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This dramatic meteorological phrase perfectly characterizes my category-five internal weather at times.

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According to Beth Barclay, a private pediatrician and adjunct research associate at the University of Michigan's department of pediatrics, it's quite common for children this age to become late-night bed-crashers.

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Let me tell you. Do you hear this every night, as I do? Our children want me to lie down with them every night. This question is always on their minds because they love to spend time with you. A week later, another seven-year-old boy passed away, only one town away, unexpectedly, while he was outside playing. One year later, another child passed away at only 36 months of age, in the middle of the night after he was put to sleep in his own bed. This is hard for me to think about, talk about, write about, or share today.

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At the time of their passing, our children were very close in age to several children that had passed away. Other things are coming first. This happens as you are putting them to bed.

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When our son is going to sleep in his own room, while we are tucking him in, we just talk. Our son would expect this, as would all of our. We think we will lie down for 5 minutes; they want We give 20; they want To be honest… our youngest child be happiest if I stayed 12 hours in her bed every night!

The things like.

One day they will be older. One day they will be grown and they will have many other things to take up their time, other people to listen to their stories…. It fills me with joy to know that one day they will spread their wings and fly, but at the same time, breaks my heart to think of the day when they need us less and less. One day…. I will pray with them. I will listen to them. I will give them my full attention. If this new bedtime routine adds ten minutes onto the end of our night, when our patience is low and our exhaustion is high, that is ten more minutes that I was lucky enough to have spent with our children….

As I look in at my child sleeping, I think about how time goes by so quickly and how I am so glad to have these little moments now. I can remember looking at my tiny baby sleep in his crib years ago… and now when I look at him sleeping he is so much older. Time goes so fast. In ten years, those unspoken words will come back to me when he is grown, getting ready to head off to start his own life and I ask him to stop what he is doing and sit with ME for a moment… and he does. We only have a few years to really be present in their lives.

“mommy, will you lay with me?” … should you lay with your child in bed when they ask?

I am a teacher turned play therapist and stay at home Mom. I love to share my organization tips, kid ideas, money-saving tips and recipes with you. Becky this post brought tears to me eyes.

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I have 3 grown-up children and when they were little I spent as much time as I could, doing things with them and developing bonds whenever I could. I wanted to be able to say when they were grown, I did as much as I could possibly do.

We were not rich, in fact we struggled. Today I have 3 adult children and I am so proud of them. They are all morally upright citizens who hold high standards and have successful careers. They are also the best friends that their dad and I have. Now we have 2 little grandchildren and 1 on the way and I plan to be a Nan who has time and attention for her grandkids so that they will be our best friends too.

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May God bless your little family abundantly. Oh my goodness- I love this! This is so great to hear. Thanks for sharing! THank you. I need this reminder as my son says the same thing every night to me. Teared up reading the end of your article.

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Thank you for this!! I need to be more mindful of these requests for more meaningful time together. My kids are growing like weeds and soon they many not beg for me to cuddle with them.

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Thank you for sharing. Truer words were never spoken. They will be over soon enough. Oh my goodness. We have three kids, all grown. All in 5yrs.

My mother thinks i am her husband and wants me to go to bed with her. awkward. any advice?

Taking turns, on rotation each Friday evening belonged to one. My kids mean more to ,e than life. Our eldest now 55 yrs was in a horrific auto accident in She is paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Our son middle is 53yrs. He was borned Autistic. By the grace of God he outgrew it.

Is it normal that my kindergartner suddenly wants to sleep in our bed?

He became a handsome young man. He was x at age 52 with Colon cancer. He fought it for 13 and half mos We lost him Oct. I did my best for him that I knew to do. And, I still have guilt feeling about some things. I completely agree- all together in Heaven, one day. This is 1 of the most beautiful, and insightful articles that I have read. I am 37 years old now with a son that is I remember my parents seemed to always have time for me.

I remember my mom would say to me, while she was cleaning, that I could help her and we would get done faster so that then we can play. Often, I would skip playing at the table in order to help Mom, so that we could get done cleaning; and, then my mom and I can play. I remember another time my friends and I were playing outside. Then as we were playing, something happened that changed my eyes forever.

When a good daughter hates caring for her aging mother

The heater did not even work; and it was the ugliest car I had ever seen! I remember thinking what would my friends think now? Boy ole boy, then it was like lightening struck my heart. I became ashamed of me, for not seeing my daddy 1st, rather than that ole beat up car. How dare I think about what my friends might think over what I knew was true about my dad. It had nothing to do with the car for my dad was always a shiny jewel. I felt I had betrayed my dad in thinking about what my friends may think.

No one knew what all I was thinking, for I kept it to myself. I cried that night, as only a 12 yr old, suddenly infused with a moment of clarity and wisdom.

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Because of his sacrifice my mom got to be a stay at home mom and I had plenty of all that I needed and wanted. Well 3 yrs ago we done it; we bought a farm. I say we cuz it took my parents and I to take on the financial load and not to mention the physical load. For before this, I had decided to give up where I lived, to sacrifice the best way I knew how.

This story may sound like me rambling on about myself; but no way is it about me. I thank God for giving me these two as a testimony he sent to me. Jessica, Your story is amazing and truly touching, brought tears to my eyes!!