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In. Showing all items. Kwickset did not release that key until after the war, in When Captain Rogers gets on the elevator with Nick Fury, the computer identifies him as being a Level 8 agent.

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The latter seems accurate as Agents of S. Widow, being a long-time agent of Shield, should have immediately recognized her since Peggy was one of the founding members. Batroc is said to be French-Algerian. However, he has a very distinctive French Canadian accent, nowhere near any accents commonly heard in France or the Maghreb think of it as like an Australian actor sticking to his native accent while portraying an American character. Some but not all of the other "French" pirates sound like non-native speakers. Need EMS. No one ever said he was shot, just that he was down. When in Zola's bunker just before the explosion Nat tells Cap that the missile inbound is a short range ballistic yet the next clip clearly shows the missile on a powered trajectory.

Ballistic in this context implies an un-powered descent to target,Nat should not make such a basic error in terminology.

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Councilmen, he threatens to burn a two-inch hole in Natasha's sternum. The sternum, aka the breastbone, is in the center of the chest, while the badges are on the wearers' right sides, over the rib cage. Falcon says, "There's a gray car two spaces down. You and I are going to take a ride. But they are in a paved alleyway, any graves would require heavy machinery to dig. Sam recommends that Steve listen to the Marvin Gaye album Trouble Man, describing it as "everything you missed jammed into one album".

Trouble Man is the mostly-instrumental soundtrack to an action movie of the same name, of no particular importance. Sam seems to be thinking of Gaye's prior album, What's Going On, which addresses social and ecological issues in post-Vietnam War America.

Satellite map of , coordinates

Is this interesting? Although Cap's shield supposedly does not transmit kinetic energy, it can ricochet off walls or even thugs with force and precision. After the missile strike, they are shown to be only a few feet below ground level. According to the Smithsonian display, Bucky died in When they land on the deck of the ship, the air is so calm that their hair doesn't even move. The Triskelion is located on Theodore Roosevelt Island - in the opening scene, as Steve and Sam are jogging, the Triskelion is tall enough that it should have been visible to the north of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, yet it doesn't make an appearance.

In the car chase scene with Nick Fury there are multiple shots where there are no bullet holes visible on the car or car window. In the following shots you can see them in the car window. However, a few seconds later, after she is in the helicopter, she is suddenly back in her ature black leather jumpsuit. However, in the next full shot of the car, the mirror is seen perfectly intact.

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In the next scene while he is talking to the Captain and Black Widow on the rooftop it disappears. After he is thrown off and caught by the Falcon and thrown back on the rooftop it magically reappears. In the very next scene it is perfectly straight again.

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Natasha appears behind him chewing gum. When he pushes her in the other room to talk she no longer has gum in her mouth. During Zola's exposition, a classified file on Nick Fury is briefly shown.

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The file has two photos of Fury, with one photo showing his eye patch on his left eye and the other photo showing it on the right eye. Nick Fury's black SUV gets hit by several police cars - the driver's airbag deploys and is visible in all shots until the SUV eventually escapes, at which point the airbag has disappeared. When he is first seen being thrown off the car, landing on the asphalt and shooting, he is shown carrying a mid-size combat knife on his right leg rig. At about 1h 22m s, a few minutes into the fight, as Rogers is running toward him, he draws a completely different knife from the same sheath, this one being a current generation Gerber Mark 2 combat dagger Model D members arrive, the pen drive is missing from the USB port and then again in the next scene it comes back.

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From the time Cap went to the hospital to gather the USB to the time they exit the mall and borrowed a car to go to New Jersey, Cap was always in disguise and was not carrying his shield. Also when they exit the car in New Jersey Cap was still without his shield but when they came to the door to the secret elevator, his shield suddenly appeared in his hand to break the lock.

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However, at this time he was wearing his World War II era costume with a harness already attached, so he would not have needed the brown harness to carry the shield on his back. Shots immediately before this scene such as when he, Sam, and Maria approach the Triskelion through the woods or when they enter from the stairwell into the control room do not show Steve wearing the brown shield harness. As soon as gets on board the boat, he is completely dry.

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This is visible in two shots. The next time his right side is shown afterward, the twist is gone. The chinstrap is too tight for it to have flipped on its own accidentally, and the pad which covers his chin is molded so it wouldn't have sat properly on his face even if it had somehow flipped around.

