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Years old: 30
Nationality: I'm welsh
Caters to: Gentleman
Eyes colour: Large gray-green eyes
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Capricorn
What is my body type: My body features is fat
Favourite drink: Brandy

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He hath given you a Rule of Life, he observeth your Hearts and Carriage with concern. Young Ones shall be arraigned at Gods Tribunal, and judged by the Rule contained in his Word, according to what they have been and done. Do such Considerations affect you?

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And with yours especially, 2 because Youth is under great indispositions to all that is serious and saving. Oh let us look earnestly for a blessing to him, who is the God of the Spirits of all Flesh, Numb. He was the wisest of meer Men. I shall not look further than the 11th. God keep me from that as my Portion, which God s my reproach.

The following words explain the nature of this forbidden joy, it's that evil pleasure which thou takest in walking in the wayes of thy heart, and in the sight of thine eyes. Oh vile Creature!

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What a bruit art thou, that sportest thy self in a disregard of God and unseen things, and valuest the time of Youth only as it fits thee to execute what is sinful, and relish what is sensual! Is this rejoycing becoming thee as a reasonable Creature, made for and suited to things of so far a higher nature? If this be the merry Young Man, what an object of contempt is he 4 in all his mirth? He allarms this brutish Sensualist with a prospect of Judgment. Yea, Oh thou that sportest thy self in thy brutish delights!

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Thy punishment shall be proportioned to thy sins, and to thy pleasures thou didst take in sinning, and dost thou never consider how great that's like to be? Therefore remove sorrow from thy heart; that is anger, as the word may be rendred, or all those heart lusts which will end in sorrow of heart. And put away evil from thy flesh; that is, fleshly pollutions, to which Youth is prone, or the bodily punishments which vile courses expose to: If you take the first sence, then, as in forbidding heart lusts, he stops a course of sin at the Spring-head, without which all the attempts for Reformation will be too feeble; so in forbidding fleshly pollutions, he would restrain the acting of sin: q.

The wise Man introduces these advices by a Motive referring to v.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Then, then, O Young Man! To these sins your young years are prone, they have room in your temper, and without great care and labour cannot be removed, or put away; therefore be intent and vigorous to put away evil from your flesh, to remove sorrow from thy heart.

Having thus described the Coherence of the words, I shall lay them down for a Doctrine, as they be in my Text. A serious Old Man disdains those years, and would not live them over again; yea, few live long that wish not much of that time expunged out of their life, and remember it with a blush. Childhood and Youth note Persons of those Years or age, viz.

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Children and Young People. Vanity is either natural or moral, and then it's the same as to say. Young People are frail and mortal. All flesh is grass, and the goodliness thereof as the flower of the Field, Isa. The robust Youth hath his breath in his Nostrils; by the Course of Nature he may live longer than Old men, yet by the Frailty of Nature he may die before the oldest man.

Thou reckonest upon long Life, but thou mayest dye tomorrow: Oh young man!

What variety of accidents art thou subject to every moment? I cannot omit this Exhortation. Do and forbear all you ought to do and forbear in order to Eternity, as Persons within a step of Death. I hope the youngest here are assured, that there is no working in the grave, Eccl. Wilt thou lay to Heart these things?

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I have much to do for Eternity. Work for Eternity is hard to do. This work as hard as it is must be done, or I perish for ever. Bethink thee then, if Ahijah had not been good betimes, he must have been eternally undone; so it may be thy Case, O Child of ten years old! Doth not the Word tell thee of some who dye in youth, and their life is among the unclean, Job 6. Dare I prophane this Sabbath, who may be dead within a Week?

How can I live without Christ a day longer, when I may dye to Night? Will you believe this, and walk as them that believe it?

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Vanity is taken in a moral sense, viz. Vanity is oft put for all sins, 2 Kings Every way of sin is vain; and sin deserves the Name of Vanity from this consideration, that it is committed to no valuable purpose; yea, it ends in what is destructive, and far worse than meerly unprofitable. Before I enter on these things, let me ask you young Folk, Is not this a true Charge? 11 Obj. Because the generality of young People are vain: For one that is sober, how many are wild? Godliness in youthful years is very rare: The body of your ordinary young People is sottish; the generality of witty Youths are atheistical and irreligious.

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Young People! Thou Child, say, I am12 and therefore apt to be vain.

Thou young Man! I must deny my Age, or own this Charge. Oh my Soul what is my Condition! There be some particular sins that in their Nature argue more Vanity than other sins; they inferr a very vain mind in the Persons committing them. Young ones have many of these sins, and Lusts strongly prompting thereto.

The Spirit brands our tender years with this Crime: Prov. No, A young Man void of understanding is too often seen, Prov. This fault is not a want of that Wisdom which is unexpected from your Age: But it is such Folly as in your Years might have been healed; and it's made up of blindness and mistakes against that light which God hath afforded you. Dost not thou place thy Interest in things which are vain and destructive? Dost not thou think Jollity thy only Heaven, and the pleasing thy Lusts the only real Paradice?

Perhaps thou wilt say, I desire to be saved, and I do something towards it, how then do I mistake my end or means. 14 Ans. Foolish Youth! Let me ask thee, art not thou foolish, if thou judgest Salvation to be what it is not?

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Oh poor Creature! Thy Folly appeareth, in that thou fanciest thou canst be saved in another way, than that which le to it. To convince thee of this, consider that. 15 1. Christ is the principal Way to Life, Ioh. Now Child! But yet they are a way to Life: No Man shall ever get to Heaven without them.

Christ hath resolved without Faith, no Man shall have Pardon by his Merits, and therefore all the savingly enlightned do believe, that they may be justified, Gal. He appoints us to repent, that our sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come, Act.

16 Now young Man, is it not Folly in thee to expect Heaven, when thou hast nothing which Christ hath instituted as a means of that Glory? Will not you own your Madness, that look'd for Life in your Disobedience, when you shall hear our Lord saying, Slay these mine Enemies, that would not Mistress vanity sin I should reign over them, Luk. Is it not an establish'd Rule under the Gospel, He that believeth not shall be damned, Mar.

Unbelief and Hell are certainly connected, as Faith and Heaven. Thy behaviour exceeds the grossest of these Instances. What barrs any one from Heaven, but the dominion of sin? Is he not as positive, that no Fornicator, Reviler, Thief, or Drunkard can be saved?