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It reached 1 in South Africa and Canada, 3 on the US adult contemporary chartand 18 on both the Billboard chart and in Australia in

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Therefore I Am. Christmas Saves The Year. It's an "elisa doolittle" type relationship. An older.

Wiser "master" finds a young girl, begins molding her, teaching, her about life, then. Love i saw right thru the way you started teaching me love, and how you hoped to someday use it somehow. Add your reply. The song is by a south african band and is about apartheid.

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How the youth were sold the idea and couldn't question as master jack told them it was 'god's law'. I believe they left the country shortly after this song possibly fearing the master's wrath and to live a different life where churches don't preach loving your neighbour, except if he's a kaffir. But it was never banned, master was that bright - black beauty was banned even though it was a story about a horse.

I think that this song is a backlash by English speaking South Africans against the perceived treatment of South Africa and Rhodesia by the uk aka Master Union Jack and how they were moving against a perceived unshakable loyalty to the uk and finding common ground with Afrikaans speakers. Apart from this the lyrics speak of a thanks yet a need to move away from Jack as many English speakers did feeling alienated by the uk.

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There are also several visual references such as the two lions symbolic of British coats of arms being faded out in favour of two Bokke traditionally associated with rsa crests. Also look at the colours they're wearing- orange, blue and white; synomomous with the rsa flag from the 's In short it's about the identity, yet rememberence of the English speakers in an independent and isolated rsa.

Master Jack is a pimp who tried to turn this girl into one of his sex slaves but she's not going along with him and in the end thanks him for teaching her the birds and bees but found out he's as strange as the world of perversion he tried to trap her in.

One has to consider the time and circumstances in South Africa when this song was released.

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The country was already long independent from English rule and was governed by the National Party who did many things that spoke against the principles of human freedom. Apart from apartheid there was also laws that forced boys leaving school to the army. This song is about how the government indoctrinated the citizens of the country by making all these inhumane laws seem colorful, "a ribbon from the skies, tying op the problems, selling it to the people on the streets" The writers eyes then opens up to reality seeing that all these laws were to control the citizens and "enslave" them to this "master" who is so "kind" to his people.

Protecting them under the guise of enslaving them. And he has to leave that loyalty to his country to see the country and the world through their own eyes, beyond the disguises and the lies. To see the reality of how wrong things are. Why does he thank him? Because he taught him the ways that governments and institutions cover up their indiscretions and agendas by tying it up in pretty little packages and selling it propaganda to the people on the streets.

Preparing him for being Master jack song lyrics to recognize it in the future.

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Leaving him is leaving his blind loyalty to the country's rule and seeing the world for himself, for what it really is. And he learned that in fact the world isn't as simple as they propagated, but that the world is indeed strange, seeing how those who are there to serve and protect you, are there only for their own personal gain and to retain control over those very people. I've heard a different version - the term "Master Jack" was something like a shift leader on the gold mines way back when in SA Apparantly the song grew up in the mining environment.

No guarantees but I've been told that ;- okay. This song was written in the early hippy days when it was popular to be a cynic. Perhaps the most popular cynic guru was Tim Leary, presently a peddler of investments. Hearing this song I always pictured a cynic guru who had fallen for his pupil.

Master jack

The only problem was he had taught her to be a really good cynic; one no longer able to understand love, and so, she was sure the love Master Jack offered was just a method to get to use her some how. A sad, sad song from the era when we first became cynics. Peace man, make love and try and believe it's real.

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The mentor in the singer's life most likely a headmaster from a boarding school had plans for the singer. However the singer knew not her owns plans and needed to find herself as we should do. To do so, the singer must first see all the wonders the world has to give!

Now, while the singer had learned much from "Master Jack" and is very grateful for all Master Jack has done. The time has come for her to go find her own life's meaning. She is so curious about life, the world, people and all big cities in all the different countries. She has the desire and need to figure out what its all about and how she fits in to it all. The only way to archive this goal was to get out on their own, because life must be seen through the eyes and mind of the beholder The Singer.

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And so, the journey begins My initial impression of the song was that it was about life in the victorian era, in london, england. I pictured in my mind the setting of the movie oliver.

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I think I had this impression, because in this day and age, I don't think anyone calls someone master, although I could be wrong. Back in victorian england, and I think even in england today, there is a cast system. I pictured a poor young girl, with no family or other means of support, a street urchin, being taken in by a schiester, for whom she was at his beck and call. He instructed her on how to steal and swindle unsuspecting citizens, rich ones likely, and tossed her a few tuppins for her pay.

The song has an eeriness about it that is unsettling, rather frightening to me. It reminded me of a relationship I had for ten years with my boyfriend who was nearly ten years older than I. He believed that what he said was law, and what I said went in one of his ear's and out the other.

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