dude your an adult move out and get your own place and find some other pussy to sniff. You can still sniffs moms every now and then but don't let it be your only source of fun.

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Every girl has a pussy and they all smell different find one you like more then moms and get a life of your own. I've loved a couple of wives enough to worship their pussies and panties as much as mothers, but my mother was my first true sexual love. I remembering the first time with my mom's panties holding her panties I could see where the slit of her pussy left perfect outlines Mothers dirty panties the crotch of her panties I had sniffed and tasted my sisters panties this was going to be my first time sniffing and licking sucking the crotch of my mothers panties I got so hard knowing this was my mothers pussy I was enjoying how good her pussy tasted this was my first time I shot a load of cum its true after that I had to have more of her pussy I would wear her panties bras slips pantyhose most of the time while sniffling and tasting a pair of her used panties to this day of all the different women who's panties I have sniffed and tasted over the year's my mothers pussy is in the three Ive done this only in my darkest hours living at home depressed as hell.

No woman for months, eventually you just get horny and bored. And theres dirty underwear lying in the other room. The intoxicating scent of a full bodied woman who you have called mummy your whole life. To taste the very pussy of which you came from, wishing and praying that one you might get to eat and lick your mummy's pussy for real.

Im 46 and have been wanking over my mummy since I was 7. The first time I sniffed mummy's pissy panties I got this incredible hard on.

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I visit my mum every day still. She is 82 and still has the best smelling and tasting panties I have ever rubbed on my face. Every day I dedicate a wank to my mummy. With her pantie crotch pressed hard against my nose, inhaling hard and wank myself and crying out for mummy to suck me faster. I am in Mothers dirty panties with my mummy but I would love to be in a full on proper husband and wife relationship. My lust for my mum is no burden, it's how every boy should feel about his mummy. My mom had a stroke at the age of 40 dad couldn't handle it and left. I took mom in living with me she was always there for me.

I got sexual with her after giving her bath among other things. I have this fetish with golden shower one day while washing her.

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She was peeing in the middle of shower. I got arouse seeing her peed. So next time I got in the shower with her naked got between her legs as she is peeing. I was so fucking arouse and horny I decided to eat her pussy while she peed. It was so fucking crazy I like it a lot. She kept peeing I kept licking and drinking her pee.

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After that I couldn't stop and she like it too. She said she never had that done before so now is one of our fun time in the shower together. I forgot to mention I do shaved her pussy. Since I was a kid I have searched for my female friends their moms my Mom really any females that I could get my hands on their dirty panties to smell lick and suck on the crotch while I am jerking off thinking about them.

Me too i love to dress up smell the dirty panties lick the gusset but the best was when she was on her period she had an extremely heavy flow i would take every single dirty menstrual SOAKED pad and keep them in a zip lock bag and suck out tbe juices and the aroma oooh that's awesome.

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My moms pussy is the best I've ever sniffed. I started by just stealing them from the hamper, jerking off with them over my nose then putting them back. Then I started to cum in the gusset of one pair while sniffing another. I would wear her bras, stallings and lingerie hoping I would get caught.

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I would lick and fuck my mom's dirty wet pussy if she'd let me. GOOD amd. Depraved particularly perverted and. Dont worry I don't mind u doing what ever u do with them now take my panties of so I can put them in the wash I stood in front of mam fully erected rock hard as I handed her the panties. I love sniffing and licking my mother's dirty panties I love the smell and taste of her pussy juices and my dad's spunk mixed together I suck them clean.

I noticed that my underwear had cum stains on them. Like almost everyday. After my son left the bathroom I collected the laundry and checked all my dirty underwear and found a wet glob of semen in the crotch of Mothers dirty panties pair of dirty panties. I was so embarrassed and every time I looked at my son all I could picture was him masturbating with my underwear.

I started to get turned on by it. The thoughts turned to my son on me. I felt guilty to be fantasizing about my son while my husband was on me.

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By chance I walked in on my son in the bathroom. He had the shower running but was sitting on the toilet doing his thing with my dirty underwear. It was very embarrassing for both of us.

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That night or the next night, I went in his room wearing my night gown and panties. Sat on his bed and held his head in my boobs. Told him I have known he was doing that for a while and for him to not stop doing it. I kissed his head and rubbed my boobs on him a little.

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Told him this could be our secret. Let him touch. Then got up took my underwear off and gave them to him. Reach under his covers and jerked him off. I went down stairs and fucked my husband in the couch. Poor guy had no idea why I was to horny.

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I started sniffing, licking, and having off to my beautiful, hot, sexy mom's dirty panties, fantasizing about eating and fucking her, at a very early age.