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Hi, I'm Subtease2! If you're new to this site, Hi there! Please send a to tumbex.

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Source: HERE. Some back-story first. We are in a long distance relationship; he lives in Ireland and I live in Southern California. We have an 8 hour time difference which makes even simple Skype and audio calls difficult. I had been horny that whole hour before hand, my core clenched every time he groaned while playing video games. I would bite my lip to keep from making noises and squirmed a lot.

My age: 18
My sexual identity: Hetero
I know: French
Music: Pop
Other hobbies: In my spare time I love marital arts

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And then, begin to slide one hand down, tease yourself, feel the need grow ever stronger the closer it gets. Begin to grind the base of the palm of your hand down over your mons.

You guessed it

Starting just above your clit and kneading downwards. Feel the fabric of your panties teasing you.

Still in the way from what you really want. Then lay the tip of your middle finger into the furrow they make between your lips, and stroke it up and down, not quite to your clit yet, soon though.

First move it down to above your pussy, press the tip of your finger against your panties, feel the soft, giving flesh beneath as you are prevented from pushing deeper. Perhaps you can feel your wetness seep into the fabric. Just enjoy stroking the entrance to your pussy through your panties as your other hand continues to tease your nipples. Now, finally, slowly drag your finger up between your lips and come to rest on your clit. Push down against it with a steady firm pressure, and then release.

Repeat that a couple of times and then, every so slowly, begin to make small, gently circles on your clit through your underwear. Slowly make those circles faster as the pleasure begins to build and then slide your finger back down to your pussy and rub that through your panties again. Repeat this cycle a few times and then, if the cut of them alllows, bunch the front of your panties up in your fist the part that covers your mound and pull them, up in between your labia, dragging them against you, into you. And slip that middle finger down, right onto your clit, at last, skin on skin, 20 lovely circles on it and then slide it to your pussy, and gently fuck yourself with the tip of your finger ten little fucks, then Masturbation instructions tumblr up to your clit for another 20 circles.

But still only ten strokes before you move back to your clit.

Congrats u found my porn blog

You can stay with one finger or move to using your two middle fingers. Use that to take yourself right to the edge of an orgasm if you can, no hurry, just rubbing and fucking, rubbing and fucking…. Female Orgasm Denial. post.

Masturbation instructions

Next post. Guided masturbation - female orgasm denial - Part 2.

Going down… And then, begin to slide one hand down, tease yourself, feel the need grow ever stronger the closer it gets. Remember, no cumming!

About female orgasm denial. This is a blog dedicated to edging, and answering your questions about female orgasm denial - run by James of edging.

While the blog features a lot of orgasm denial captions and stories to arouse you it's also very much about helping you explore your sexuality in a fun and disciplined way. So if you have any questions about sex, masturbation, denial, BDSM or relationships then please use the 'Ask James' link and I'll do my best to reply.