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Dancer baby Men forced to wear a bra male for massage

While "tight lacing" of corsets was not a common practice except among a minority of women, which sometimes led to a woman needing to retire to the fainting room, the primary use of a corset was to create a smooth line for the garments to effect the fashionable shape of the day, using the optical illusion created by the corset and garments together to achieve the look of a smaller waist. Subligacula were also worn by men.

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Many women, quite understandably, feel rather uneasy about the idea of inflicting punishment upon a man they love dearly. The very words conjure up images of cruel leather-clad dominatrices whipping grovelling naked slaves to satisfy their insatiable lust for degrading men, with no regard for how this may affect the men in question. Its purpose is not to wantonly hurt or humiliate your husband without reason, but rather to help foster a kinder, more considerate side to the man you love, keeping him from succumbing to temptation or developing bad habits. Just as one must scold who has been playing with matches, or a dog that jumps aggressively at strangers, so too must one occasionally discipline an errant husband. Like the fire-lighting child or the antisocial dog, your husband is unlikely to enjoy such a punishment at the time, but can only benefit from it in the long run.

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The question that immediately springs to mind is quite simple to pose, but somewhat more complicated to answer - given the rather negative connotations he is likely to associate with men wearing bras, how on earth can a regular man such as your husband be persuaded to wear one himself? Knowing that he has submitted to your will in the past, and knowing that you also know, your husband will find it much harder to resist similar requests in future, particularly should he be reminded of his submission. Unfortunately, because most men have no practical use for a bra, one cannot introduce it in the same way one might with, say, ladies stockings, where it is conceivable that you might suggest your husband started wearing them to keep his legs warm, even if that were just a pretext for having him wear hosiery for other purposes.

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Sadly, unless your husband has unusually large breasts, it is hard to think of a similar excuse for how he might practically benefit from wearing a bra. We shall now look at each of these options in more detail. Some will be more or less appropriate to your individual situation than others, but hopefully there should be one that stands out as being best suited to your needs.

After all, regardless of how you choose to make your husband wear his first bra, the most important thing is that he does so - the sooner he discovers its feminine embrace, the sooner your relationship will benefit from its effects. He may not yet understand the full nuances of such a predicament, but is sure to be instinctively aware that wearing a bra would put him in quite a quandary.

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The beauty of this approach is that you can test the waters to see how your husband is likely to react to the idea without him ever knowing what you are doing. Not only is this far easier to begin with than actually putting your husband in a bra, it also offers him far less room for objection - any protestations he makes may be Men forced to wear a bra dismissed by suggesting that he need not worry so long as he is good, and are a clear that he is taking the idea to heart.

Initially, your suggestions regarding male bra wear should not be too serious - regardless of your ultimate intentions, approaching the idea in an ambiguous, half-joking fashion makes it harder for your husband to protest too strongly against such comments without appearing to overreact, something which may be used to your advantage if he does. Over time, a more serious tone should be gradually adopted, with regular comments about the benefits of bra training made until a firm association has been established in your husband's mind between men misbehaving and having to wear a bra as a punishment.

In such a situation, it is helpful to spell out your reasons for wanting him to do so, as well as addressing any concerns he may have, before having him agree that it makes sense. It is difficult for a man to argue against something that will help keep him out of mischief, remain faithful and be more considerate, particularly when presented in such terms, but he may understandably be worried about the practical issues involved in him wearing a bra.

Hopefully, any concerns he may have will be addressed by the relevant chapters of this guide, and whilst you may not wish him to read its entire contents, there is something to be said for working through specific sections together, particularly those regarding avoiding discovery. Once your husband has agreed to the idea, and is wearing his first bra as a result, he will find it harder to complain - after all, he did give his consent! Apart from a few rather unlikely exceptions, such situations are invariably erotic - although there are some men whose work might expose them to such feminine garments, most only come into contact with them when purchasing a sexy gift for their wife, or, more often, when helping her remove said gift during love-making.

Such situations offer an ideal opportunity to overcome the initial hurdle of persuading your husband to wear his first bra, by taking advantage of his sexual arousal.

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Suitably distracted by matters at hand, most men are unlikely to want to stop and take the time to rationally consider the long-term consequences of briefly donning a bra in the bedroom, particularly if it is presented as part of a sexy little game intended merely to add to the fun they are having. A woman's breasts are one of the key areas that most men are instinctively drawn to when making love, with the bra that invariably shields them needing to be removed before they become available.

The continued presence of your bra is likely to prove somewhat frustrating to your husband, creating the perfect opportunity to suggest that if he wants to take it off so badly, maybe he should be wearing it instead. Come on, try it on for me!

How do i make the punishment fit the crime?

If you move quickly at this stage, he will have little time to react adversely before your bra is around his chest, where it should remain for as long as possible, preferably at least until he next needs to get dressed, and certainly until after he has enjoyed a particularly satisfying climax wearing it. It is possible that your husband may protest weakly at the idea, but overwhelmed by his need for sexual release, his arousal will almost certainly get the better of his rational reasoning.

