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Hello everyone.

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My new neighbors — Anna and her husband. Author: Qlick. I learn that my nieghbors both have a fantasy, one that will lead me to fullfilling mine.

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You must be 18 or over to view this site, please read our terms. Feeling pretty and looking alluring is what I have so come to love. Being feline and attractive is my basic and one goal as a transvestite.

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I spend many weekend nights enjoying my life as an eye-catching and elegantly transformed - feminine gal You held me close and said nothing, Sir. You stroked my hair and gave me little kisses on top of my head while I cried and cried. You even rocked me back and forth, like a baby, and more than once you plucked a tissue from the box beside your chair a It was July of Kelly and I were thirty-four and each had heard just passing comments at work, in the context of something funny, about a nude beach supposedly not terribly far from our house.

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It caught our attention but nothing specific was share On a sunny summer morning, Jane and her daughter Roxy arrive by taxi at their hotel on the Greek island of Lesbos, ready for their weekend break at this resort nestled into the coast, which is just the start of their first holiday together exploring th Was London not enough for you? You just have to the permission slip.

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Three mornings after their first oral sex experience, Jennifer had the excuse she needed to go after her young neighbor's cock again. Not too long after Ryan's parents had headed off to work, she was again knocking at his front door. A few days after having a threesome with my best friend Jeff and his girlfriend Tammi, he invited me over to his place for pizza.

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Would I think with my heart, my stomach … or my dick? Here was the dilemma: our three-way encounter had been a bit one Grace lay on her bed, the late morning sunlight shining in through her window.

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It was now two and a half months into the lockdown and she felt restless. She was sharing a flat with her best friend Mia and another friend Lucas.

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Mia's boyfriend Dan had a I really needed to get back to work so I got dressed. We agreed to meet over my lunch break in a cou I rushed into the bathroom to clean up, staring at myself in the mirror.

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You pathe He never again photographed her but encouraged Jackie to continue modeling. I sent her your pictures. A little while ago, my husband, Harry, had two of his work colleagues around for drinks.

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They are nice young men, and over the last year or so I have got to know them quite well. We usually have a laugh and they are It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and both of my kids were coming home today. My 25 yr old son and 19 yr old daughter had not been home from college in a couple of months and I missed them both.

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I especially missed my son's big cock and as I stood I threw my bag down on the floor and flopped onto the bed. After being in the car with my mom, her new husband Tom, and my step-sister Becca for four hours, it felt good to be in the hotel room in Ocean City.

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It was a warm spring evening and I found myself at home alone. My daughter was spending the night at a friends house and my son was at a party. He had just turned 18 and was a senior in high school.

Lush stories

He and his classmates would be graduating soon and going for Free! Write Your Own Story. Top Genres. Wife Lovers. Browse genres All Genres. Filter Genres. Legally Binding, Ch. Neighborly — Chapter 4: The Errand After several days of manual stimulation and oral sex, will Jennifer finally fuck the neighbor boy? Grace's Flatmate Fun Lockdown boredom le to flatmate fun Jackie, Part Two Jackie decides there are more opportunities in California.

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Audio Stories. Recommended Re. Waiting for my Son - Discovered The secret is discovered by someone. Step in the Wrong Direction Step-siblings share a room on vacation, what will boredom lead to when a storm knocks out power? Waiting for my Son A pure fantasy of a story. Active Members Check out members who have just logged in.