There were undoubtedly several prop helmets made, and this one must have been put together incorrectly. How come Zola, dead way before the Iron Man era, knows about the S. The close-up when the cops are looking at Fury and Fury's response shows the window to be down when Fury asks if they want to see any paperwork.

He enters a tunnel or corridor and is hidden from view for a second.

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After this hidden interval, he emerges from the corridor in about half the time that he should have, judging by his running speed. This can easily be seen by slowing down the video to half speed. In the very next shot of him, the final Helicarrier shows up immediately outside the window, despite not moving at such a speed.

Code name slayer: part 5: the winter solider

On the next overhead long shot, Cap is well to the right of Falcon's wingtip. A little while later the strike team leave the base in convoy along the same concourse that got shot up - there's no damage, and no crashed plane. But when Fury puts the car into drive to flee from the police, the police car has suddenly backed up a few feet. Fury's AI accelerates the car forward but doesn't move the police car that's blocking Fury in from in front either, and this can be seen because the battering ram is still next to the driver side window.

As he lies against a tree, the stain is around the neck area and some of it is partway down his shirt. When Steve helps him up, the stain has reduced to just sweat around his neck. Three agents then walk into the room and one of them points a gun at one of the council members. The gun is first aimed at his head, then slightly lowered to his chest, then back to being raised and aimed at the head again.

Steve takes it off and drops it beside him, leaving it on the floor. After Steve kicks the terrorist and runs over to him, you'll see in the next shot that the helmet is still right beside him, despite his run. The first shot of the Winter Soldier shows various cars near him. Then a brief shot of Sam, and back to the Winter Soldier and the various cars have changed drastically. When he throws her at one of the cars, the gun is on the road to the left of some yellow lines, next to a car. A few shots later, when the Winter Soldier picks up the gun, the gun and car have both moved - the gun is now right on the lines, the car is still the same distance from it.

The first shot shows a white piece of paper sticking furthest out of the box. Next shot, the furthest piece of paper sticking out of the box is now a peach colored piece of paper.

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On the right, just above the pictures of the targets, there is a line indicating "targets acquired. The next cut shows in the "targets acquired" lineand up. Also, all the grids have the same pictures, but in different order.

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The first person in front of him is a man wearing a green jacket. Romanoff kisses Steve, the shot then cuts to Rumlow noticing the kiss, and a woman in a white jumper has appeared in front of him. Things go back in the next shot.

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But when the Winter Soldier is shooting at Romanoff, she takes cover behind a truck. A few seconds later, after Romanoff ambushes him, a wide angle is shown as he throws her at the car and the water trail is no longer there. On one side of the windscreen are bullet marks from where the gunmen had fired, and no of any bullet marks on the other side. The shot cuts to then show Nick shifting over to the driver's seat and by the next shot, there are suddenly bullet marks all around the windscreen and they are much bigger.

A couple of shots later, as Romanoff says "Don't do this to me Nick", it is now suddenly Agent Hill in the middle and Romanoff on the left, then a few shots later, it goes back to Romanoff being in the middle and Agent Hill being on the left. The shot then cuts to an overview shot where Nick is shown speeding through traffic.

Just as the shot ends, he is shown about to drive past a bus, but by the next shot, the bus has vanished completely. They push it to be facing the wrong way in traffic. In the very next shot it changes back to facing the right way, but at a slight angle. When the Winter Soldier approaches the car, the amount of glass has decreased.

After Sitwell lands, he is shown rolling around on the floor and stops with his legs both stretched out. The next shot shows a wide angle of Sam landing back on the roof in his Falcon wings, and Agent Sitwell, still visible in shot, no longer has his legs stretched out. The chip is first shown to be right next to the window frame, but when Steve goes to pick up the chip, it is suddenly several inches away from it.

During the Nick Fury chase scene the amount of bullet holes and the damage change during the whole scene.

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In the next shot, just before he says "there are other facilities doing Hydra's good work around the world", his lips are suddenly closed with no time to do so. This occurs right at the start of the shot and isn't very easy to see, but it is still visible if you look carefully. Nick is shown turning around almost completely and Steve is shown only turning half way.

In the next shot, Nick is suddenly turned only half way, facing Steve. Romanoff is shown to be lying against some knocked out blinds that are closed in.