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Mae sat cross legged on her bed, teasing her platinum hair, and scouring through the 30 tabs on her phone. Buried in advice blogs and online gurus, she had lost track of time.

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. He's splayed out on his little sister's bed. He's home from college for the weekend - he didn't want to stay on campus where he might run into his now-ex - and Ami has obligingly put aside her homework to listen to his complaints.

He's been ranting for the past several hours, and it's now one in the morning. Their parents are asleep downstairs, so they keep their voices low. Ami has always looked up to her older brother. He's always been the world to her. She's even planning on following him to his college, once she graduates next month. She's already 18, and can't wait to move on to the next phase in her life, like Danny has. Danny looks over at his sister, her shining face looking at him with adoration.

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It used to bug him when they were both young, but as he grew older, he came to enjoy the attention and ego-boosting feeling it was to have someone who idolized him so much. He thinks again about his bitchy ex and how she has never looked at him the way Ami was right then. Danny sits up and strokes his sister's cheek.

Little sister seeks anal ‘advice’ from older brother

No woman has ever been able to give me what I need. Danny didn't mean to imply anything, he honestly didn't - but Ami tilts her head to the side in thought. Danny sits up. His anger and confusion over the breakup has been coalescing in his mind all day and leaving him feeling needy and alone.

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And here was his sister, offering him comfort, love, everything a sister could give. A dark pang of guilt goes through Danny as he wonders if there is something else Ami could give him? It's something Danny has thought about more than once in the past. Touching his sister, kissing her, fucking her. She's a beautiful woman, with long shiny brown hair and pert breasts. But the guilt of his disgusting thoughts always made him completely discount anything. It was immoral and unnatural. But Danny needs her right now.

He cups Ami's face and pulls her in for a kiss. Quick, closed lips. Testing the waters. Ami puts her fingers to her lips. That was wrong, and she knows it. But Danny has never asked her for anything, and he's in pain. She wants to help however she can. I can try to give you whatever it is your girlfriend couldn't. Danny blinks, surprised. Is she really offering -? Danny's eyes nearly bug out of his chest. Here was a moment he'd envisioned once or a dozen times in the shower, and it was actually happening.

Ami's breasts were of average size and shape, but her nipples were small and pink. They were puckered and pointing straight out, whether from the cold or from nervousness, Danny couldn't say. He almost kicks himself for not just jumping on her immediately.

But, he should be the good, protective older brother.

Loving little sister

At least superficially. Danny's cock twitches and starts to grow in his pants. That part of him has already enthusiastically agreed. But he tries to be reasonable, before all the blood has drained out of his head. He can't fuck his sister. It's wrong. All kinds of wrong. Instead, he decides to force her to be the one to rescind her offer.

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He'll ask for something completely unreasonable, which she'll never agree to. And that will be that. He won't feel guilty for fucking his sister, but he won't feel like an idiot for turning down such an opportunity.

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Which isn't entirely true. Anal sex has always been a fantasy of his, but he's never had the guts to bring it up to any of his girlfriends. Really, his girlfriend broke up with him because she wanted to fuck some other guy. But Ami didn't need to know that. She's never had anal sex before - just regular kind. Once a boy tried to touch her there and she shooed him away, and that was that. But this was her brother, and he needed her. And she can give him something nobody else can. Danny nearly chokes.

Did his little sister really just agree to let him stick his cock up her ass? Ami hesitates. She's not sure. She really doesn't want to be fucked in the ass - by Danny or anybody. I might go back to school early tomorrow, actually. Coming home was such a baby move. Danny looks at her expectantly. He almost can't believe how manipulative he's being of his little sister.

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He's never done this before - which is probably why it's working. Danny's cock is nearly bursting now. He can't stop himself anymore.

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He shoves away the choruses of "holy shit dude, this isn't right" echoing in his mind and focuses on the fact that his sister just offered himself up on a silver platter. Ami barely has time to regret her decision before her brother is manhandling her.

Danny pushes her down to the bed, onto her stomach, and pulls her pajama bottoms and underwear down in one movement. His little sister's ass is exposed: soft, white, round. He touches it hesitantly, unbelieving that he is really there in that moment, Ami quietly laying below him allowing this.

As his hand strokes the flesh of her ask, Ami tenses. She's scared, nervous. She doesn't want this but at the same time, her brother is her hero, and she's always striven to please him her entire life.

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She doesn't want him to hate her. But this seems too much. She knows it's not normal, but Danny pulls her to her knees, keeping a hand on her upper back so her head stays down. Her ass is jutting in the air, presented to him. Danny spre her asscheeks and takes a look at her anus.

It's small and puckered, and he wonders if his cock will even fit. He feels a jerking in his pants as his dick stiffens even more at the thought.

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Holding her cheeks open with one hand, he uses the thumb on his other to lightly caress her anus. Ami pushes her face down into the pillow.

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Danny can't help himself and he pushes his thumb into her asshole. Danny gasps at the feeling of her tight sphincter around his thumb.

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