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Regression describes the dynamic of backsliding or feeling stuck in an immature thought or pattern of behavior. When you're regressing, you may feel like you're acting childish, but you don't know how to stop.

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Yes, i subconsciously jumped between lifetimes.

Advanced search. Post a reply. Reply with quote Gifted and Talented 18 mental age regression by itsme » Tue Oct 16, pm Matt has me writing more chapters to this story. This one starts out as chapter 17 but has a different ending, mental age regression. Colleen Cracknell waited in Miriam's outer office. She had been summoned to the school because of her two children who sat beside her. Despite not being twins Ericka and Matt were in the same grade.

Matt was the older at fifteen and Erick the younger at fourteen. They Mental regression story eleven months apart but because they were born on either side of September, they ended up in the same grade. Neither had been much trouble, until early this year when their father had died.

No one knew whether he died of a tragic accident at work or was it suicide or even worse foul play.

Mentalregression stories

But without a father and their mother was in no shape to parent properly. As a result the family was thrown into ruin.

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Ericka though just fourteen years old started to dress provocatively much to the delight of the horny boys in her grade. Despite her dress and her obvious come-ons to the boysshe had no intention of letting any boy even get a kiss from her. She was a tease; a very hot tease.

The changing mirror

Matt started to pick fights with everyone. At first it was just the boys who made crude remarks about his sister not that he ever admitted to even liking her. Matt called Ericka a bitch or worse many times. But if another boy called her a skank or even if he innocently called her cute, a fight would entail. Eventually anything could set him off. If Matt wasn't getting into trouble for fighting, he would be getting into trouble for the things he called the other girls.

They were much cruder or at least as crude as what the boys were calling his sister. This also resulted in fights with the girl's brother if she had one at school.

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The Cracknell family was shown into the office. Werner had resisted desperate measures with his family due to the family tragedy. But this family had been a thorn in her side for long enough. She had to straighten things out. The family took a seat in front of Miriam.

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Each was under their own best behavior. Ericka had removed the knot in her top and unrolled her skirt so each was a respectable length. She had also washed all the makeup off her face giving her a false look of innocence.

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Not that this was fooling Miriam. Matt couldn't hide his black-eye. I was hoping I could help you get past these difficulties. Each had been told by friends and other family there were problems. But they all thought they had gotten over it. Which was far from the truth. They didn't expect Miriam's tone. They thought she would be like all the rest; very solemn and very stern. I have been showing everyone. This is amazing. The entire family locked eyes on the crystal. They couldn't look away. Their minds went blank as the entire world seemed to fade. All that was left was the crystal and Mrs.

Werner's voice. Their minds were opened and waiting for instructions.

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These instructions would bury themselves permanently into the minds of each of the family as soon as they heard them. You are now all a year younger. Ericka first real date with a boy was gone too. Not the 'false' one where the boys mother drove her and her date to a movie, but one that was totally arranged without any parents involved.

This was the one in which she had her first real kiss and the feeling of a boy feeling her up with her permission too. Matt lost similar experiences.

Regression stories

More years were counted down. More knowledge was lost and more experiences. Dad's death is lost with the rest of the recent memories. Lost were the points where first crushes were developed, the opposite sex weren't just annoying and finally when they all had cooties and must be avoided.

Years went by quickly, the time when security items lost their importance, the time when they are picking out their own clothes, music and friends. Both forgot their sleepovers at friends houses. Years pass again, Colleen is picking out who her children's friends are. Both Ericka and Matt like to be around 'Mommy' full time, not that both don't have their friends, they just prefer to play while 'Mommy' is around.

Another year passes, Ericka and Matt want to behave for adults. They have started to suck their thumbs again. They have started to take showers alone.

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Although mom is outside the door. Another year drops away, going to school is fun, they think of themselves as big kids now. Both develop a best friend. Their bedtime is and they have given up naps in the day as a regular part of their schedule. They have started to make or get their own foods, like pouring milk into cereal. A year drops away and they can't write their name anymore, they are losing their abilities to say the complete alphabet and to count much higher than the teens.

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Their security items are their best friends, except for Mommy of course. Another year pass and they are running, jumping, climbing on everything. They love to ask questions and are curious about everything, but know very little. They don't know all the s between one and ten and know only a few letters.

The final year passes and they are back in pull-ups and right in the middle of potty training. Mommy does everything for them, picks their clothes, makes their food, arranges play-dates. She even cuts their hair by herself.

Ericka is mentally and emotionally three and Matt is four. They have a fresh innocent expression on their face. They have just started to realize that there is a world outside 'Mommy' but they know that no matter what happens, 'Mommy' can make it better. She knew where you were at all time, how you dressed and what you did? Mommy knows what is best for you. All is perfectly fine. You will stay as you are, still emotionally toddlers.

You will need someone to take care and watch you at all times. But you don't care, you know Mommy knows what is best for Mental regression story. You are getting older by one year. It is time to complete potty training. Matt and Ericka can see it in their minds. Both of them crying and saying they can't do without their diapers.

Colleen trying anyway, she forces them to wear big person undies, but they spite her. They purposefully pee their pants, until she returns them back to pull-ups. Colleen tries Mental regression story bride them. Matt and Ericka cried and demanded to be let up later, but they also refused to give up their pull-ups. Colleen gave up, assuming that they just weren't ready. But that didn't mean they didn't learn their ABCs and how to count.

Colleen wants to put them into apparel with more complex des, but both rebel again, refusing to wear them even with their pull-ups.