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I am seeking girl that like tradition Mexican gay stories

Welcome to Free Gay Pictures Too! Home Contribute Advanced Search. We finally moved to Georgia from Mexico illegally unless everybody normally sneaks onto trucks and other stranger's boats all the time to get here and my father quickly found a job cutting grass for this white guy named Joe.

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It was hot, even on the beach. I dosed away in my hammock. When I woke up, I had a raging hardon. My shorts stood up like a tent. When I looked up, I saw that the boy in the hammock next to me was peeking at my dick.

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My wife Jane has a brother named Steve. Steve married a Mexican girl name Rosa. Rosa is from medium sized town in central Mexico. Instead of staying in a hotel, Rosa arranged for us to stay for free in some friend's vacation house.

Rosa and Steve stayed with her family. A couple blocks and a central plaza separated the two houses. One night while there, my wife went back to the house early with a headache. Knowing that I was on my own for the evening, I stayed late drinking tequila with Steve and Rosa's brothers. I was pretty drunk when I started the walk back through the empty streets to where we were staying. About half the way home I was startled when a Mexican man about my age emerged from an unlit doorway.

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He was bigger than most Mexicans I had met. His missing shirt exposed a muscular chest but with a little bit of beer gut.

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He had dark skin and bushy mustache. He held a bottle of tequila in one hand and a lit cigarette in the other.

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As I approached, I said, "Hola. He offered his bottle to me. I was too drunk to think to refuse. We stumbled through introductions half in English and half in Spanish. I found out his name was Luis.

He asked how I was enjoying Mexico. Where I was from. He didn't seem genuinely interested in my answers. But we both were drunk. Luis said he knew Rosa's family well. He said Rosa's year-old brother Juan was inside. While we were standing there Luis reached into his pants and hauled out a very large brown cock. I didn't know what to say or do, so I ignored it. He let loose a torrent of piss into the street. It felt a little weird standing there on a public street next to this man I had just Mexican gay stories, while he pissed. Luis handed me the bottle and smile all the whole time he continued to piss.

Finally the flow had stopped. I stole a quick glance at his cock. It seemed to be larger now than when he had first hauled it out. It wasn't hard but it must have been 8" inches long, but it was really thick. Luis caught me looking. He grinned, "You like?

He placed a big hand on my shoulder and said, "Come on Mark, Why don't you come in and say hello to Juan before you go. I entered Luis's small place. Luis rubbed his crotch and sat on the sofa. He said, "Juan is in the back. I went in search of Juan. I found him passed out, lying face down naked on Luis's bed. I not gay but he was one good-looking young man. He had a muscular brown bubble-butt. He was smaller than me at about lbs and 5'11".

There was a tube of lube beside the table and his ass still glistened with the slick stuff. It was completely obvious watch had transpired. I had visual of Luis's fat Mexican sausage stuffing Juan's tight hole.

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I was drawn to Juan's youthful form. I found myself wanting to touch him. As if in a trance, my hand reached out and I dab some the fluid shining wet on his beautiful ass.

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He moved the leg nearest to me. I jerked my hand back in fear. It was then that I noticed that his movement uncovered his balls and cock. His balls were large and mostly hairless. They throbbed while he slept. His cock was completely soft but I could tell it was at least as nice as my 7 inches. The big difference was it was uncut. I had never seen an uncut cock before except in pictures. I realized that I had more than lube on my fingers. It had to be Luis's jism.

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In my drunken sexually aroused haze, I didn't hear Luis enter the room. My exploration was disturbed when Luis said, "He is one hot boy. I could fuck his ass all night. I don't. I am not interested.

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I am not gay. Before I could stop him he reached for my crotch. Luis rubbed my hard cock through my pants, as I stood there frozen. I wanted to run but my feet didn't move. Luis said, "See how hard your cock is. You know you want my big fat hard Mexican cock. Look at Juan's sexy ass. Don't you want to feel your cock sliding in and out of that hot, tight teenage asshole?

It was like a dream. Luis grabbed my hand and placed it on his throbbing manmeat. It was very thick and hot to the touch. My fist closed around it but just barely.

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Instinctively, I stroked Luis's brown cock. Luis grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me into a rough manly kiss. His mustache tickled my nose. Luis smelled of cigarette, tequila, and sweat.

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The mixture was somehow intoxicating.