Don't wait for him to don the bra himself, but rather take the initiative and start putting it on him without pausing for any kind of reaction. Any feeble objections he may make should be easily defeated by sexily teasing him while you do so.

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Didn't I look sexy in it? Then you will too! Don't you want to look sexy for me? Don't worry if it isn't a perfect fit - even if he is a completely different size to you, and it proves impossible to fasten your bra around his body, its straps should still be capable of resting on his shoulders and the cups on his chest without too much difficulty. If you prefer to be more open about things, you can present the idea of having your husband wear a bra whilst making love under the guise of sexual experimentation. One idea is to suggest that you have read about dressing your husband up in a woman's magazine or a book, or that a friend of yours has been talking about how fantastic the sex was as a result of doing so, and you are curious as to what it would be like if you were both wearing sexy lingerie.

Your husband may not be terribly keen on wearing such clothes himself, but is sure to salivate at the prospect of seeing you so dressed, not to mention the promise of great sex afterwards. Suggesting that other men have already enjoyed making love whilst wearing lingerie will help to break down any inhibitions your husband may have regarding the idea, whilst the scenario as a whole offers an ideal opportunity to purchase appropriate sized garments Men forced to wear a bra advance for your husband, which can be useful if your contrasting sizes would otherwise be a problem.

Finally, if your sexual repertoire includes tying your husband up, or can be extended to include doing so, there is no reason why you cannot make him wear a bra once he is suitable bound and thus unable to resist.

One end of each strap should be detached, the bra fastened around your husband's chest, and the straps passed over his shoulders and reattached, leaving him wearing the bra no differently than if he were to have put it on himself. He may struggle a little once he understands what you are doing, but in such a vulnerable position, he has little choice but to soon become compliant, something he should be appropriately rewarded for. The ethics of taking advantage of such a situation are beyond the scope of this book, although it is much better if you can seek your husband's consent, however grudgingly it may be given, for reasons we shall discuss towards the end of this chapter.

Waiting for such an opportune event may require a little more patience than the methods discussed so far, but can prove just as successful, particularly as your husband may unwittingly provide the initial stimulus that sets things in motion, leaving him with the conviction that he is somehow responsible for his fate, and thus less likely to rebel against having to wear a bra than if he regards doing so as being purely his wife's idea.

Some examples of opportunities to watch out for include:. Well chosen lingerie can make the most romantic of gifts, but sadly, there are some men whose judgement can be remarkably poor in such matters, even if their intentions are good.


Your husband may expect you to wear embarrassingly trashy items such as a peep-hole bra that exposes your nipples or a quarter-cup bra that does little to cover your breasts. Conversely, he may present you with a plain, everyday bra that does nothing to flatter your figure, or something so old-fashioned that only your grandmother would wear it. Alternatively, you may be asked to suffer the discomfort of an excessively boned basque, or he may simply have no idea as to your correct size. Rather than humouring your husband by wearing such badly chosen gifts once before coning them to the very bottom of your lingerie drawer, why not have him wear them instead?

He may protest, but given he expected you to wear it, it is not unreasonable for you to expect him to do so instead! It is worth keeping a sharp ear out for your husband demeaning women in any way, or belittling the problems we must face as a result of our gender. Such ill-conceived comments can take many forms, whether they are made towards women in general or aimed at particular individuals. He may make light of the amount of work involved in being a housewife, for instance, or the difficulties that every working woman faces trying to juggle her professional and domestic responsibilities.

He may assume that the house cleans itself and meals make themselves, or he may disparage the many pains and ailments that are uniquely feminine. Anything that demonstrates a lack of understanding or awareness of the female perspective may be seized upon and made an example Men forced to wear a bra of. A little thought should allow a bra to be introduced as the punishment for almost any kind of unwarranted comment. Whilst there can be scope in a loving relationship for a shared interest in pornography, which can occasionally be useful to help spice things up, suggest new ideas or get a couple in the mood, it is more usually the case that a man chooses to view such material by himself, keeping it a dirty little secret that he pursues for his own selfish gratification without any intention of ever sharing with his wife.

Such a betrayal of trust should never be countenanced, and many women quite rightly regard it as being almost akin to infidelity, quite apart from demeaning women and encouraging an unhealthy attitude towards our bodies, which it suggests are merely playthings for men to satisfy their carnal desires with.

A man caught pleasuring himself with such smut knows that he is in the wrong, which is why he is not open about it, and consequently has little grounds for protest should you justifiably choose to punish him as a result.

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Since many of the models featured in such material tend to have large, if not unnaturally sized breasts, it is only fitting that your errant husband should be made to wear a heavily padded bra in order to understand how awkward and cumbersome they can be. Should he object to such a fitting punishment, there are undoubtedly worse aspects of his preferred choice of pornography that you can suggest he might prefer to re-enact instead. If your husband has a persistent problem with pornography, for instance, one that affects his performance in the bedroom, you may wish to consider a male chastity device, which will prevent him from achieving orgasm without your permission.

A variety of models are available at a modest price from online retailers, and whilst a detailed discussion of them is beyond the scope of this guide, my book taming the caged beast explores the subject in more detail. Contrary to what you may imagine, such devices are often welcomed by many men, relieving them of the guilt they feel after masturbation by allowing them to focus their sexual energies on their wives instead. There are a small of occasions on which it is societally acceptable for a man to be seen wearing female clothing without attempting to pass as a woman completely.

An invitation to a fancy dress party, Halloween festivities and certain charity or theatrical events all offer an excuse to dress your husband up in a variety of ways, none of which need attract the scorn of others or arouse his suspicions as to your true intentions. To allay any concerns he may have, there is no reason why you should not crossdress yourself for such an event, perhaps suggesting that you go dressed as each other.

An alternative approach is to wear matching costumes, and to have them booked in advance, making it harder for him to object to the idea without letting you down. If you are feeling daring, a stereotypical French maid's uniform is a particularly apt choice for a man who will soon find himself doing more of the chores around the house, but it may require a little effort to persuade your husband to wear it! Some couples like to make bets between themselves, and such bets invariably have forfeits, which can be as mundane as having to do the dishes but can also involve performing sexual favours.

It is better not to explicitly mention wearing a bra at the Men forced to wear a bra, but rather to suggest something that encompasses it, for instance, that should you husband lose, you expect him to clean the house, or serve as your sex slave for the day.

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Naturally, you must also offer him an appropriate incentive should he win, and be prepared to honour your side of the bargain in that eventuality. As bizarre as it may sound, one of the methods frequently recommended to help stop snoring is for the man in question to wear a bra backwards, with a tennis ball sewn into each cup. The rationale behind this seemingly rather odd idea is that snoring is, at least in part, caused by sleeping on one's back, and it is impossible to do so whilst wearing such a contraption - the tennis balls prove to be too uncomfortable, causing the unconscious sleeper to turn to one side, alleviating his snoring in the process.

You might even go as far as to take more offence from your husband's snoring than it strictly warrants, merely to suggest he tries wearing a bra to cure it.

Chapter 2: how do i make him wear his first bra?

It is not surprising, therefore, that many men have problems removing a woman's bra, their fumbling made worse by anticipation of what is soon to come. If your husband has similar difficulties, why not offer to show him how it's done? Fasten and unfasten it a few time behind his back, but be sure to leave it securely around his chest when you finish. It is impossible to underestimate the devastating heartbreak that from discovering that your husband has been unfaithful to you.

Without having had personal experience of such a tremendous shock, one cannot begin to comprehend the overwhelming sense of betrayal, anger and humiliation that from being a victim of adultery, something that tears apart everything you thought you could rely on, turning your world upside-down in an instant. Such terrible suffering is made immeasurably worse by the apparent ease with which it has been inflicted, often without even a moment's thought for the consequences.

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It is a horrible thing to happen to any woman, and if you are reading this guide because you find yourself in such an unfortunate situation, you have my deepest sympathies. Sadly, such a dreadful turn of events is by no means uncommon. Some men show no remorse when their infelicities are discovered, making light of the anguish they have caused as though it were every man's right to betray his wife in such a heartless and callous fashion.

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Such men are the lowest of the low, and deserve no leniency whatsoever - should your husband prove to be such a scoundrel, it is better to divorce him at once than to have anything more to do with him. Others are profuse with apologies and excuses, expressing their profound regrets for what they claim to be merely a moment's misjudgement, promising that they will never stray again and offering to do whatever it takes to win back the trust they have lost, as though somehow mere words can undo the unbearable hurt they have caused.

Such men, if they are genuinely repentant, may be redeemable, but the chances are that a husband who has cheated on his wife once will do so again, unless it is made impossible for him to do so. Adultery is a very serious business, and the first call of any wife so wronged should be to seek professional legal advice, so as to ascertain her financial standing should the worst happen and the relationship end in divorce.

Should you find yourself in such unfortunate circumstances, you must take every possible step to consolidate your legal and financial position, including keeping a comprehensive record of your husband's unfaithfulness, however painful that may be, with full dates and details of his confession or discovery.

The importance of securing your future in this way must not be underestimated. Men forced to wear a bra response to such a clear-cut question will allow you to determine immediately whether his promises to do whatever it takes to save the relationship are genuine, or merely further lies from a black-hearted rogue who should be divorced forthwith.

At the very least, a husband with a history of adultery should be made to wear a bra whenever he is out of your sight, which should be secured in such a way as to make it impossible for him to remove without you finding out.

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After all, no woman will be remotely interested in a man whose wife makes him wear a bra! Under no circumstances must he be allowed to remove it without your express permission - any attempts at tampering with its clasp, you should tell him, will be regarded as a further breach of trust, something he must avoid at all costs unless he wishes to end up in the divorce courts.

There is no reason why you cannot make his discipline more severe right from the very beginning, particularly if you wish to include an element of penance on his part. Having him wear matching knickers, not to mention stockings and suspenders, will not necessarily make his discipline any more effective, but will increase his sense of being expected to suffer in order to make amends. Finally, a wife who has been betrayed should give serious consideration to keeping her philandering husband locked in a male chastity device, something which will put a stop to his extra-marital wanderings once and for all.